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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 July 2003
What can you say that's bad about this DVD? This is a must buy for every musical fan! I have watched this over 80 times now and i am NOT joking either, it's addictive.The plot, though not very strong is simple, once a year a tribe of Cats meets in a junkyard for the annual Jellicle Ball in which their leader chooses one of the cats to go to the Heavyside Layer where they can be 'reborn and come back to a different Jellicle life!' The dancing is superb, the singing even though not always up to scratch is excellent in the big numbers. Credit has to be given to John Partridge who makes a fabulous Rum Tum Tugger, Jacob Brent who is adorable as the magical Mr. Mistoffelees, Drew Varley and Jo Gibb as the naughty catburglars Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer and Phyllidia Crowley Smith who is a very graceful Victoria. Elaine Paige does justice to the role as Grizabella and although i have seen the stage show twice, no Grizabella can live up to hers. The Jellicle Ball is one of my favourite numbers, nearly 13 minutes of solid dance it is breathtaking (the editing of the film is not always brilliant as you do see quite a few mistakes and cameras but only after you watch it for the 50th time will these start to stand out!) and you're guaranteed to be singing Mr. Mistoffelees and memory for days after you watch it! Go and but this, you won't be dissappointed!
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on 29 December 2006
This DVD is definately worth buying, especially if - like myself - you did not see the stage show. The performance is full of energy, and the close up shots develop character relationships very effectively.

The bonus features are also really interesting to watch, especially the making of cats, which shows you just how much work went into the show. Elaine Paige's performance as Grisabella is especially worth commenting on, as it was full of emotion and very well acted and sung.

Overall, a brilliant DVD, and one you will want to watch over and over again :)
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on 16 January 2008
I confess I am a huge Lloyd Webber fan, and having seen Cats myself when I was 10 (22 years ago!) I still remember it in detail. I have always adored the music and recently introduced my children (aged 5 and 4) to the songs on CD as they already adored Joseph. They loved Cats which is why I bought this to them from Father Christmas.

Since they can't see it in the theatre anymore, this is a great way for them to see the Cats show and understand how the songs are brought to life. The Jellicle Cats opening is super, as is The Gumbie Cat, The Rum Tum Tugger, Skimbleshanks et al.

BUT the 2 key changes ruined it for us. Firstly WHY does this not feature the original tune for Mungojerry & Rumpleteezer? The new tune is frankly rubbish and unmemorable. And secondly, John Mills as Gus is all very well but it means that Growltiger (including Billy McCaw) has been cut altogether. This is one of the key pieces in the 2nd act and was the main song that my pirate-mad boys wanted to see. The disappointment when it cut from Gus straight to Skimbleshanks was palpable - we had tears!

If you don't care about these 2 songs but adore everything else, you really will love this DVD. But if you're as familiar with the original as we are, the addition of the Pekes and Pollicles (which is excellent) in no way makes up for the lack of Growltiger or Mungojerry&Rumpleteezer.
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on 1 June 2003
This ultimate edition is really worthy of its name. You get 2 DVD discs of absolute gold which will appeal to Cats fans and first time viewers.
I bought the video when it first came out but decided to upgrade to the DVD version for the quality aspect, I was not dissapointed.
You get the production on the first disc which is much better on this format as you hear little noises that were not picked up on the video.
On the second disc you get the "making of Cats" featurette which goes backstage to talk to the cast and the creators. You also get a short make up demo from the make up artist from the theatre and fantastic interviews with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gillian Lynne, Cameron Makentosh, John Napier, Trevor Nunn and Gerry Schoenfield.
Now that the London production has closed this is the sedond best way to enjoy it in all its glory.
This is a must buy item which will be watched many times over.
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on 6 September 2013
Whilst this is a great production of "Cats" I have to agree that the image quality is extremely poor.

It says on the back cover that it has been "Remastered in High Definition" but I would argue that it is barely passable as even DVD quality. The image is very very grainy and there is a lack of sharpness to everything. It just feels like an old DVD or VHS which has been directly copied onto a Blu-ray.

A shameful release.
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Well the 11th of May marked the end of an era, the 21st Anniversary of "Cats" at the New London Theatre, and its final performance.
Don't despair, however, as you can still take the Memory home with this DVD! Admittedly, it's not as good as being at the Theatre for a live performance because it's been cut in a couple of places (for example, Gus the Theatre Cat links in to a piece called Growltiger's Last Stand, which doesn't really do anything to further the plot, such as it is, and Sir John Mills couldn't do due to his age) but the actual music sounds great when performed by a full orchestra, rather than the 16 piece in the Theatre, even if the cast were lip syching.
I'm glad I saw it before it closed, and can't wait for the National Tour, hopefully in the near future!
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on 1 August 2003
I Think this is brilliant. I got this for my birthday on video and i watched it so much that i wore the tape out so i had to get it on DVD. This is great for the whole family. If you haven't seen the stage show then it is like you are at the theatre watching it. If you have seen the stage show then it is good to have to watch to remind you how good it is. On the DVD you also get exclusive bonus footage which shows you the work put in to the making of the film and about the musical.
I recommend this DVD to Every one of all ages.
Once you have watched this you will find your self in the world of cats and won't stop singing the songs.
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on 22 July 2004
I bought this DVD for my 7 year olds birthday, guessing that both she and her 8 year old sister would love it. I can tell you that I wasn't wrong. One week later they are still loving it, in fact they seem to get more out of it each time they watch it. The songs and dance routines are suberb, it's a lot better than I think I imagined it would be.
I'm no great Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, but that's not really the point. I don't think that you need to be to recognise when something is well done. And whilst it may help? to have seen the stage show before, it's clearly not essential to enjoy the DVD. Sometimes it can be the opposite, as people may feel a film version does not live up to their expectations/memories of the live show.
If you are considering buying this then please do, and for goodness sake, do not worry AT ALL about this being unsuitable for children. Some previous reviews commenting on it's unsuitablity for children are way off the mark. I can only imagine they live in households where table cloths are required to reach to the floor, lest young ladies in the house are offended by the sight of the table legs!...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 September 2013
This blu ray is not as good as my original DVD. The grain is shocking, the definition poor, colour saturation, contrast and black levels very weak. Having suffered from the Universal/BFI Citizen Kane release (very inferior to the Warner's pristine transfer) and their very poor "Marnie" and "Family Plot" I shall not be pre-ordering any more of their blu rays until I have read prior reviews. "Cats" is such an enjoyable musical - and on this disc there is a splendid cast - it's such a pity that the transfer etc is such a mess!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 January 2014
For one day I had both the dvd and the blu ray versions of Cats. Comparing them is an exercise in film viewing analysis where I need to write a review in order to find out what I think!

Firstly the dvd has no subtitle track. The blu ray has a multi language subtitle track. The dvd has one of the strangest aspect ratios I have come across. Some films have black bars top and bottom whilst other films have bars either side. The dvd has black bars all around. The blu ray fills a widescreen; no black bars.

The picture on the blu ray often appears washed-out if viewing on a plasma screen. But very good if watching on 100' projection screen. Slight grain but more than just watchable on projection - enjoyable. It is clearly zoomed-in dvd release on the blu ray.

The blu ray confronts you with six warning notices of one sort or another before starting to view the film. You can skip each notice with remote control. The dvd has just one warning notice before hand but you can not skip or fast forward it. Both discs are, therefore, annoying for different reasons.

The Menu on the dvd is far clearer than the use of symbols on the blu ray. The dvd contains a fold-over leaflet with a list of chapter contents for each of the two discs. One disc for film another for extras. One side of the leaflet outlines the story of the production. The blu ray contains fresh air. Just the one disc. Yet they both have the same 21 Chapters for the film. The blu ray does not have any Trailers on its extras.

The sound reproduction on the blu ray is superb. True surround sound effects are immersive (to use a vogue word) for the viewer/listener. The dvd sound reproduction is also very good across three front speakers, but just stereo.

To conclude: blu ray for projectioners certainly. The rest of you can work it out for yourselves. Must also point out that I came to this production unsullied by theatrical experience of Cats. I really enjoyed watching the show on dvd projected 100' with black bars either side and one at the top (I had used the zoom on my projector for the first time). But the blu ray with subtitles projected was excellent. I kept the blu ray.
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