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on 2 March 2017
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on 9 February 2014
What can i say. I love my PlayStation 4. Games look amazing and run super smoothly. The only down side to getting one on day one was there wasn't much games to play. But the exclusives PS has to offer made me choose this over the XBox one. The inbuilt streaming feature is awesome.
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on 1 August 2017
th console going
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on 25 January 2014
I was debating whether to get a next gen console as I have a high spec PC and thanks to the likes of Steam, the game support is now pretty good. But whilst console games are typically now available on PC, they are optimised for consoles and seem like pale imitations of what they could have been on PC. With that, And some money burning holes in pocket, I took the plunge...

As you see, my review is PC vs PS4 for those who may be in the same boat as me. I've not played an Xbox one so I have no idea how they stack up against each other, but the cheaper price, focus on gaming and lack of (what are for me) gimmicky peripheral extras were what sold it for me.

My summary of various attributes is below:

Style 4/5
The PS4 looks similar to the PS3, which is by no means a bad thing. It's more compact and neat, but besides that, not much to report other than a light that bisects the top and changes colour based on various states. For me, the style is the least important factor, so I'll move on.

Controller 4.5/5
I saw that a spare controller is around 50quid and given that inflation isn't quite that bad you imagine that they've made some additions. I hadn't noticed one addition until it scared me into nearly dropping my very expensive controller when some unexpected sound came from it at high volume (tip: when setting up, go into settings and turn it down a bit, especially because it will no doubt save your battery (see below)). A new addition is a light on the back which changes colour depending on various things, many of which I'm yet to fathom, but often dictated by the game. For me it's superfluous and an unecessary drain on the battery, although I expect that it has some role when using the camera. For the controller itself, I have massive hands so I was pleased to see that it has grown larger since the last incumbent, so it's more comfortable now, although I'd love a BFG version...
I almost forgot the touch pad... Which maybe says something about it. So far it just seems to be a touch screen version of the D-pad but to be fair, I'm sure some developers will find a good use for it that don't just feel like an addition for the sake of it.
Overall, I really like the new pad and only gave 4.5 because of the short battery life, which I reckon lasts about 5hours. No biggy really.

Performance 5/5
Warning: I'm about to get speccy and nerdy. The cool ones amongst you may wish to turn away now...
To my fellow geeks, let me start by giving you the spec of my PC rig against which I'm making a comparison and yes, I know I'm not comparing like for like, but the bottom line is that I play games on both and there are comparisons in that experience that can be made. Basic spec: CPU i5 3570k @ 4.6 ghz, 16gb RAM @ 2400mhz, GPU 2X AMD 7950 in crossfire, 3048mb GDDR5 each, 500gb SSD.
That rig can run anything on ultra settings, so it's a big benchmark to test the PS4 against. Please also note that it's worth £1300+, compared with the £350 of the PS4.
So, how do they stack up? Well, I would say that the Killzone and Assassin's Creed look as good as anything currently on the PC and really do look a leap above the last gen machines. That said, I can see that anti-aliasing is either set on very low are non-existent and that function chews serious GPU power. Nevertheless, the rendering and textures are sweet, scaling looks very good and the benefit of a standard spec is that developers can set everything up to run as best as possible and can really get the most out of a system.
Solid state for the OS would have been nice and have lowered load times, but that would have popped the price up a fair bit. NB - the load times are fine btw, just not as swift as SS.
Overall, the PS4 is a very good, solid rig for the price (you'd struggle to get an equivalent PC south of 500 or 600 quid) and truly feels like the next step up the console ladder. Whilst the games look as good as my high end PC rig now, my rig has lots of capacity to spare and will be more future-proof. I expect the games of 2017 that I will run on my PC will be out of reach of the PS4, which leads me to the following waffle and conjecture...

Future proofing 2/5
The is purely speculative, but I believe there MAY be a shift soon in how we do gaming in the not-too-distant future. The PS4 is about on par with a low/mid range gaming PC NOW, but the latter has the benefit that you can upgrade to keep up with software developers. In fact, developers have been frustrated recently with being retarded by old console tech. In 3 years time, this rig will be outdated versus latest low-end tech, as was the case with the previous gen. Normally, the devs just have to wait, but... We see new models on the horizon; PC/console hybrids, like the Steam box, which are reported to be upgradable and available in a range of specs and prices. So why should the devs wait for the PS5 when tech continues to move along regardless? Steam have also changed the way we think about digital rights management; scary to think about not being able to lend/trade games, but that's offest by the cheaper game prices this allows. Xbox one announced they would take a similar stance on DRM and the market went so wild that they rapidly did a u turn, so maybe we aren't ready for that yet? Anyway, this is speculative and depends on many things, including whether people want the relative complexity of PC instead of the intensely user friendly consoles and whether they trust DRM models like those on Steam.
For now, the PS4 is strong and will remain so for a while, but if you have a decent PC it may be somewhat surplus to needs. If you don't want to worry about configuration, BSOD after Driver updates and other things that mean a PC gamer also needs to be a low level IT specialist then the PS4 is for you.

Despite the above, I gave this a 5 star as it is exactly what it should be; high performance for the money; user friendly; lots of game support, and; it feels like a next gen system. I especially like that the lack of gimmicks included and the focus on putting the costs where they should be - into the bits that make it look and play well.

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on 8 November 2014
The ps4 is cramped and slim in design has coursed the console.all that tech in with poor ventilation.I have had 3 x ps4 since it's release nearly year ago.all have been plagued with random crashing and fan Running at high speed from moment it's turned on ..noisy..most People have already modded the ps4 with fan switch to fix the problem..I just had enough and traded it in xbox one which run in complete silence .never had single crash thanks to massive case and tons of air flow vents.looks great too...will last for years to come like xbox 360..all hype about ps4 being 1080p v 900p is rubbish..both consoles are pretty much on par with each other.pc is still king........plus I prefer xbox pad any day over ps4 pad.plus when it comes to psn vs xbox live.there is no comparison..but the choice is down personal preference...I still love sony in house games but untill they redesign there console .I want touch one for years to come..good bye sony...
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on 3 December 2013
What an amazing console the ps4 is they have really improved from the ps3 but i am not saying ps3 was bad it was great you can do so much now download games or what ever while your still playing a game share pictures and gameplay on twitter and facebook chat to friends what ever the playing :) and the graphics are out of this world well done sony keep up the great work
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on 2 December 2013
I pre-ordered the PS4 a long time ago it seems and to finally have it in the form of the Killzone Bundle is fantastic. It arrived on time and without any damaged goods.

It's beautifully designed from the shell right to it's core and there is clearly a lot of potential here. I never knew how old my PS3 was until I saw this. The interface is so clean and fresh and well thought out having a 2 tiered menu system with updates for games/system happening in the background. The speed of the system puts last-gen in the dark and you get a sense of feeling that the console wants to be your best friend. (Though to get the best from PS4 you will need an internet connection).

The Dualshock 4 has also evolved from last gen. It feels so solid and comfortable. The indents in the analogue sticks gives you added support for when things start to get sweaty and the 'start' button has been replaced with an 'options' button and 'select' has been replaced with an intuative 'share' button. The share button has 3 functions which allows you to take screens shots, record a video of you playing and it's a link to upload your epic fails or heroics to the world wide web so everyone can see how good or bad you are. And if you wished that somebody was watching you play the game cheering you on, that's possible too via live-streaming your gameplay online.
The most obvious change is the light bar. This light bar becomes a part of the game, for instance in Killzone:SF it's used to represent your health. If it's green your healthy but if its red you better be careful. Another new feature is the touchpad which is easy to use. Again in Killzone:SF, it's used to select a feature for your droid. Swiping in a particular direction will allow your droid to operate in your favour. These are just simple features that tend to add more to the experience than first thought.

PS VITA remote play is here too. Just to demonstrate how good it is I chose to play Killzone:SF. I set it up over my phone network whilst background downloads were ongoing and I was astonished at how well this worked. Not only was it downloading games over my phone network and streaming a PS4 game to my vita but it was 1:1 with Killzone on the big screen. What's more is that I was playing ONLINE! It was perfect. There was no lag whatsoever! I couldn't find any fault with it on my vita.

So to wrap up, this is a very very good machine. It's powerful and it will be your best friend until PS5 arrives. It's a big leap forward from last gen and it's a purchase so worthy of your money because you will love it. Even if you don't know it yet.

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on 3 January 2014
The PS4 arrived much earlier than Amazon first expected, I set it up and it worked perfectly after updating it, no issues at all and a great pre order price.
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on 26 January 2014
Delivery was spot on, ordered next day delivery, no problems there what so ever.

PS4 set up is simple and easy to follow. Picking a user name you want/like that hasn't been used already is probably the hardest thing to do in the whole setting up experience. Having had an xbox 360 previously, I am pleased to say that the dash board is brilliant, alot more user friendly than the 360. There is a user guide section (I think I saw one), but it is that easy to navigate that I haven't been near it yet. The only thing that wasn't immediately obvious was how to get your free 14 day PSN subscription, to me anyway, until that is you go into the market place, where you are directed to it immediately (have your credit card details handy, although I used my debit card, which was fine). To get your free PSN games just go to the games section and down load everything that is free, I was suprised and delighteghted to find that there was alot more there that I was expecting i.e DCU online.

The console is smart looking, heavier than expected, quiet whilst running and fairly stylish. Love the rechargeable pad, doesnt take long to charge, but also doesn't last that long either.....about 12 hours, yes I hammered it the first day :).

Finally Killzone is alot more fun than I was expecting, it makes good use of the new controllers extra abilities, a good introduction anyway. Graphics are nice, and the lighting is next gen. The AI does feel a little strange at times, going from the sublime to the rediculous, but that in my mind added to the fun. Multi player wasn't something I was looking for, being older and never attempting it in the past, I approached it with more than a little trepidation, sadly for my wife I am addicted. The interface isn't great, it's not obvious at first how to alter loadouts, probably due to my inexperience, the learning curve was fairly steep and there are a few glitches/lag issues but over all i like it....alot.
So in a nut shell, I am like a kid again, a very happy, soon to be divorced 38 year old kid. joking about the divorce thing by the way....hopefully.
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on 29 November 2013
my ps4 has behaved perfectly so far, shame a few other people are not sharing my good fortune thus far!. Looks awesome, BF4 looks amazing, having a blast!
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