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on 6 July 2015
For me, this is one of the best movie soundracks of all time. It is rare that a movie is truly elevated by, rather than it's events simply complemented by, the muscic of the score. This is one of those cases. It easily adds 2 stars onto an otherwise enjoyable, but not necessarily rewatchable film.

Disc 2 contains sketches by Hanz Zimmer for what would become the full versions on disc 1. Overall, these are simply rough cuts and not worth the extra expenditure to own the deluxe edition. For most, buying the regular OST (a five-star purchase at half the price) will be enough.

If you like Hanz Zimmer's work this and want more then turn to the Dark Knight Trilogy, Gladiator, The Thin Red Line, Pirates of the Carribeaan (from 2 onwards) and Amazing Spider-Man 2 for more excellent scores from one of the greatest (if not the greatest) cinema composers of his generation.
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on 21 June 2013
I was trying to decided if I should get the standard or the limited Deluxe Edition. In the end i decided to get this version and was pretty excited as I loved the music in the film and was particularly looking forward to the Man of Steel sketchbook on the bonus disc which is well worth the purchase

My Only issue with this (It would have been 5 stars as a product otherwise) When I read 'steel book' packaging I expect to get a steel book case like you do with other collectors/deluxe editions. Instead the CD case is made from glossy card made to look like steel.
To be honest as Limited Duluxe/collectors editions go, there isn't anything overly amazing in this package - 2 post cards, a very standard booklet and a digital download ticket.

That aside the music itself is easily 5 stars, Hans Zimmer has done an amazing job of capturing the emotion, power and excitement you would expect for a Superman Movie and made it modern and current.

If you are buying it for the music then you wont have any issues and will love it! Just don't buy it expecting anything special with the other extras.
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on 14 April 2016
I absolutely love the soundtrack to this film. It is epic and emotional, i think it is one of the best that Hans Zimmer has put out for a superhero film.
Obviously it is anchored by the majestic 'what are you going to do when you are not saving the world' which is by far the best piece in the film, and in my opinion one of the best movie charactor 'themes' in the last 15 years. but a
ll of the other pieces offer something different, there are quiet reflective moments, ominous threatening pieces and some beautifully tender bits as well.
This has become one of my favourite CDs for putting on in the background whilst doing things and i recommend it heartily
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on 24 April 2014
Whatever you thought of the movie (I thought it was over-hyped and devolved too quickly into endless, mindless action but had some good ideas, good bits and good production design), if you like Hans Zimmer's music this is a must-have album.

Though themes and riffs are definitely reused, it's rarely over done and there's enough variation to keep things interesting. Some of the tracks that accompany the many, many action scenes have a wonderful sense of energy, threat and desperation about them ('If You Love These People' which is the theme to the main punch up between Zod and Kal).

Particular highlights are 'Flight' (which hits the tone, the sense of freedom and power and general joy of the scene in question perfectly) and 'What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?', which is essentially an extended version of the beautiful track 'An Ideal of Hope' that played over the main trailer for the film.

Definitely recommended if you like any of Hans Zimmer's other music. Watch out for the weird 'uh-oh' sound effect about fifteen seconds into the track Oil Rig though...
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on 1 July 2013
*This review is for the Limited Deluxe Edition*

I purchased this before watching the movie, but I only received it after coming back from holiday, having already watched the movie three separate times. It wasn't until the third watch or so, that some of this soundtrack stuck with me, and I started looking forward to getting home to listen to the soundtrack.

When I finally received it, my first thought was disappointment at the packaging: The sticker on the front (and in the description) says "Contains: LIMITED EDITION Steel Packaging. As such, I was expecting a steel book or tin case deal, but the album is actually a glossy cardboard foldout, with a raised \S/ symbol and lettering on the front. Once I had gotten over this fact, though, the overall impression of what I did get was rather good, and I think it simply should have been stated somewhere that it was a "steely design" or whatever, rather than actually being made from steel.

The soundtrack itself is brilliant, as the true test of any soundtrack is whether it brings you back into the movie, and boy did it. Certain key scenes played back in my inner theatre, and every musical beat is there. It was great listening to the bonus tracks available on "Disc 2: Experiments from the Fortress of Solitude", giving you an insight into how close Hans Zimmer was the first time around, before going into recording. "Flight", arguably the main theme of the movie is a brilliant, not too dark listen, logically also the title of the first disc.

Overall, a great soundtrack and a great edition for the Man of Steel fan. Considering that it's not much more expensive than getting the download, this is definitely the set to get.
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on 18 June 2016
This is a terrific soundtrack!

I recently saw Hans Zimmer in concert at the Birmingham Barclay Arena and every time I listen to his musical scores I am blown away.

The set is very nicely presented up and the additional pieces of documentation add a little more information about the production o the movie and the composing of the score.

This would make a terrific gift for anyone who a fan of action pack music.
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on 15 January 2017
The Man of Steel soundtrack is possibly one of the best ever composed. The music just hits the spot and fits the mood of the movie so well! I'm upset i didn't realise the track "Arcade" wasn't on here and just on the deluxe edition, but pretty much everyother song on this album is crafted to perfection. There is something here for everyone. This is one of the soundtracks i relax to while i'm working and it just takes me to another place. Hans Zimmer is a master!
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on 8 July 2014
Hans Zimmer...what do you say about a man who really understands music, and it's importance to giving extra life to a movie? In his case....,supremo!! As with others who have reviewed this masterclass in original music scores for film, I'd like to add my voice in chorus of praise and applause and say that in Man Of Steel, Hans Zimmer will not disappoint. There are many pieces on this album that will move and inspire you (Flight is particularly inspiring). If you like good, solid music...you will find that Man Of Steel will have pride of place amongst the music you love and enjoy. You, in listening to it, may even believe you can fly!!
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on 5 November 2013
I enjoy and listen to this months after buying it. Superman's theme has a slight haunting feel, some elements of an emerging hero and a touch of sadness (well he is the last of his kid and being so powerful will make him very alone).

I've not listened to the 2nd disc so much but I think the booklet explains more about those tracks which I haven't had time to read through as I usually listen on commute to places.

Hans Zimmer has done well yet again with a movie soundtrack. I didn't give it 5 out of 5 as I still prefer his Batman Begins/Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises soundtracks plus the Man Of Steel theme repeats a bit too much through this sountrack which can get a little boring.
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on 3 July 2013
What else is there to say? The title explains itself pretty much.

Any negatives that I could say are app related. You need to download an app for iOS and Android to listen to the DTS Headphone version, but only a few select Android devices are supported - the Nexus 7 isn't one of them. The required app for gaining exclusive content is also flimsy, it crashes on a Nexus 7.

That said, the content given in the box is high quality, and the packaging itself is too. Is this worth the price tag? I don't regret it, but I guess it's for you to decide.

The bottom line is if you liked the film, you will love this score.
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