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on 29 June 2013
Once you get into the characters its a good story. Started slowly, but when i got in to it i couldnt put it down.
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on 7 June 2013
I received a copy of Vampire Elite in exchange for an honest review!

Vampire Elite is a fun adult fantasy romance. It mixes vampire lore with ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. The book focuses on several characters, a few different love stories and the battle between the vampires and the Amiti.

There is a lot of back story and mythology involved in Vampire Elite starting with the creation of the two races. The Amiti have effectively been reduced to bloodstock for vampires, fetching extremely high prices at auction. Vampires can blood-bond with an Amiti, sharing their powers, but this gives the Amiti control over the vampire.

The book starts with the Amiti Queen facing betrayal, and the resulting quest for vengeance. Focusing on two remarkable young women the story is a sort of coming of age tale. Simone is the half-blood daughter of vampire King Tor and the former Amiti Queen Istara. Istara is forced to leave Tor and have a pureblood child with the Amiti, Marcus. Istara's other daughter Arianna is now the new future Queen of the Amiti.

I really liked Arianna, and felt so sorry for her - the poor girl really suffers! It seems pretty much everybody has an agenda when it comes to Arianna, her powers, life in general and what she should do and who she should love. Simone was harder to like, namely because some of her actions seem petty and harsh at times. I could see where she was coming from, but I often found her to be selfish and then she'd surprise me by being really selfless.

I will say that even with the glossary I found the numerous names and terms slightly confusing, but not enough to put me off from reading the next book, tbh these terms were really interesting!

There are many twists and turns in Vampire Elite, and I was often left wondering what could possibly happen next?! There's also a lot of sex scenes and descriptions, so be prepared for a sexy fantasy story with a darker edge.

4 Stars in my Sky!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:

*Jealousy blossomed in her, a monstrous sunflower, its black center swallowing her heart.
*He wanted to comfort her, but the words stuck in his throat. What could he say? What would a lion say to his prey?
*"She's an Amiti. They're all about love. I mean, look at Istara? Amiti will do anything for love."

http://ziliinthesky.blogspot.co.uk Also reviewed on my Blog Zili in the Sky!
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on 27 June 2013
The reviews for this were fantastic and don't get me wrong i did enjoy it, but it was tough going and raving about it? sorry no. I got fed up of Arianna being captured and drained all the time. I kept waiting for these powerful lioness powers to manifest for something to happen. Sim was just a brat, loathed her. Theores was a dead end but Loved Tor. There were so many blood bonds going on all the time I forgot who was who. Deceit and betrayal were the main features it got depressing that no body could be trusted. I felt it didn't actually go anywhere. Just when I thought, oooo this is getting better, she'd be made into blood stock again. Felt there was a very biblical undercurrent but maybe that was just me. Will I read the next one? Only if it is published quickly or it would be too much of a brain ache to get back into it. Would I recommend? For 77p yes I would as you might appreciate it more than me.
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on 7 June 2013
This was a well-written, interesting exciting read for all vampire-lovers. The author establishes realistic characters with an interesting back-story. The vampires are a slight twist on the usual - which is great for vampire lovers. While they still retained some of the traditional traits, some of their world was thoroughly unique. It's nice to feel like you're reading something fresh and new, yet vaguely familiar.

I thought I had certain moments figured out but the author delivers a few twists and turns that kept me interested. With romance, suspense and good writing, this is definitely recommended.
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on 6 July 2013
VAMPIRE ELITE (Prophecy) is the first storyline in the Vampire Elite series co-authored by the writing team of Irina Argo. The series premise is based on Egyptian legends, gods and their descendants and is packed with world building, character development and, enough betrayal and heartbreak for a lifetime let alone centuries of pain and sorrow.

The legend states that vampires were created when a goddess became enraged and the blood she trailed created a new species dependent on blood to survive. When the vampires all but annihilated the human population another species of immortals was formed -the Amiti-as a source of blood for the vampires. But over time the Amiti became like cattle (bloodstock) to the vampires and the two species remained distinct and separate and, have been at war with each other for centuries. PROPHECY: VAMPIRE ELITE is a contemporary paranormal storyline of racism, segregation, abuse and sacrifice between the species. There are flashbacks as well as several parallel storylines that will all coalesce in the final scenes of book one.

There is plenty of background information on which the storyline premise has been built and the bigger problem between the species is the blood bonding between vampire and Amiti- that in many cases leads to a physical and emotional relationship of love and hate-and under these circumstances it is akin to a mortal sin and blasphemy against their own kind. In this, we have several scenarios that push the storyline forward when the King of the Vampires falls in love with the Queen of the Amiti. What ensues is the utmost betrayal between lovers and a declaration of war between the species.

VAMPIRE ELITE is a well written, explicitly detailed and fascinating dark story of two species who have become master and slave. The storyline is fraught with betrayal and heartbreaking sorrow as lovers becomes enemies-at some point all blood bonded lovers will know the loss of a mate; torture; destruction of a relationship and the tearing of a soul shared through the blood bond between the species. There was not one relationship or couple unaffected by the end of book one.

Irina Argo has taken a vampire tale and placed a spin all their own. This is a dark tale of racism and specieism- that excludes rights to one group (Amiti) over another (vampires): whereby one becomes the cattle to be used and abused; where membership in one species definitely has its' privileges; and death is a blessing for many. At times the altruistic nature of the relationships is painful and hard. PROPHECY: Vampire Elite is NOT your sparkly vampire series.

see all of my reviews at : thereadingcafe(dot)com
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on 29 July 2013
I really enjoyed this book. It was written really well, the characters are all fully developed so you get a real sense of who they are, what they're about, you feel like you're reading about people that have some substance you can follow and understand their actions.

I'm all for a bit of heartache and some real trials to get to where a book is supposed to go. I've read some really hard stories where the main character suffers so much you start to think 'when will it end' but for me this book went beyond that and that's why I can't rate it higher in my opinion. It was like reading into a black void. I mean from almost page 20 Arianna gets no breaks. And anything positive she gets is so overwhelmed by the rubbish she is experiencing throughout the book I found myself just feeling thoroughly depressed. I ended up feeling as bleak as she was half the time and I wasn't even the one being drained of my blood... Constantly.

The premise is great, I love the way history and myth was intertwined and it a a slightly challenging read rather than just another typical para book but I just can't shift away from the fact there was so much misery, I actually wished I hadn't read it some of the time.

I would still recommend the book, but for those who get quite attached to characters and into their imaginary characters I'd take caution to the wind.
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on 8 June 2013
In recent years the market has been saturated with Vampire fiction, from traditional to sparkly and everything in between. For a book to make anything more than ripples in this ocean it needs to do something different.
Vampire Elite has managed to do that. Taking an ancient Egyptian myth as its basis, Vampire Elite creates a new back story for Vampires, and another immortal race equal to them called Amiti. Set in our world with a story that takes us around the globe this tale is epic in so many ways. But beyond simply creating a new world, the authors have crafted a thrilling fantasy, that is dramatic, romantic, scary, erotic and exciting. Guaranteed to keep you turning these pages until the last.
Brilliantly written with a style that drags the reader along at breakneck speed, the main characters are well written and well realised and the introduction of the Amiti into the Vampire mythos is genius. 
This is a genuinely exciting debut novel that breathes fresh life into the world of the Vampire and will hopefully be just the first step into a stunning new world.
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on 16 June 2013
This is the second book I've read in the last few days that avoids the fairytale versions of the undead we've seen in recent films and brings back the horror of the genre.

This book has a great plot, a twist on the classic `vampires hunt humans at night'. Instead the author describes the Amiti, a race with unique blood linked with supernatural powers that is highly sort after by the Vampire Elite (the Sekhmi). The Sekhmi have abused this source of power and have kept the Amiti underground for harvesting. However, there is small group who decide to fight back and attempt to destroy the Sekhmi to put an end to their exploitation.

The ancient history and mythology that this story is grounded in is well explained and it's not difficult to jump into the world that the author has created.

This story has some great twists that I didn't see coming and this left me not knowing what to expect from the rest of the book. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a unique vampire story that avoids the clichés and focuses more on history and legend.
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on 17 June 2013
A refreshing vampire tale

Blood, lust, power, domination, cruelty, lust- this has it all. It's great to read a decent vampire story for once. So many over recent years have pandered to the YA readership and lost the magic that makes vampire stories great... you know, the fact they are deadly killing machines with an exotic and malicious attraction!

This book brings back the sense of underlying danger and yet attraction to the genre. The story is fresh and while vampire wars aren't original- this is certainly a unique take. I love ancient Egypt, and this ticked all my boxes!

Writing wise, Irina Argo should be proud. It's got a great pace, the grammar is good and I believe in what she's saying. The characterisation is good and just layered enough so we don't doubt actions and understand consequences. There are brushes of humour that contrast well with the dark and ominous tone.

Overall, this is fab. Buy it!
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on 3 June 2013
This is my first journey into a vampire book. Things have changed a bit since my days watching Dracula films with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee!

Its the story of two subspecies that are at war with each other. It includes references to egyptian history as well as involving the sun god 'RA'

It's not all about drinking blood and chasing maidens in carriages, its an age old tale of romance and love between many different characters.

It is well written and flows very well, is gripping from the first page and an easy book to read and get immersed in.

Well done Irina, it's a true 'can't put down' book
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