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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 June 2017
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on 8 August 2004
These guys were the Dream Theater of the Florida death metal scene. The instrumental tunes, not to mention the keyboards made them one of the freshest bands to come out of there.
First got this album on tape in 94, really grew on me. Tunes like Nocturni in Bm & Aquatica add very fresh touches, and make this an incredibly dynamic album. If you like death metal and also progressive & instrumental music, definitely give them a listen.
Visionary, virtuosic & soulful.
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on 17 May 2002
I bought this when It originally came out. Nocturnus, at the time, seemed to have a sound like nobody else (I was a big Obituary fan at the time.) The sound was technically advanced, with weird keyboards and strange sound effects. Being about 15 at the time I thought that all the Sci -fi lyrics and art work was cool, but the music was a bit suspect. Now (Much later) I realise that this group was thinking well out of the envelope !!
I think The main man was a founder member of Morbid Angel, so musical innovation would probably come naturally !!!
I recomend this album, to anyone who likes their death metal a bit strange and different. If you like Fear Factory, and general death metal 'oddness', go retro and buy this !!!
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on 1 June 2014
Nocturnus burst on to the death metal scene in 1990 with the magnificent "The key". The band followed this up two years later with "Thresholds" and is overall the superior effort becouse of it's more streamlined and accessible arrangement. These guys were truly innovators, in a genre that's well known for it's straight-down-the-line approach to extremity. Nocturnus were very different to the rest, they had a very large armory of seamless, aggressive rhythms; barking vocals contrasting a very non-formulaic undercurrent of keyboards, sound effects and sci-fi imagery.

It begins with "Climate controller" and the extremely rough production draws you in straight away. The pace gradually esculates before levelling at a quick galloping pace and the song is a great starter. "Tribal voodun" is a delicate and highly melodic start before quickly decending into a brutal riff. "Nocturne in B" is a keyboard extravaganza of charged sound and tune. Arguably the finest Nocturnus song could be "Arctic Crypt" with a very memorable and addictive chorus. By now the album is in full swing and is already on course for a five star rating.

"Aquatica" is a true sci-fi spirited song with plenty of sound effects and changing scenes. "Subterranean Infiltrator" is a another memorable entity with plenty of riffs. "Alter Reality" is another heavy fest to lead the conclusion with the very excellent "Gridzone". 8/8 marvellous sounding tracks with a clear progressive mindset behind them. This sounds like a natural evolution of the qualities and technical excellence shown on 'The key", and it further embeds the Nocturnus sound with frankly stunning results. One of my favourite and unusual death metal albums; classic stuff.

*1 extra star too for that spaceship, cover and back print artwork.
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on 19 November 2000
Nocturnus where a band way ahead of they're time. Probably the first death metal band to use keyboards and synths and sci-fi imagery (later taken up by Fear Factory).
On first listening to this album (and at the time of the original release) it was hard to get into, but as time went on it started to grow and became one of my favourite death metal albums.
Somewhere along the line i lost this album, so i will be buying this re-release, you should too, especially if you're into something a little bit different.
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VINE VOICEon 28 August 2002
During the late eighties and early nineties the burgeoning American death metal scene belched up Nocturnus onto unsuspecting UK metalheads. They featured Mike Browning, the one-time drummer for the infinitely superior Morbid Angel, unusually for the time they had a keyboard player, not to mention an incredibly widdly guitar player.
Although at the current time discussion on this album isn't exactly a burning issue those (like myself) searching out a bit of hindsight reviewing seem to be mentioning how Nocturnus were ahead of their time. My personal opinion is that while certainly not ahead of their time they definately were different to it.
Consider the elements: The manifold keyboard parts are extremely technical and the interaction between them and the flailing, widdly guitar parts give Thresholds a very discernable prog rock feel. The albums production too is reverb washed and unabraisive giving the whole thing a strangely mellow feel. Unlike most thrash and death bands of the time Nocturnus are geared towards the music and atmosphere rather than the vocalist and the vocal content. Nocturnus although doubtlessly excellent musicians sport one of the worst vocalists in the world. Presumably they know this is his voice is very low in the mix, bathed in reverb and it some segways completely absent.
Overall, like its predecessor, The Key, Threshholds is not your average death metal album. As intimated earlier it works well as easy listening but much of the atmosphere is ruined by the unbelievably frequent guitar solos. And when I say frequent I mean about one every ten seconds. Don't get me wrong, I like a good solo as much as the next man but this guy is a serious one trick pony and once you've heard his mind blowing sweep picking once he just repeats ad infinitum until the end of the album.
If you are a muso anorak like me this is a strange old beast to hold in your collection but if you are looking for great thrash and death from that era buy Morbid Angel - Blessed are the Sick, Annihilator - Never Neverland, Pantera - Cowboys from Hell or any of Metallica's first four albums.
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on 14 January 2016
Five stars given cause of the date created. Was by far very innovative for its time and genre. If you like prog use of different timings, in metal rythm guitar, along with endless thrashy lead lines and growling vocals, space and futuristic synthesiser sounds (always within the death metal limits of that time), and don't mind the mediocre production, even for 1991 its a must. Also keep in mind its rarity for any collectors out there. If it was out now with good modern production would be killer.
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