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on 18 August 2017
Hand Zimmer is truly a genius, his soundtracks are the best ever to be featured in movies. The Man of Steel one is no different. Really good.
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on 27 June 2017
A professional product delivered in perfect condtion.
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on 24 April 2017
Amazing score so enjoyable.
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on 20 October 2017
brilliant music, zimmer at his best
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on 15 August 2017
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 May 2016
This is the original motion picture score for the "Man of Steel" film (2013), consisting of 17 tracks and lasting about 90 minutes. It is the standard edition (there is a deluxe 2-disc special edition with six bonus tracks, entitled "Are You Listening, Clark?", "General Zod", "You Led Us Here", "This Is Madness!", "Earth" and "Arcade").

This soundtrack was composed by Hans Zimmerman. It introduces a new theme for Superman, a form of contemporary classicism. It's very good, often majestic, and reflects the epic qualities of the film.

If you've watched the film, and enjoyed it, you'll probably like this. However, the soundtrack did divide audiences (and fans of the original Superman theme - from the Richard Donner films - might not enjoy this new interpretation). It's dark, gritty, with a thunderous percussion - and, in my view, greatly entertaining.
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on 2 March 2017
Basically, if you want a good soundtrack for your film, hire Hans Zimmer. He is a genius. Just about anything is improved by his music and listening to this soundtrack actually envokes more emotion in me that watching the movie for the first time did.
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on 21 June 2013
I was trying to decided if I should get the standard or the limited Deluxe Edition. In the end i decided to get this version and was pretty excited as I loved the music in the film and was particularly looking forward to the Man of Steel sketchbook on the bonus disc which is well worth the purchase

My Only issue with this (It would have been 5 stars as a product otherwise) When I read 'steel book' packaging I expect to get a steel book case like you do with other collectors/deluxe editions. Instead the CD case is made from glossy card made to look like steel.
To be honest as Limited Duluxe/collectors editions go, there isn't anything overly amazing in this package - 2 post cards, a very standard booklet and a digital download ticket.

That aside the music itself is easily 5 stars, Hans Zimmer has done an amazing job of capturing the emotion, power and excitement you would expect for a Superman Movie and made it modern and current.

If you are buying it for the music then you wont have any issues and will love it! Just don't buy it expecting anything special with the other extras.
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on 17 June 2013
Hans Zimmer has been handed the baton for the new Man of Steel film, following on from the mighty John Williams and John Ottman's rather excellent score for the failed 2006 reboot Superman Returns. Let's get this out the way at the start - if you are a fan of the music Williams wrote for the original films, stay well away from this release. This soundtrack is firmly in the camp of 21st Century music, and the more modern sound will not be to everyone's taste.

I won't go into every track on the albums (see lower down for the different versions). The softer piano theme for Clark Kent is extremely effective, and I would say stronger than some of the more action based material. The highlights are the brilliant "This Is Clark Kent" (Track 14) and "Sent Here For A Reason". DNA (Track 4) is brilliant and features some of Zimmer's choppy string ostinatos in full force. The General Zod theme in "I Will Find Him" is also impressive with some great writing for strings, brass and percussion. There are some absolute corkers on here. "Goodbye My Son" features a wonderful ethereal soloist and some nice writing for strings. It doesn't win any awards for complexity but it sounds fantastic. The best track has to be the epic "What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World", which starts off with a rendition of the Clark Kent theme before building into the Man of Steel theme. I don't think anyone could not like this track!

The other question is whether to go for the 1CD Man Of Steel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) version (run time is just short of 88 minutes) or the 2CD Man of Steel version which is just short of 2 hours. I personally always prefer to go for the version with more music - "General Zod" (CD2 Track 4) and "Arcade" (Track 8) are great, but they are variations on the themes you will have heard if you get the 1CD version. Whether you are interested in the lengthy (28 minute) minute sketchbook track and others will be personal preference.

The "Hans' Original Sketchbook" is an interesting concept on the second CD. It is basically synth mock ups of some of the main themes heard on the album. Some of which sound very similar to the final versions I might add. It does beg the question, and many have asked before, why Zimmer uses a real orchestra at all if the final version sounds slightly synthy. Regardless, I think this track is present to show the fans he does actually compose the themes for the films he is attached to. He has a lot of additional composers that work with him at his studio Remote Control, and Man of Steel has 5 other composers providing "additional music". Again some people have suggested how much he personally contributes to projects where his name is attached, but I think this sketchbook track shows he is the driving force, although other composers may rearrange his themes and contribute more than people might imagine.

So why 4*s rather than 5? As much as I liked the CD, I didn't think that Zimmer broke much in the way of new ground here. Granted, he is very competent at what he does, and whilst the themes were good, I didn't connect with it in a way that I have done with some of his previous work. Obviously this will be down to personal opinion though.

Overall, for fans of the music to the original films by JW this album will induce a strong allergic reaction that could only be cured by re-listening to the originals. In my opinion, this is not Zimmer's best work, but there is plenty to enjoy on the album. The main theme for Clark Kent is effective and although somewhat generic, the more action based man of steel theme certainly gets the blood pumping. All the themes are present on the 1CD version. The 2CD version does offer more music, a pretty decent booklet about the score and the chance to download a surround sound version of the score (which I have yet to do). I'm sure the neighbours will enjoy it when I do though! The choice of whether these additional perks are worth the slight increase in price will be your own. A solid 4* album from me, but despite the decent material and lengthy running time, Zimmer stayed in his comfort zone just a little too much to justify that final star.
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on 23 January 2014
I'd go so far as to say this is my absolute favourite soundtrack to date!

Hans Zimmer is quite literally a musical genius in my eyes and pushes the scope for scoring and sound recording. Just watch the youtube 5-part series on behind the scenes of this film, he'll try all manner of stuff so far from the norm that it's absolutely inspiring and refreshing to see and hear. Whether he's using 10 of the best drummers in the world to drum synchronously to make a thunderous rhythm section, to using the craziest of contraptions (rather than just relying on synths) that create the most organic and epic sounds you'd never be able to recreate. This soundtrack hits the mark for me, conveying emotion and power in the bucket loads. The soundtrack alone has made me watch this film far too many times that I dread to say.

Hans is always pushing boundaries, he takes the beauty of orchestral instruments but manages to fuse them with all manner of massive, gorgeous, eerie and spectacular sounds. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of this CD or the movie, I even use the soundtrack to push me when working out, it really does excite me a little too much!

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