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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2013
OK, this is a budget release and is quite openly cashing in on any interest their latest offering may be generating. However the official description looked interesting enough for me to go for it anyway - unreleased photos and 2 BBC Sessions for starters, yippee!

As usual with Visage compilations things are never quite what they should be, which is a pity as this material deserves so much more, independent of the price tag. I already have all the official compilations, plus a couple in the grey area, as I'm sure most die-hard fans do, so why should this have been released?

There are only 3 photos I've not seen before (2 are on the outer inlays), but they do manage to get a written and pictorial advert for the new album in there! Details about the photos, including specific photographers, are omitted, as are any production/mix notes for any of the songs....everything seems a bit anonymous. Ofcourse the benefit to the label is they can't then be accused of listing the wrong version, so maybe that's a good thing!

Good points:
- the disc is not at an ear-piercing volume, and levels across all tracks are comparable (no extra mastering, but sounds good).
- the BBC Session of "Can You Hear Me?" is definitely an early version, though I recall Steve actually brought in early mix-downs to play during an interview (there are no BBC Production Credits mentioned anywhere in this release). This is the 'gem'.
- "In The Year 2525" is not taken from the Dance Mix album, so fades out properly
- includes some unusual choices such as "Malpaso Man" and "Wild Life", and focuses on the earlier material

Not so good points:
- no versions listed (though Amazon had details) or any production credits
- "Tar" and "Night Train" are both the album versions (again)
- "Malpaso Man" and "Moon Over Moscow" don't fade out before the segue/beats of the next track. This is lazy compiling!
- "Frequency 7" is the dance instrumental, ofcourse, even though the band did get the original 7" remastered recently
- "The Anvil" BBC Session appears suspiciously like the album version. Not sure this is really from a BBC session/early take, as its all a bit too polished, although the female vocals seem lower in the mix at times. A far cry from "Can You Hear Me?".
- "Beat Boy" has an abrupt cut-in, and is then the album mix, losing all the development of the original intro. Ofcourse it would have been really good if they'd used the 7" edit instead, if they had to use an edit. Maybe next time....

I'm quite frustrated by this release, although it is still a good intro for anyone who may have not bothered buying 2010's glossier "The Face" (also with track errors). It is marred by some bad fade-outs, and yet again using album versions of 2 singles. Still love the band, the imagery and most of the music on here, but can only stretch this to 3 stars - sorry!
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on 8 August 2013
Another compilation of Visage - which has a few teasers.
I have a number of the other compilations and I bought this spontaneously. I didn't even know another compilation had been released to cash in on the new album.

It was worth the £3 due to:
- any compilation of Visage's 1980s tracks is worthwhile (- but when, oh when will we get the ultimate version?).
- uniform sound/mastering; though no credit given.
- 7" mix of (inbetween albums track) 'Pleasure Boys'. Sounds better than 1993 version.
- Tracks from the first album sound good 'Malpaso Man' and 'Moon Over Moscow' (better than the album CD? - which is overdue a remastering overhaul).
- New track 'Wild Life' sounds good in this company! Check out the new album.
- A few new photos and new sleevenotes.
- 'Fade to Grey' 12" version - I never get tired of this track.

- Not sure what the difference is between 'The Anvil' previous releases and the 'BBC session' included here. Sleeve credits say that both BBC sessions are 2008?!
- 'Can You Hear Me' is 'Beat Boy' era Visage - they were a different band...
- Longer version of 'Beat Boy' - interesting but makes me long for the original band.
- 72 mins long - but no room for the single 'Vis-Age'; 'Der Amboss' German version of 'The Anvil' etc.

So worth £3 - but otherwise it's a stop-gap until the long overdue ultimate version - let's hope it's before 2525!
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on 24 April 2015
This is an OK release but unfortunately the tracks have been compressed a lot so sound quality is average at best. I was hoping that this release had sourced the original masters but they appear to be the same as those used for the Face best of release. As others have mentioned Night Train is again the album version. The only CD I'm aware of that has the Night Train single mix is from a German Polydor release 'Listen To The Future Vol. 2' [Polydor ‎– 823 598-2].
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on 30 September 2014
A great collection of Singles, Remixes and Rarities from one of the most overlooked but original groups from the early 80's who have recently released a new album which is also very good.

Fade To Grey, Tar and Malpaso Man are all very good and you will discover other great tracks within.

Not just one hit wonders that's for sure!
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on 24 November 2013
A greatest hits compilation, that`s full of amazing songs, all the singles are here and I`d forgotten just how quality some of these songs are, I have them all on vinyl, but bought this to play in the car after I bought 2013 release Hearts and Knives and loved it so much, I`d forgotten how good Visage were and are!
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on 25 August 2013
I am really pleased with this CD because I can finally listen to the original 12" versions of Mind of A Toy and Fade to Grey on 1 CD, I used to have the Mind of a Toy remix when I was at school and haven't heard it in years. The other songs (apart from We Move) are edited album tracks, and the sound quality throughout is OK for my stereo. All we need now is a CD full of all the Visage remixes.
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on 26 August 2014
Some of my favourite songs of the early 80's, my original albums are on vinyl which I still play but I wanted a best of to listen to wherever I am. Delivered quickly and good value for money.
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on 2 July 2013
Brilliant collection at a great price with a few rarities and all the classics... and even better when you buy it with Amazon you get AUTORIP...The album is automatically available to play SECONDS after purchase. I'm new to VISAGE (being introduced to them via their new 2013 album), I understand 'hardcore' fan-dom... but surely this compilation should be reviewed on it's merits and not what it is missing (be it 10 seconds of a mix or fan preferred versions). As a compilation album.... THIS IS EXCELLENT and incredible value for money. It doesn't look or feel like a cheap cash-in, more a well thought out overview of a bands career. Surely it's the QUALITY of the music that matters? As an introduction to VISAGE I can't see that this does anything wrong.
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on 29 January 2014
If you liked synth pop in the 1980's this is a collection well worth investing in. Agreat run through there hits and not so big hits. All in all a great CD to add to your collection.
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on 10 July 2013
You cant really complain for the £4 I paid for it but to be honest the sound does sound very flat for the tracks from the first visage album which is a shame. The packaging is average but that shot on the back makes Rusty look like he is dying for a bit of intimate relations with steve. Jokes aside its average and an ok cd for the car.
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