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on 8 September 2013
Wanting to try wireless charging as I was getting annoyed having to plug in cables, especially on the S4 as the usb seems quite hard to fit !

Having read some reviews and watched a couple of youtube videos I decided to try the 0.6mm receiver fro Fonesalesman and I'm glad I did as it was very easy to install and doesn't add any bulge to the back of the case which I've read some other receivers do !

And it works like a charm (using the Koolpad charger also from Fonesalesman) I was expecting it to be quite slow to charge but was pleasantly surprised how fast it charges and it doesn't get too warm (another issue I've read about other receivers).

So its 5 stars from me !!!
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on 12 November 2013
I have to say I use my SGS4 a different way from a lot of people. I have never used the NFC feature for example, and I play a lot of Words With Friends, which means that big screen is lit up a lot. Whatever the reasons, my handset has always run out of power about 9pm. Since I got it I have always carried around a spare charged battery and switched it - takes a few minutes and that way I have a phone than can go for about 40 hours.

But one of my spare batteries (from a very reputable make) malfunctioned and I thought I'd try wireless charging. It's this or the official Samsung back panel, which is about £10 more at the time of writing. This really does fit under the back cover with barely any difference to the profile - just makes the fit a little tighter.

I have to say though I had problems lining this plate up properly so it would charge the battery. The charging unit would beep to show it saw the coil, but the phone itself was not charging. The instructions seemed to show that you lined up this plate .5cm from the right and .2 cm from the bottom of the battery, or something, but I couldn't get it right.

Just this morning I realised the issue: this thin plate has two contacts at the very top that fit into two holes in the back panel of the SGS4 (under the cover, of course) up near the SD card. If you slot those in there, bingo, the unit is lined up and it all works fine. Why not put that in the instructions?

Which brings me to the second problem: lie the phone on your wireless charger panel, at night, it slowly charges up. And when it's at 100% - in the middle of the night sometime - it stops charging and discharges. So I got up this morning and my battery level was 80%, not 100% like it usually is. Which means my phone dies in the afternoon sometime. unless I charge it at my desk, which I hate doing, because I always forget to pick it up when I go out.

So, yeah wireless charging is clever and funky. But it's not as efficient for me as carrying a spare battery. After six months of charging via USB port and clipping the back panel on and off neither of those bits show any signs of wear or damage - so wireless charging is addressing a problem I actually didn't have, and creating new ones.

However, four stars for this unit, because it mostly does what it should. It loses a star for poor instructions - and looking in other reviews, if you want your NFC to work properly, you need to start peeling off labels, but there's no instructions for that either.

Note to people who say that heat doesn't matter: in the long term it degrades OLED screens more quickly than they should. So yes, it does matter, and wireless charging does make the phone slightly too warm, in my experience.
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on 10 March 2015
I bought this together with the Koolpad QI Charger Pad. The pad appeared to work, but this card did not, it connected and the light went from green to blue sporadically and then after a few minutes the phone and pad would not recognise each other. It is therefore hard to say if it was the pad or card at fault. I also tried it with a second Galaxy S4 and it did not work with that either. I watched the official video review of the product and it appeared to work. I suspect that so many glowing reviews may be fake and put up by the manufacturer, but maybe I am being too cynical. I found it a very poor quality product, but maybe I was simply unlucky and got a one of a bad batch. I returned for a refund.
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on 24 February 2015
After 2 months of use I can report as follows - works well together with the Koolpad QI wireless charger. The phone has to be reasonably lined up on the pad to charge and lies a little off-center, but this is not a problem. Have not experienced any overheating issues as some users have reported with wireless charging devices. Used together with the original S4 charger I also have not experienced slow charging times as reported by some people using these types of devices, I'd say it is definitely not slower than charging via a PC USB cable in this respect. Overall a good purchase.
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on 10 January 2015
Bought this and a charging pad at the same time. had no problems fitting it to my Galaxy S4, and it has performed really excellently in the few days I've had it. Drop the phone on the pad, and BINGO.....away it goes. Ultra slim card, but does leave a very slightest of bumps in the rear cover, but you have to really look for it to see it, and even then you have to catch it in the light.....So no worries.

Threw my phone on whilst still in the slip case and it beeped straight away and charged it no problem. Would have no qualms about buying another when I upgrade my phone later in the year.
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on 8 June 2015
I was keen not to make my phone any fatter so as to fit in its current case protective surround which I'm happy with. Not only is this cheaper than buying a new phone back it works beautifully well from the off. Even better than my wifes built in LG G4 QI charging system. Well worth it.
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on 26 September 2014
Well worth the extra money over a cheap Chinese one from eBay. Works perfectly, minimal extra width under the battery cover and my NFC still works great.

I hope you've found this review helpful, and thanks for taking the time to read it. [...]. I sometimes receive products at a discount, or occasionally free of charge, in exchange for a fair, thorough and honest review. If you have any further questions about the product, or any other comments, please add them below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, make use of the "Ask a question" function on the listing, you're likely to get several responses from both the supplier and other customers within a few hours.
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on 17 November 2013
The receiver that goes in the back of the phone fits in easily and is thin enough not to cause the back to bulge when re-fitted.
The pad does not come with a mains charging plug it only has a USB cable. I found that my PC does not provide enough current to operate the device effectively. Luckily I had a cable with 2 USP plugs on one end that came from an external hard drive unit. Plugging both into the PC makes a lot of difference and it charges the phone very quickly. Works just as well with the USB inserted in to a mains adapter. I guess for most people this would be the main way of charging, just be aware that the current available from a single PC/Laptop USB port may not be enough to properly power the pad. Otherwise great product, so much easier than fiddling with a tiny plug.
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on 10 March 2014
Wasn't too sure about this until I installed and it worked. This was one of those things that I fully expected not to work but did. It cleverly avoids the need for a larger back for your phone and therefore no need for new cover for the phone.
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on 28 June 2014
This is spot on for what I need, this charger fits behind the Samsung cover and does not mean purchasing a new one, works great with the Samsung charging pad, with the cover on, and took about 30 seconds to fit, brilliant.
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