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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

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Although the S4 Mini is called 'mini' this is actually what most people would consider a normal sized phone, it sits well in the hand, has a good screen size and is very light. Some might find it a little too light, preferring a bit of weight to give a more premium feel.

Samsung have insisted on sticking with the plastic design found on all of the phones they make which will divide opinion, some will not be at all concerned with it, and on the smaller S4 Mini it's not as cheap feeling as the full sized S4, others will dislike it if they've used other manufacturers phones (such as the HTC One Mini) that have a more expensive finish to them.

The S4 Mini has a duel core processor and has a good looking and responsive screen which means the interface is nice and snappy and it has no problems running games, with Asphalt 8: Airborne running really smoothly and without any lag.

Surprisingly Samsung have done away with the notification light found on most Android phones, in the long run you'll get use to it not being there but it does take a bit of getting use to, especially when you want to check with a quick glance if the phone has finished charging.

The camera is OK, nothing amazing, it's fine for when you're out and about but it wouldn't be good enough to replace a dedicated camera.

Battery life is very good, you should easily be able to get through the day no problem. The battery is removable so if you want to carry a spare you can do. There is a lot to like about the S4 Mini, but if you're not sure if this is the phone for you I'd recommend checking out the alternatives: HTC One Mini Sim Free Smartphone - Silver and the Moto G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black.
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This is my second Samsung phone (I upgraded from a Galaxy S2) and I am very pleased with my purchase. Clearly, there are phones which are larger and/or more powerful. For me, however, I thought this was a great combination of a medium-sized phone that fits my hand comfortably and excellent (but not amazing) performance.

* The first thing I noticed was how fast apps run on this phone and how quickly I can transition from one app to another one. Having upgraded from the often sluggish S2, I am very pleased with the speediness of the S4.
* The phone has a microSD slot so that I could put in my 32GB card with all of the videos and music that I like to have with me. Many mid-priced to cheaper phones do not provide a microSD card slot, which to me is a waste of time.
* For me, this is the perfect size of phone. The screen is larger than the iPhone 4 or 5; the screen size is the same as the Galaxy S2 but the body is smaller than the Galaxy S2
* The screen is clear and bright
* The camera takes excellent quality photos outdoors. In fact, to reduce the amount of memory that each photo takes up, I have reduced the camera quality slightly.

There's nothing that I am unhappy with. However, some things which you might consider:
* Do you want a larger screen? Most top-end phones have significantly larger screens. I wanted something that fit my small to mid-sized hand so this works for me. If you have thick fingers, you might plump for a larger screen on which it is easier to type
* Do you want the fastest performance? This is NOT a quad core phone so if you are looking to play games which rely on lots of screen animation, this may not be the phone for you.

A very good phone for those who in particular want a mid-sized phone.
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on 14 August 2017
Excellent price, Excellent service
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on 17 January 2015
Well packed lovely product really pleased
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on 10 November 2015
Good quality but long waiting time for delivery
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on 16 October 2015
very pleased with purchase , like new speedy delivery too thanks
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on 4 May 2014
I was once a huge fan of Android, before moving away to the world of Windows Phone and in all honesty, I absolutely loved Windows Phone. However, I found it lacking alot of the features of Android so after only a year, I moved back and the £250 S4 Mini appeared to be the perfect choice for a user of my kind.

Alot of the alternatives I studied were absolutely huge, at 5"+ I found the size to be too big to comfortably carry around in one's pocket and the S4 mini appeared to the perfect size and it absolutely is. It's compact enough to be used in one hand and easily carried about, but that doesn't mean screen functionality is compromise and it's worth remembering that the screen is still slightly bigger than the flagship Apple phone, iPhone 5S.

At a smaller size and cheaper prise, the specs have been compromised slightly, but nothing too drastically. With 1.5GB ram, the phone is still completely fantastic for a power user like myself.

I can't recommend the S4 mini enough as a great alternative to some of the much bigger and flashy smartphones. Great job Samsung, I think you've just kick started my love affair with Android once again!
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on 7 January 2014
I waited for a while before upgrading to this phone, and read a lot of reviews that compared it to other competitors, before doing the deal.
Having read a lot of reviews and having again checked them out, my main reason to buy was mainly for the camera, to save on both weight and bulk. The thing however I notice most is that the 8MP camera is described as autofocus, as it is, but I found it very difficult to find anything about a zoom. The other day however by accident, I discovered that there is a 4 times zoom on my phone, which I have found excellent for taking photos. In the camera mode, by pushing the side where the sound button is located, this will increase/decrease the zoom, just brilliant.
As I said, please don't shoot the messenger, but if you get the phone you came zoom photos any time you like.
I would say I really enjoy the phone, and to compliment what others have said about battery life, I have found 2 things, firstly if you switch the phone off and back on again right away, this seems to extend battery life, secondly try to charge the phone fully and let discharge fully before recharge every 4th/5th charging cycle, this also seems to extend battery life.
I would love to know Samsung's comments/thoughts on extending battery life.
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on 17 March 2014
If you need a phone and you don't want something the size of a small tablet, this could be the phone for you. Easy to set up (even I could do it without help!). The Samsung menus are easy on the eye and very intuitive and the build quality is very good as, we have come to expect from Samsung. If you leave everything switched on the battery will get you through the day but turning off any unused functions improves the battery life considerably. Pictures taken with the camera seem bright and clear.
The phone is unlocked and there were no problems with it working on my network (Tesco Mobile) and buying the phone sim free allowed me to find the best sim only deals.
The phone arrived on time and intact with a standard UK charger and a half decent set of inner-ear, noise cancelling headphones in the box. So much better than the ones supplied with other fruit based alternatives. The only issue I had was that the boxed phone was only in a Jiffy Bag which I thought wasn't sufficient protection for an item that is worth over £250 in todays postal system. You will need to acquire a microSD card to expand the memory (that's something else you can't do with the Iphone) although the phone itself has enough to get started.
All in all the S4 mini is hard to fault. A very good mid range phone with stunning looks and easy use.
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on 3 August 2013
I upgraded from a Samsung S2 to this. Do not be fooled into thinking just because this phone is called a mini it is inferior to its bigger brother the S4. Yes there are a few features missing but it more than makes up for it for the features that are included.
Like the S4 it has smart screen features and also has S Translator which can come in handy.
The screen is very sharp and the clarity when viewing photos is superb. When you use the Facebook app again it is crystal clear.
You can even personalize this phone to suit your every need such as font size, font style, screen lay out. You can even mute the phone just by covering it with your hand which is a great feature.
For a phone that is supposed to be a mini it certainly lives up to much more than that. I am very pleased with this phone so far and have only had it two days.
If there is one criticism then it must be when you use your phone for web browsing then you do have to zoom in to read text, but I had to do this on my S2 as well.
I am a male and I have average size hands but the size of the phone does not pose a problem to me either
I fully recommend this phone for anyone who can not afford the full S4, you will not be disappointed. I have it in white and it makes a change from having a phone in black and looks quite sharp and sleek in the white too.
I hope my review helps you in choosing the right phone. Thanks for reading.
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