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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2013
my ps4 has behaved perfectly so far, shame a few other people are not sharing my good fortune thus far!. Looks awesome, BF4 looks amazing, having a blast!
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on 30 November 2013
I shall start this by saying excellent service by Amazon. Got the PS4 on time on day of release. I write this shortly after writing my Xbox One review. So many losers want me to pick a side and say how much better one particular console is when the truth is I own all 3, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U and can honestly say that the difference between Wii U to Xbox One/PS4 is minimal whilst difference between Xbox One and PS4 is invisible to the naked eye. They all have their own exclusives, take your preference and you won't be disappointed which ever console you choose. Ok, onto the review of the console. The PS4 is the most stylish of all the 'next gen' consoles, and I can confirm the so called 'noisy' console is nice and quiet, far more so than PS3. On the flip-side it definitely does not feel quite as expensive/well built as Xbox One. The new joypad is beautiful and yet familiar to any Sony fans. An excellent upgrade that will feel natural in your hands from the start. The launch line-up is not quite as impressive as Xbox One or indeed the Wii U when that was released, but Killzone which came bundled, Resogun, Battlefield 4 and Warframe are must have games from the launch line-up. This will be the console if all you are interested in is games and that is apparent from when you boot up. The whole 'eco-system' is game oriented and multi-media, what little there is, is pushed into the background, whereas on Xbox One everything is in your face from music, movies to the most important games. this difference in emphasis is definitely more stark than previous gen. I am excited as to the future of console gaming, in an ideal world all 3 would co-exist, but instead it is like the South Park episode, all I know is, if you do choose PS4, it will give you years of gaming pleasure. A big upgrade from PS3 and a beast of a gaming machine. That is already apparent.
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on 30 November 2013
This is the first time I've spent over £300 on one item on Amazon, so I was a little dubious.
Also being a gamer and promised by Amazon to receive this on the release date of 29th November.
It got to 20:00pm on the 28th, and my ps4 was still not dispatched. I was on the "chat" and was assured it would be there for release day.

I woke up on the morning of the 29th, and my item had been dispatched, and was en-route to me (check-able via the tracking number). 14.00 on the 29th, it was here.

So,.....Well done Amazon. I applaud you Sirs (and madams).

So, to the PS4. What a machine. Its so fast, so sleek, and its smaller than a ps3 slim, which I was not expecting.
The new xmb is sooooo fast, and so stylish. Loving it.

And the games, I got Killzone and BF4 on release. Both outstanding. Graphically, they are far sharper than the ps3/xbox games. The colours are more brighter, real looking. The lighting is superior, the particles are amazing.
You CAN tell its a new generation of hardware.

Oh, and the new good is that. Feels amazing, and the added touch-pad and speaker, great touches.

And, one of the mistakes on the PS3 was the lack of cross-game chat (like on xbox). Well with PS4, its now available. And, now you get a headset, with mic included in with ALL PS4's. Thats a big plus for Sony.

So, if you get a PS4, you wont be disappointed. Sony have done the homework this time around. They see what was wrong with PS3, and xbox for that matter, and included it all in one machine. Fantastic.

PS4 WILL be top of the pile once again. They have pretty much guaranteed that, by looking after what we want a console to be.....a gaming machine.
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on 3 January 2014
The PS4 arrived much earlier than Amazon first expected, I set it up and it worked perfectly after updating it, no issues at all and a great pre order price.
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on 20 May 2014
Bought this for my friend who didn't have any previous consoles, but I had an Xbox 360 before, so I can compare it to that.

I'm actually a PC gamer, and was expecting typical console trash (yes, I'm one of those PC gamers), but I'm actually pretty surprised at how good this thing actually is. The video quality in games is actually closer to acceptable than it was on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 - I actually sold my Xbox 360 because I couldn't stand just how utterly atrocious everything looked, especially when I was paying £45 for a game. This thing, on the other hand, creates very beautiful graphics, and I actually don't mind sitting watching him play things now!

Game releases are still a little scant, but it's still a new console, give it time and there'll be too many to realistically play while being full time employed!

The other features provided by this thing are also very handy, like the apps for Netflix and the Bluray player. The device is very capable as a home entertainment device, and as a result of this we have been able to get rid of the HTPC we had been using for streaming video content from the internet so it has also appealed to my minimalism by allowing me to throw out one other device (two if I had actually used a Bluray player before this).
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on 27 May 2015
What can I say. I do enjoy having my console, and cannot put it down and get back onto my PS3. The PS4 keeps improving; the patches and updates keep the console fresh, and sometimes add functionality. The console is heavy, and feels like you're getting value for money. It has a plastic exterior as expected. My console is quiet, and doesn't get too hot; it sits in an open front tv cabinet, with plenty of rear ventilation.

A minor gripe is that you require PS Plus subscription for online play (not off line), and some games are online only. However, as I'm a subscriber already - as it is a cheap service - it doesn't affect me. The free games are ok; a small handful are a time filler.

I had hoped with the bigger hard drive that this console would be miles ahead. This is not true though. Whilst Killzone Shadowfall shows us that a game can launch quickly (after being installed and taking up a few Gig) and be into the main menu in seconds. Other developers have not followed suit, and instead they still take ages to load - most likely because they're logging into an online account. The in game loadings aren't amazing either, although must admit the graphics and map sizes have improved.

On the downside of the digital game downloads, and the big game-data installs, it means that 500GB is taken up fairly quickly. If you have super fast net, you might not care. Upgrading to a bigger drive is easy though - a HDD of similar specification to the original, but bigger are typically 60 to 80 pounds. Tests also show the console will benefit from Solid State Drives when those arrive at a reasonable price and size. I'd start with 2TB.

The biggest flop is the controller battery. IT lasts a few hours if you're lucky. They've lowered the light intensity, but basically they're made with very cheap batteries - it means the controller charges quickly though. But I often find myself plugged into the console, to allow longer gameplay sessions. A plus is that you can charge the controller while the console is in sleep mode. The touch pad is a gimmick. The speaker within the controller can be cool for the eery games. The headphones are nasty and cheap.

All in all it's a perfectly fine console. There is now a reasonable selection of games. Although some are not great; the sports games are barely an improvement on last-generation; there are very few fun silly games; no outlandish games. The FPS games are getting bigger, with nicer graphics. There are some nice RPG games too. Just a shame they can't make a Road Rash or something; get quirky, get less main-stream. I personally would pay more, certainly if they added some nicer touches too, like better controller, bigger HDD, CD operation etc.
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on 26 January 2014
Delivery was spot on, ordered next day delivery, no problems there what so ever.

PS4 set up is simple and easy to follow. Picking a user name you want/like that hasn't been used already is probably the hardest thing to do in the whole setting up experience. Having had an xbox 360 previously, I am pleased to say that the dash board is brilliant, alot more user friendly than the 360. There is a user guide section (I think I saw one), but it is that easy to navigate that I haven't been near it yet. The only thing that wasn't immediately obvious was how to get your free 14 day PSN subscription, to me anyway, until that is you go into the market place, where you are directed to it immediately (have your credit card details handy, although I used my debit card, which was fine). To get your free PSN games just go to the games section and down load everything that is free, I was suprised and delighteghted to find that there was alot more there that I was expecting i.e DCU online.

The console is smart looking, heavier than expected, quiet whilst running and fairly stylish. Love the rechargeable pad, doesnt take long to charge, but also doesn't last that long either.....about 12 hours, yes I hammered it the first day :).

Finally Killzone is alot more fun than I was expecting, it makes good use of the new controllers extra abilities, a good introduction anyway. Graphics are nice, and the lighting is next gen. The AI does feel a little strange at times, going from the sublime to the rediculous, but that in my mind added to the fun. Multi player wasn't something I was looking for, being older and never attempting it in the past, I approached it with more than a little trepidation, sadly for my wife I am addicted. The interface isn't great, it's not obvious at first how to alter loadouts, probably due to my inexperience, the learning curve was fairly steep and there are a few glitches/lag issues but over all i like it....alot.
So in a nut shell, I am like a kid again, a very happy, soon to be divorced 38 year old kid. joking about the divorce thing by the way....hopefully.
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on 25 January 2014
I was debating whether to get a next gen console as I have a high spec PC and thanks to the likes of Steam, the game support is now pretty good. But whilst console games are typically now available on PC, they are optimised for consoles and seem like pale imitations of what they could have been on PC. With that, And some money burning holes in pocket, I took the plunge...

As you see, my review is PC vs PS4 for those who may be in the same boat as me. I've not played an Xbox one so I have no idea how they stack up against each other, but the cheaper price, focus on gaming and lack of (what are for me) gimmicky peripheral extras were what sold it for me.

My summary of various attributes is below:

Style 4/5
The PS4 looks similar to the PS3, which is by no means a bad thing. It's more compact and neat, but besides that, not much to report other than a light that bisects the top and changes colour based on various states. For me, the style is the least important factor, so I'll move on.

Controller 4.5/5
I saw that a spare controller is around 50quid and given that inflation isn't quite that bad you imagine that they've made some additions. I hadn't noticed one addition until it scared me into nearly dropping my very expensive controller when some unexpected sound came from it at high volume (tip: when setting up, go into settings and turn it down a bit, especially because it will no doubt save your battery (see below)). A new addition is a light on the back which changes colour depending on various things, many of which I'm yet to fathom, but often dictated by the game. For me it's superfluous and an unecessary drain on the battery, although I expect that it has some role when using the camera. For the controller itself, I have massive hands so I was pleased to see that it has grown larger since the last incumbent, so it's more comfortable now, although I'd love a BFG version...
I almost forgot the touch pad... Which maybe says something about it. So far it just seems to be a touch screen version of the D-pad but to be fair, I'm sure some developers will find a good use for it that don't just feel like an addition for the sake of it.
Overall, I really like the new pad and only gave 4.5 because of the short battery life, which I reckon lasts about 5hours. No biggy really.

Performance 5/5
Warning: I'm about to get speccy and nerdy. The cool ones amongst you may wish to turn away now...
To my fellow geeks, let me start by giving you the spec of my PC rig against which I'm making a comparison and yes, I know I'm not comparing like for like, but the bottom line is that I play games on both and there are comparisons in that experience that can be made. Basic spec: CPU i5 3570k @ 4.6 ghz, 16gb RAM @ 2400mhz, GPU 2X AMD 7950 in crossfire, 3048mb GDDR5 each, 500gb SSD.
That rig can run anything on ultra settings, so it's a big benchmark to test the PS4 against. Please also note that it's worth £1300+, compared with the £350 of the PS4.
So, how do they stack up? Well, I would say that the Killzone and Assassin's Creed look as good as anything currently on the PC and really do look a leap above the last gen machines. That said, I can see that anti-aliasing is either set on very low are non-existent and that function chews serious GPU power. Nevertheless, the rendering and textures are sweet, scaling looks very good and the benefit of a standard spec is that developers can set everything up to run as best as possible and can really get the most out of a system.
Solid state for the OS would have been nice and have lowered load times, but that would have popped the price up a fair bit. NB - the load times are fine btw, just not as swift as SS.
Overall, the PS4 is a very good, solid rig for the price (you'd struggle to get an equivalent PC south of 500 or 600 quid) and truly feels like the next step up the console ladder. Whilst the games look as good as my high end PC rig now, my rig has lots of capacity to spare and will be more future-proof. I expect the games of 2017 that I will run on my PC will be out of reach of the PS4, which leads me to the following waffle and conjecture...

Future proofing 2/5
The is purely speculative, but I believe there MAY be a shift soon in how we do gaming in the not-too-distant future. The PS4 is about on par with a low/mid range gaming PC NOW, but the latter has the benefit that you can upgrade to keep up with software developers. In fact, developers have been frustrated recently with being retarded by old console tech. In 3 years time, this rig will be outdated versus latest low-end tech, as was the case with the previous gen. Normally, the devs just have to wait, but... We see new models on the horizon; PC/console hybrids, like the Steam box, which are reported to be upgradable and available in a range of specs and prices. So why should the devs wait for the PS5 when tech continues to move along regardless? Steam have also changed the way we think about digital rights management; scary to think about not being able to lend/trade games, but that's offest by the cheaper game prices this allows. Xbox one announced they would take a similar stance on DRM and the market went so wild that they rapidly did a u turn, so maybe we aren't ready for that yet? Anyway, this is speculative and depends on many things, including whether people want the relative complexity of PC instead of the intensely user friendly consoles and whether they trust DRM models like those on Steam.
For now, the PS4 is strong and will remain so for a while, but if you have a decent PC it may be somewhat surplus to needs. If you don't want to worry about configuration, BSOD after Driver updates and other things that mean a PC gamer also needs to be a low level IT specialist then the PS4 is for you.

Despite the above, I gave this a 5 star as it is exactly what it should be; high performance for the money; user friendly; lots of game support, and; it feels like a next gen system. I especially like that the lack of gimmicks included and the focus on putting the costs where they should be - into the bits that make it look and play well.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 December 2013
Pre-ordered the Playstation 4 ready for launch day and have been thoroughly impressed with the system. It looks sleek and seems to be made of durable plastic that doesn't look cheap in any way.

It boots up amazingly fast when you turn it on, the games boot in seconds thanks to the background install so they will start loading up the instant you put the disc in even if you don't select it to play.

The streaming features are clever, allowing you to watch other people play games (or the other way round) including having people leave messages with the host chatting on the headset or have the camera set up to if you own one. Love the feature to watch people play games that i'm on the fence about buying and with the new update you can even jump in and play games friends are playing without owning it yourself.

The controller is amazingly comfortable, possibly the best i've used for any system in over twenty years of gaming. It's also quite quiet even when the fans are going which is a great improvement on my PS3 which sounds like a jumbo jet at times. Loved Resogun and Killzone on it which both have great visuals, especially Killzone which in places is utterly jaw dropping. Just waiting on more games now but i'm set for this generation, Sony nailed it.

One negative that although it comes with a perfectly usable headset it simply is nowhere near as good as the Sony bluetooth set I have on my Playstation 3 but it's not compatible. I tried several third party sets which were actually worse so I hope it gets a blu tooth update in the future.

+ Looks great made of durable materials.
+ Fast, designed for gaming.
+ Clever streaming features.
+ Fantastic controller.

- Headset could be better, needs bluetooth support.
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2013
This is a day one review, of the base PS4 console for the benefit of fellow early purchasers, I will update it further down the road.

So far over the moon, the unit looks amazing, runs totally silent, and hookup and setup was a breeze. There was a day-one firmware update, and there are clearly launch day network gremlins, as it took a couple of attempts to get the firmware down, and then log into PSN. But with millions of other PS4 owners all updating consoles, syncing trophies and downloading apps and games, it was always going to struggle. However pretty sure the network load patterns will sort themselves out quickly (as least until Xmas morning!)

To be totally clear, neither the Xbox One or the PS4 play the previous generation titles, nor do they work with most previous generation peripherals. Right now, both the XBox One and PS4 are light on games, so if you want a console that's chock full of great games, you are currently better off getting a Sony PlayStation 3, that's still got plenty of life left in it and has an awesome array of games. However if you are buying for the future, and can live with the current line-up of titles for the next couple of months whilst the game selection ramps up, then carry on... It's also worth mentioning Sony have a grand plan to support PS3 and PS2 games on the PS4 with their streaming service, but that's not ready yet (2014 apparently).

That's most the negatives out the way early on, everything else from here on it is positive. The unit is very well built, as mentioned totally silent, and smooth as silk in operation (the menus are much more fluid than the PS3), there is a great selection of apps, BBC iPlayer, LoveFlim, Netflix, 5 On Demand, BBC Sport BBC News. There are some omissions - 4OD and ITV Player, TuneIn Radio these are coming soon according to Sony, but for launch day, fantastic. iPlayer looks and works pretty much the same as the PS3 one, which is a good thing, of course it supports HD streaming.

Gaming, I didn't buy any of the launch title offerings, but I have downloaded the Playstation Plus freebie games Resogun and it looks and plays amazing, there is also a free game called Contrast (have yet to get to this one) (Playstation Plus is the subscription service that delivers free games each and every month - it's also required to play online, but the former should be enough to convince you it's worth every penny).

The controller feels great, is an evolution of the PS3 controller (which I liked). This time there is a local speaker on the controller, which adds additional elements to gameplay, especially multiplayer. Each controller has a headphone jack (and headphones in the box). There is also a coloured light on the back, used for camera tracking. Not got a camera, so can't comment on this, the controller has a trackpad for trackpad gestures, none of the games I have seem to take advantage of this yet.

One of the really smart features is the constant game recording, which can then be shared (only to Facebook sadly) and streamed live to Twitch and UStream. This is REALLY cool, only just tinkering, but so far really impressed. It's a shame only Facebook is supported for the sharing, and not exporting to the hard drive, uploading to YouTube etc. Guessing this will come later.

I also really like the task switching. It's really easy to switch between watching a game, opening up a web browser, or watching TV on iPlayer, and then jumping back into the game you were in, where you left off, no waits, no fuss. It's all via the Playstation Button.

A REALLY smart feature is how even when the console is off, it still doing things, downloading big games from the store. The PS4 has a low power auxiliary processor that can run just enough of the console to download and install games EVEN WHEN OFF, so you never need to wait for game updates. This is really clever and very impressive.

The web browser is also pretty fast, and definitely an improvement over the PS3 browser. The current lack of a YouTube dedicated app is no big deal, visiting and going fullscreen is a fine temporary workaround.

I tried briefly the connectivity with the mobile apps, and it's a good start. You can use an Android tablet or phone as a second screen, imitating what the Wii-U can do, without the added expense of additional controller, You can also view other gamers live gaming streams (if they have chosen to share them) and view trophies. You can also buy content and sent it down to your PS4, so it's ready to play when you get home. All good.

From the above random ramblings, I will try and summarise. The PS4 is a fine console, uniquely setup to be the defacto choice for gamers for the next 7 years, it's failings right now are all related to the gaming focus Sony took meeting their launch deadline, and I feel they did the right thing here. Sure it would be nice to have it all, but they got the hardware and specs and gaming stuff spot on. Time will bring the missing TV apps, Time will bring the games, Time will bring the missing DLNA and MP3 playback and enhanced sharing options.


Well built
Looks amazing
Great connectivity
Fluid User Interface
Self downloads and installs games in standby mode
Graphically stunning
Great selection of UK centric TV apps.
Controller feels great
Playstation+ is incredible value for money
The sharing and streaming works really well
Multi-tasking, switching between browser, game, TV is impressive.


Launch game lineup is thin on the ground.
Sharing is limited to Facebook from what I can see. Would like YouTube or Google+ or local HDD.
No DLNA streaming or MP3 playback. (coming in the next update according to Sony)
Some TV services are missing. 4OD for example.
Existing PS3 peripherals don't work with PS4 (Blu-Ray remote control for example)
PS3 game streaming service isn't ready yet.
HDMI Audio capability detection software is buggy (only 2CH on my 5.1 amp, had to use optical lead)

If anyone has any technical questions about the PS4, reply to this review and I will try and answer them.
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