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on 1 September 2013
Amongst die hard Rainbow fans there can be a little prejudice against the last line up. Most see the first manifestations with Dio as the pinnacle and give grudging acknowledgement to the Bonnet and Turner years, but Doogie White?
I myself did not even bother to buy the `Stranger in us All' CD, having read a few negative reviews. But when, a few years ago, I came across a clip of the song `Black Masquerade' live at Rockplast on YouTube I realised what I had missed. Since then I have been waiting for a DVD of the full concert to be released.
Let me first say that this is not the best sound or visual recording, but once you get past the opening song (where the keyboard sound is not clear) this ceases to be an issue as you get into the concert. Richie, who at the time of this concert must have been aged around 50, has given up his stage antics (all that overblown posing, whilst doing nothing musical on his guitar, that could at times be annoying). This is replaced by good solid and inventive playing which he maintains song after song. His melodies and runs twist and turn according to the moods of the songs and you are left wondering what he will do next. Blackmore always keeps everything fresh and interesting.
As for the rest of the band, they too are solid. Particular mention must be made of Paul Morris on Keyboards whose solo spot is a joy to listen to.
But what of Doogie White? As most of the songs in the concert are from earlier manifestations of Rainbow and Deep Purple he will inevitably get compared with those who originally sung them. As those original singers are Gillan, Coverdale, Bonnet, Dio and Turner, there are a lot of comparisons to make. This sets Doogie at a disadvantage but he copes remarkably well. Where he comes into his own of course is on the songs from the `Strangers in Us All' album which he no doubt helped to write and stamped his own personality on from the start.
There is no song in this concert of the epic proportions of `Catch the Rainbow' (which was the highlight for me from the early years), but there are no bad ones either. Early Blackmore could be a bit patchy in his live playing and he used to naff around a lot but in this concert he displays his brilliance from start to finish. I wished I had been to see this line-up live but this DVD is a good second best and has the advantage of being able to play time and time again to pick up nuances missed the first time. Truly Blackmore at his best.
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on 16 July 2015
I'm not the biggest Blackmore fan,or Rainbow fan,but Hendrix & Kossoff aside, of the old brigade that came from the late 60's early 70's Ritchie was my favourite player. For the most part, I really enjoyed this.Blackmore's playing is very good & the band here do an excellent job,as does vocalist Doogie White.Sure,White isn't RJ Dio,but who is?White's singing & crowd patter are very amiable & enjoyable.There are some Deep Purple tracks here also , but sadly no Mistreated & Rainbow's Stargazer doesn't get played either,but hey-ho.This was recorded in 1995.Ritchie would have been 50,his mastery of the white Strat showing virtually no signs of leaving him.Not only that,in'95 many major Classic Rock acts had capitulated to Grunge,(trend over quality,whinging over talent), or bands would milk/re-work their old songs via the acoustic/unplugged formula.Or they'd just disappear,arses well & truly kicked.Anyway, to this proud Classic Rock/Metal fan it was horrendous,so fairplay to Rainbow for sticking to their guns and carrying on regardless,without compromise.Negatives???The keyboard & drum solo are turgid & the female backing vocals are annoying at times,certainly in the opening tune,hence not 5 stars to this reviewer.Still damn good though!!
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on 2 September 2014
I remember coming across the "Stranger in us all" CD by pure chance whilst just looking around in HMV. To be honest I had given up on Rainbow with the "Difficult to cure" album although I accept a band evolves I just found Joe Lynn Turners vocal style grated and it was all starting to sound too packaged. But the cover on this CD itself was telling me the band had returned to some old musical values so I bought it and wasn't disappointed.
I think the DVD is enjoyable to watch and will appeal to seasoned Rainbow fans. Blackie doesn't chuck himself and the guitar around as much but at fifty what's he got to prove! His outstanding ability as one of the great lead guitarists of our age shines through as ever and it's just incredible how easy he makes it look.
Ronnie Dio is irreplaceable and forever remembered as THE Rainbow singer but I give an appreciative nod to Graham Bonnet for the sheer power of his voice and I think Doogie White gives a very capable performance and actually looks like a Rainbow singer!
All in all if you love Rainbow being Rainbow again you will like this and it's a buy!
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on 27 September 2013
It's great that this show is available at last officially for all Rainbow fans to enjoy. I'd seen an unofficial video of this concert some time ago and to be fair it was watchable but I was pleased to hear the concert was coming out on DVD. Featuring a line up which only recorded one album " Stranger in us all ", they play a selection of songs from that CD plus various Deep Purple and Rainbow tracks.. I thought Ritchie Blackmore on guitar was on good form and this is one of his better shows with a no nonsense approach.

Definitely an item worth adding to any Deep Purple or Rainbow fan's collection.
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on 28 November 2013
Any one, like me, who's a RB fan will enjoy this,worth buying just for the guitar work on "Black Masquerade" and "spotlight kid" alone ,also thrown in is a small early taste of CN on backing vocals (an early taster of what has become her now legendary stage presence) Really big fan of the current RB offerings ( think BN is really working and goes from strength to strength) but this concert footage is is a great snap shot of the later Rainbow ,saw them only once alas with this particular line up but it brought it all back for me.
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on 5 September 2016
Even on a bad day (which this probably is) RB knocks the socks of off Clapton, Beck and Page; along with Rory, the most underrated guitarist of his generation. Sheer genius, however you want to play it.
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on 20 January 2014
Ritchie Blackmore...what can I say...I bought this for my brother for Christmas...This is a must for all
Blackmore fans and those who are not, buy it and see what you're missing..the man is a guitar genius..
Outshone only by Jimi Hendrix..
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on 1 January 2014
This dvd has quite a mix of Deep Purple as well as Rainbow numbers, with excellent vocal performances by an energetic Doogie White. All members of this line-up are extremely competent, but then Ritchie Blackmore wouldn't have anything less.
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on 13 May 2017
excellent dvd
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on 23 October 2013
Blackmore is a legend and this does not disappoint. Open up a bottle, crank up the volume lay back and enjoy a master at work.
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