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on 21 January 2014
This book takes place straight where book one left off. On the lawn getting ready for the wedding of Ethan and Autumn.

Lots happens in this book. Ethan and Autumn get married where there is proposal. Ethan and Claire get a surprise visitor, and a group of women decent on the ranch as the first paying guests.

As you can imagine the woman are a little rambunctious and cause a little havoc, especially as Jamie is on a bet with Claire where he has to keep his hands off her and not flirt with another woman. He is determined to keep true to his word, even when at times he is severally tested.

All the boys play a part, Ethan, Cab, Rob and his brothers. All the single and unattached men help out with getting the paying guests happy and settled with their week. Even making the personal touch where required. :)

Claire has a lot from her life to sort through, her emotions, her job and Jamie. She learns what she really wants in life and see's that her anger has fuelled her past decisions. It is the man she grew up with that helps in showing her what she really wants in life, even if she kinda already new but was to afraid to say.

A really sweet tale with new characters thrown in for us to get to know.
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on 24 September 2014
I enjoyed the first book and have enjoyed other books by this author but really didn't like this one and struggled to finish it because of this. Infact if I had been able to I would have asked for my money back. The main female character, Claire is spoilt, selfish, spiteful, uncaring and is a downright bitch - especially to her sister who lets face it had done nothing wrong at all. I felt her and Jamie (male lead) would be a very bad partnership and a divorce statistic after not a very long time - they just didn't seem right at all. The sexual chemistry was also rather boring and I couldn't help but feel Jamie would have been better forgetting Claire and going with one of the others, although he himself didn't appeal to me either so maybe they deserved each other. Morgan (sister) appeared to be a much nicer character. I need to like the characters I am reading and she was just basically a bitch with a weak selfish male. Not a good read at all and I won't bother with any more.
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on 1 April 2014
The first book of this series was ok (fluffy romance by numbers but enjoyable enough). This was pretty awful. The main problem being the main character, Claire. She was horrendous. Started off paranoid and unlikeable and just got worse (basically seemed to be having a total breakdown). Jamie was one dimensional but ok and just couldn't get my head around why anyone would want to be around the raving lunatic, let alone marry her. High maintenance doesn't even come close!

There were also a party of women visiting the ranch who were all nymphomaniac bitches. Not a great day for women.

On the back of this I won't be reading any more of the Cowboys of Chance Creek series i'm afraid.
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on 20 August 2014
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 4 August 2013
On the whole I quite liked this story, but, there were some issues I had. Mostly with the characters particularly Jamie, he had always loved Claire, he had saved and worked hard to buy a share of the Cruz ranch. With the intent of marrying her.

But when it came time for Jamie to pluck up his courage and ask Claire to marry him, he messed up. It all seemed like one big joke to Claire. Besides as far as she was concerned he was a player and a massive flirt. So they make a bet that for six weeks he must not flirt or touch another woman. This seemed odd to me especially as his internal thoughts were that he was going to find that a was a problem.

This is filled with angst and drama and the story does move along at a good pace. But I just couldn't quite get onboard with the relationship.
ARC courtesy of NetGalley
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As is typical in this type of series, we have two seemingly mismatched lovers, who you know want to be together but are too stubborn to do anything realistic about it. This book will ask you to stretch your disbelief a bit, since the male protagonist, Jamie, jams an engagement ring onto the female protagonist's, Claire's, finger at her brother's wedding. With no finesse at all Jaime just gets scared when he hears that Claire may be leaving to travel for a while and all of his plans to woo Claire, fly out of the window. Claire thinks that Jaime is playing a joke at her brother's wedding and is quite cruel to him.
So a bet ensues and Jamie now has 6 weeks to woo his one true love, but without flirting or touching, which of course is impossible. And he may not do the same with any other woman, because Claire thinks wrongly, that Jamie is a hound dog only looking to score.

This book had a bit of a rocky start with me, when I found out that Jamie felt that he needed to have a ranch before Claire would even pay attention to him. This bothered me that he would be in love with what I would consider a shallow woman. There are plenty of issues with this plot for me. One of the major ones is that when Jamie finally has a chance to tell Claire the truth that he loves her and wants her to be his wife he instead turns his proposal into a `bet'. I know that without this plot device there would be no story, but if the characters were at least a littlest bit likeable, I could have over-looked this issue. But they were not likeable - I could not see myself being friends with any of them.

This is a light, fluffy, fast read and for most it will be an enjoyable couple of hours - it isn't supposed to be great literature, it is just supposed to be fun for the reader. A few hours of vacation from the rest of the worlds stresses and that is exactly what you will get.*ARC SUPPLIED BY PUBLISHER*
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on 28 November 2014
It was all a bit immature for me. Found myself skipping forward to get it over with. Didn't connect with the main chacters at all, sorry.
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on 4 August 2014
I have really enjoyed the two books in this series so far and look forward to the next one. Xx
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on 18 June 2014
Really enjoyable read, good plot and plenty of excitement to hold your attention.

Loved the characters, they were strong and believable. Great to catch up with some of the original cast from previous books.

Tenacious is the best word to describe our hero, while damaged would be an apt way to explain our heroine and her foibles. As you know, the course of true love is never smooth but the torch of love burns brightly and eventually our heroine sees its light. This realization means our lover's get their happy ending. With lots of burning passion and hot hot sex along the way, what more could you ask for?

Can't wait to read the sequel and the remaining series.
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on 24 April 2014
This series of books are one of the reasons i love to read :-) everyone of the series that i hav read so far have keeped me hooked from the first page and have made me smile and cry along the way. These are a great series if you are looking to lose youself for a few hours xx
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