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on 16 July 2014
To call this a life-saver, is an understatement. I'm in love with a vacuum cleaner.... only the tiniest bit of an overstatement.

My four year old son is nonverbal, diagnosed with ASD. He always went into a complete screaming, crying panic when I vacuumed the house, ever since he was a baby but as he got older, it got worse... to the point of smearing. Not pretty and I'm not going into details, but every other model of vacuum cleaner I have ever encountered with him have produced the same reaction. The noises appear painful to him.

I've had this model a month and... ever since we got it, not one incident. I repeat - not one incident. No screaming. No crying. No stamping of feet. No smearing. I cannot stress it enough - while this machine is not completely silent, the noise is at such a low level that my Autistic son does not react to it, even when I'm cleaning in the same room or under the chair he's sitting on, he's calm and placid.

If there's a way to thank the manufacturers, I'd want them to know - I cannot express what a difference your 'silent' vacuum has made to my and my son's life. You've got a customer for life and I'd recommend this, to any and everyone.
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on 7 September 2013
So having seen the advert recently I decided to take a look at the Bosch. Not too long a ago I bought a Dyson DC33 to replace my previous Dyson and to be perfectly frank I think Dyson have lost their way, the parts they now use are obviously a lot cheaper and the way it fits together with attachments etc is just poor workmanship in my opinion. It picked up reasonably well but that was about as far as it goes!

The Bosch as far as I'm concerned is in a different league to the Dyson in many ways. Firstly let's talk about the noise aspect. It is without a doubt the quietest vacuum I have ever come across, don't get me wrong it's still a vacuum cleaner so there is some noise but it is incredibly quiet even at the highest setting level. To put this into context, when using the Dyson I would have to raise my voice considerably (nearly shouting!) when speaking with someone, with the Bosch I can quite happily hold a conversation with someone at normal levels. The only time it does get considerably noisier is when you add the crevice nozzle attachment, it isn't the machine becoming noisier but rather the air rushing through the crevice nozzle that increases the sound as the air tries to fit through a smaller gap. Someone mentioned that on it's highest level setting the machine is no quieter than any other vacuum, that's one of the most ridiculous comments I've ever heard! I don't know of another machine, set at full power, where I can hold a perfectly normal conversation with someone. Bottom line, it's very quiet in comparison to anything else I've used.

The weight of the machine is also very good, someone mentioned it's VERY heavy! I guess it depends on your definition of heavy but in comparison to the Dyson it's much lighter and because the weight is distributed evenly when you pick it up using the carry handle I find it very light in comparison, very simple to carry up the stairs without dripping with sweat by the time you reach the top! It also glides seamlessly across the floor when you're vacuuming.

The suction on this thing is unbelievable! I wasn't convinced it was going to be as good as the Dyson in this respect but it's ridiculous. It is incredibly powerful and before I arrived home with this machine my partner had vacuumed the living room with the Dyson (she had no idea I was going out to buy the Bosch!). After taking it out the box we decided to try it in the living room and by the time we had finished, the cylinder had lots of particles in it and yet she had only just vacuumed with the Dyson! The carpet was probably the cleanest we'd seen it since it was new! It's also really nice to be able to have different settings to change the level of suction, a very useful feature.

I then decided to vacuum my car as I've been threatening to do it for quite some time! It was perfect by the time I had finished and felt so effortless using the Bosch. 90% of the car was done using the crevice tool without the need to take out any floor mats and the last 10% I used the brush tool to do my dashboard and parcel shelf. I always try to get my car spotless when vacuuming the inside and I managed this even with the Dyson but the Bosch was much less effort and in much less time. I was also able to reach parts of the car I couldn't before such as some really tight spaces in-between the seats using the crevice nozzle, the crevice nozzle is slightly thinner than the Dyson so this helped.

The hose and the attachments are all very good and it's so easy to extend the metal telescopic tubing with a lovely smooth mechanism. This was always one of my pet hates with the Dyson, I'm not going to go into great detail but because the metal tube sits inside the rubber flexible tubing on the Dyson it is not conducive to extending easily and can be extremely annoying! Taking the hose off the Bosch or removing the metal telescopic tubing is very easy and a joy to use.

Emptying the cylinder is, as with most bagless machines, very simple, nothing particularly innovative but easy to get too and empty.

All in all I think the Bosch is pretty much perfect, quiet, well made and with incredibly good suction. As long as it lasts (and I think it should, also comes with a 2 year guarantee) it will be a long time before we feel the need to replace it. In fact it's so good I now intend to look at some other Bosch appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers.
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on 7 February 2014
I was getting a little annoyed by the lack of quality in today's world. I always seem to be sending stuff back to retailers stating this or that is not up to a reasonable standard; so you can imagine what I was expecting when my newly purchased Bosch Vacuum Cleaner arrived from Amazon.
Well firstly, praise for Amazon, I have ordered many items from them in the last few months and all my deliveries have been delivered on time and in perfect order.
So here we go, opened the box, please let this be an OK purchase, WOW great quality feel to the machine - and more WOW - the tubes, pipes and cleaning head feel great. The quality is evident in the weight and solidity of the body and the attachments (there seems everthing I need here - floor head (big and solid), dusting brush and upholstery tool (neat the way the upholstery tool is the brush with the bristle section removed (saves space).
Now.. what about actual using the thing? Place the pipe into this holey thing in the front of the machine - that's a nice click - should be in then. This Head must go on this end - another nice click - that must be OK then. Now, plug it in - another WOW - I like the way the lead slithers out of the body - and back in again. My last machine's lead was like feeding Brussell Sprouts to a teenager (force feeding to say the least) - this is easy!
Ok let's turn it on and see if it smokes, blows up or doesn't even turn on! WHAT I was right all along IT DOESN'T WORK! Oh no wait a minute it seems to have a soft start motor - that's neat - and the motor is so quiet I thought it wasn't working when in fact it is. Ah, I remember now I purchased a machine called a Power Silence, well it certainly is that, I'll bet it is quiet because there is no power or suction though - suppose I had better try it out then.
Ha Ha this is going to test your metal my friend; my last Vacuum broke down a week ago and my Labrador has been quite happily shedding his fur all over my rugs and wooden flooring - I'd better put you in FULL POWER mode. Here we goooo! Woooo stop your eating my blooooody rug you animal! OK, I see there is a rug setting here on the dial, I suppose I should have read the instructions and looked at the machine before starting off, but hey I'm a man and we don't need instructions - right?!
THAT'S BETTER, I don't think you'll be eating any more rugs on this setting but does that mean I'll have to keep bending down there to the machine every time I get to one of the many rugs I have strewn around the house? NO, I won't as this machine is picking up everything it meets on the Rug setting - COOL! And to make things even better the Foot Button Pressie thingy that changes the Head Setting from Rugs to Wooden / Smooth floors is so responsive you don't feel like you have to STAMP on it.
This is going too well - something is bound to go wrong here very soon.
So that's finished the family room and kitchen, how about we go for a walk through doors and around corners and see if you are like my last machine and would rather stay here and fight me instead. WOW again - this thing knows where I want to go next! It feels as though it is floating on air and the cable is peeling out the rear end like .... ah I was going to use a poo and digging implement analogy but maybe not. Suffice to say it is smoooooth! So no more dented Architrave or Door Linings in my home then - and at last no more kicking my Vacuum Cleaner to get it to turn a corner (probably why it blew up last week it must be said - but hey as I said I'm a man and it's a man thing).
A whole house finished and no major traumas apart from maybe the Head is a little big to get into come of the more hidden / tight areas and a tad clumbersome / weighty (well I suppose with quality come a certain degree of oversize and weight - I can cope with that little niggle to have a machine that fills me with confidence).
Whoah, wait a minute, did I say that's the whole house finished - but I haven't emptied the Dust Bucket thingy yet and I never noticed the power reducing or the motor straining! Well I'd better check it and see what's worng then - Ah look it may have enough dog fur in there to knit a Fisherman's Pullover but two things are evident, 1, the dustbin thing isn't even full and 2, the filter bit isn't being blocked up by what's in there either. No wonder I never felt the need to clean it like i did my last machine.
Now I'm no lover of gadgets, machines or tools but when I buy something I like to know that I spent my money wisely. The Bosch Power Silence Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is a purchase that I am more than please I made - in fact I'm going to polish it and give it a place in the cleaning cupboard where no other implements will mess with it - I LOVE MY BOSCH VACUUM! (until it goes wrong ??- watch this space)
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on 2 October 2013
Bought this because I was fed up with the noise of my previous Hoover, and also felt like in a hurricane when it was on. This is extremely quiet and has also brilliant suction on carpets and laminate flooring. The suction pipe extends pretty far, so you have great length. The only downside is that there isn't a button to retract the mains cable. All in all a good machine
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on 25 July 2013
My old vacuum cleaner finally started falling in peaces (literaly) after 7 years of service. So after some research opted for this one as it promissed to be the most quiet vacuum cleaner in the world (with 3 kids under 5 cleaning in the night is the best option :) ). To be honest I thought of possibility to vacuum house in the middle of the night just my dream which will not come true. It really is quiet! I can deffinitelly vacuum when everyone is sleeping, you cannot hear it upstairs. yahoooooo, dream come true! :) The loudest part of it is crevice nozzle, simply because the powerfull suction through small opening of nozzle. Or if you get some noisy (hard) little thing sucked in and it keeps spinning in the dust container. It is powerfull, claims to have power of 2400w, but uses energy for 1200w. Another good point. Love the way everything clicks in places, nothing can come undone unless you want it. Only design flaw - the clip on holder for extra nozzles comes of the tube very easy. But that's minor complaint. Deffinitelly would recomend this vacuum cleaner to friends (actually I am recommending already).
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on 28 April 2014
Does exactly what they say - even on the highest setting it is still quiet. Love it. Best buy ever!
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on 26 December 2013
Our new Bosch cleaner is very powerful and really very silent. I've never seen another cleaner which is so silent!
We sold our DC37 allergy when we received the Bosch. We cannot understand wy everybody wants to have a Dyson, because it it just okay, not more. It has less power, although bouth have 1300 W. Also the Dyson is scratching on hard terrain, which is loud too. The DC is a little bit smarter, lighter, but not much.
Now we're able to adjust the power, because we don't need full power for hard terrain. Dyson is always running with 100% power!
I bought this Bosch in the UK, because it is very cheap here. The moment I ordered it, it was only £ 149,99 (+£10 for shipping to Germany). That is around 190€. In Germany it is around 350 €. I did not enjoy Bosch's philosophy about so different prices, because in the UK a £50 cash-back was also possible, but the cleaner is very, very good and even much better than the DC37 allergy.
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on 26 September 2013
Performance good but very heavy, which I was not prepared for! Connection joints on tubes very stiff.
Quietness a real bonus but whole machine too cumbersome for my age!
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on 11 April 2014
I've given this three stars because it's 'okay' but it is verging on the two star 'I don't like it'!!

I had been on the lookout for a new hoover for a while, and when this came along I thought, great, that'll do me nicely. Well, I was a bit wrong on that and wish now that I hadn't bought it. Here are my findings:

- There's no doubt it is powerful, so powerful in fact that it sucks up mats and small carpets so that you have to either switch off the hoover to extract the mat, or stand on the mats while you hoover so that they stay on the floor - not very convenient.
- The floor tool that it comes with is fine, but absolutely rubbish for cleaning carpets with. It will clean your hard floors beautifully and may even hoover a very flat carpet to your satisfaction (but without picking up embedded hairs). However, if you have a thicker carpet at all, it is no good whatsoever. It's difficult to push and, as for picking up pet hairs, well it just doesn't! It rolls loose pet hairs up into long lines of fluff that you have to bend down and pick up!!
- Yes, it's reasonably quiet. I have two cats that hate conventional hoovers, but they will just about tolerate this one, although don't always stay in the same room when I'm using it.
- Yes, it's also reasonably easy to empty and take apart etc.
- Yes, the electrical power cord retracts very well, but on using the hoover today, for some reason the cord retracted all on its own and the hoover flew back towards the electrical socket on the wall, which was a tad unexpected!! I do wonder what will happen if the retractable cord fails to retract one day as there is nowhere else to store it if that does happen.
- Yes, it is quite heavy, but manageable, although I am exhausted after using it because of the floor tool supplied, which makes hoovering harder work than normal.

So now it looks like I will have to go and buy a turbo tool for this item which appears to have a brush roller, which will hopefully be better for hoovering carpets and will make the chore easier. It seems to me that this product is sold with the basic floor tool and all the other more practical brushes are sold as separate items - this is NOT made clear anywhere in the sales pitch for this item.

All in all then, I am disappointed in what should have been an excellent buy. I would urge anyone else to think very carefully about buying one. Had this come with either both of these floor tools or at least the more useful turbo brush one, I would have made the star rating higher.

17.04.14 - I have just seen a new Bosch hoover for sale which is a new 'pro animal' hoover and it comes with two cleaning heads, one of which is a brush type head suitable for picking up animal hair. I am assured by Bosch customer services that this will fit my pro silence hoover so I have ordered a 'pro animal' head in the hope that this will solve my problems.

03.05.14 - I have now used the hoover with the 'pro animal' head a couple of times now and that has eased things a little, but it's still not perfect and I still wish I hadn't bought the hoover. The 'pro animal' head cost me nearly £55 from Bosch which has added considerably to the total cost of the item. I have sent bad feedback to Bosch about their hoover and haven't even had the courtesy of a reply!!
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on 18 April 2014
I really HATE the noise that most vacuums produce – it's the main reason why I moved away from Dysons some years ago, that horrible WHINE they make all the time.

If you're like me then this is the cleaner for you – on the lowest setting it's barely audible – on the highest it's much quieter than anything you've ever owned before. When you attach the nozzle, the noise of the air rushing into the nozzle is about 10 times louder than the noise of the motor.

Downsides. We really prefer upright vacuums and find them much less effort to use than cylinder type. This seems to be worse than most. After an hour of cleaning you feel exhausted an your muscles ache. Part of the problem is getting the (infinitely variable) power set correctly. Too low and it doesn't pick-up, too high and it becomes very difficult to push across the carpet.

Another reviewer mentioned the turbo head – I think that may make life much easier with this cleaner.
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