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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Style Name: PS Vita|Change
Price:£9.99 - £44.95

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VINE VOICEon 29 September 2013
When has Rayman ever let you down? Never, when you think about it. He may very well be the most consistent character in the history of gaming. So it's some feat that his latest game surely has to be considered his best yet. Not only his best but Wii U's best. Legends has already usurped New Super Mario Bros. U in my heart, and I'm not convinced the twin attack from 3D Mario and Sonic later in the year will take its crown.

This is platforming perfection presented in a generous package. The game itself is fantastic, the additional unlockable revamped levels from Origins are a treat, but what really takes this one to the next level for me are the challenges, especially the daily ones. Assuming you have your Wii U hooked up to the internet, the lifespan of Legends is potentially infinite thanks to these challenges. I've found myself losing entire evenings to individual challenges and even then I struggle to get high up on the online leaderboards.

Innovative, eclectic, witty, gorgeous, huge and fun, fun, fun from start to finish. Legends is pure joy for all ages, alone, together or in competition. It's not often that Nintendo gets beaten at its own game but this is as good as it gets on Wii U at the moment. That may be the case for some considerable time because to beat it is to beat perfection.
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on 23 August 2016
This game is great, I've never really played Rayman before but we got the wii u wanting games me and my partner could play together and after seeing the reviews and ratings for this I picked it up.

I'm so happy I did as its a great game especially with two of you playing you have to talk and communicate a lot to help each other and I can't imagine playing it on anything but the wii u having the second screen and touch controls.

So many levels and u lockables along with collectiables ect well worth it's money especially given its low price currently.
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I was a fan of Rayman on the original playstation for it's inventive take on the 2D platform game. I wondered what this new version would be like and in short it is amazing. What makes it so good is the multiplayer ability to have one person on the game pad and one person on screen. The game pad is used as a touchscreen to tilt platforms and cut ropes by swiping. This means that my 5 year old and 8 year old can play together - genuinely play together both contributing to the game. This is miles ahead of Donkey Kong and other platform games where multi player requires two equal players.

In single player mode is it also good fun with massive replay appeal to find all the cages of things and the level design is breathtakingly original.

Best WII U game so far - and I have Mario Wii U and Donkey Kong Wii U so this is high praise.
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on 6 November 2013
This game made me really happy to be the owner of a Wii U.

As we all know, this game was first made as an exclusive for the Wii U. And I can, with 100% certainty, say that this is the perfect home for it.
The gimmicks of the Wii U GamePad make every intereaction all the more fun, especially in the Murphy levels.
With the GamePad you can swipe, press and hold on the GamePad's screen, instead of clicking buttons on a normal controller and it's more fun this way.
However, even with these controls some people might feel that these Murphy levels are kinda "meh". But wait until you play them with some of the glorious multiplayer madness this game has to offer.
And, let's say that you have a younger sibling that wants to play, but just can't handle all the controls. Just hand him/her the GamePad and let him/her play as Murphy while you go through the levels. This is a great feature exclusive to the Wii U.

Other than the GamePad features, the game has some amazing level design that never truly feels the same no matter what level you play, and with over 100 levels I can guarantee that you will have loads of refreshing fun.

The online feature is also a great way to improve your skills in running, navigating, and reacting.

And there are loads of things to collect to keep you busy for a long time.

All-in-all, I love this game and so do my siblings. I highly recommend it to all Wii U owners!
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on 3 October 2013
A beautiful, satisfying, delightful game. I found myself grinning while playing this; there are so many lovely touches. That's not to say it's a cutesy, easy kids game - as you might think from looking at screenshots - this is a challenging game for all levels of experience. I'm around halfway through and have had my fair share of swears at my TV. But every time you fail it's because you're not good enough and need more practise, you'll rarely doubt the games tight and responsive controls. Touchscreen levels are great too; it's easy to see that the WiiU was originally the only platform this game was destined for. It's very intuitive to cut ropes with a finger swipe, and move platforms with a drag, or pop baddies with a quick jab. It's incredible how these touchscreen levels flow so intuitively between more regular platforming, and are never unwelcome. Rayman also features daily challenges and leaderboards - the game is very generous with content overall. A quality product that's been tweaked and refined to perfection. Pure gaming bliss (and not a shotgun in sight, which makes for a nice change).
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on 5 September 2013
The only words I can use to describe this game are, a masterpiece

I have been gaming since the days of the NES and i reckon this is right up there with the best platform games I have ever played. Initially this was to be released early 2013 but was delayed due to porting over to other consoles, I'd say it was definately worth the wait. Ubisoft has done a fantastic job. The graphics are absolutely stunning, the gameplay is fantastic and the soundtrack really compliments the amazing level design, the gamepad has also been well integrated.

I played Rayman Origins and enjoyed it but this is such a massive leap forward. While New Super Mario Brothers is still a good game it has been pretty much the same since it was originally released on the DS years ago, Rayman has now become the king of the platform games in my opinion. Any gamer (whether casual, hardcore, young or old) should have this game in their collection.

Challenge mode adds replay value by competing on online leaderboards against other players around the world.

Its also refreshing to have such a colourful and feel good game in a generation dominated by war games.

I would imagine the Playstation Vita version would work well, as this has also has a touch screen.
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on 12 April 2014
I have enjoyed both Rayman games on the PS Vita. They both look absolutely stunning on the system. It is so easy to just pick up and play Rayman Legends. The gameplay, the graphics, the audio...it's all perfect, and exactly how a good platformer should be. The developers have got it spot-on.

As with most PS Vita games so far, it has been excellent value for money. Rayman Legends also contains many levels from its predecessor, Rayman Origins, which extends the game even further.

I cannot rate this game highly enough, and here's hoping that Ubisoft will follow this up with more Rayman, or similar games!
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on 22 October 2013
After being delayed a few times I was about to give up on Rayman Legends and I had until it dropped to £20.

After having it for a month, I have to say that the game is fantastic. The art style is amazing, the controls are a bit floaty but very easy to get used to, the music is out of this world good and there are a fair few collectibles to keep you busy after the relatively easy game. My favorite levels were the levels with 8 Bit Music, they were actually quite challenging!

Legends also comes with about half of the levels from Origins so it's definitely worth the money.

The multiplayer is very good with friends although there is no online so you will need an extra Wiimote to play with someone else, the KungFoot modes is mildly entertaining but becomes old quite quick.

Probably my favorite game for the Wii U so far and I would definitely recommend it.
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on 8 March 2014
For years I had just been playing the same old online fps games that everyone plays, I had forgotten just how good traditional games could be. I have completed the main game and now have the extra levels left (which is a huge amount).

It is fantastic fun as a 2 player game, as I prefer doing the running and my gf does the myrphy sections which I dont enjoy as much. The musical levels are my favorites, a lot of fun on those, you need good reactions

It uses the wii controller pad well, you can play the game just on that screen which is handy if the other half is watching the tv, you also do the myrphy sections by tapping on the screen.
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on 18 April 2016
Great interactive game that relies on you both pulling together to get through the session if you are playing more than one player. I play with my son who is 6 and we have great fun arguing over each others incapabilities! I really do feel like I've let him down when he gets squashed or blown up because I wasn't quick enough as his second in command. Great fun and great music..... favourite game I think!
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