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on 31 December 2014
The Short: This is an impressive, well built, great value bit of kit that size for size creates a louder, richer sound than any traditional type of portable speaker. It is heavier than your average pocket speaker, but that's more than made up for by the sound it produces.Steer clear of 5W version though as I imagine that would be too quiet.

The Long:
Minutes after you've connected to this device I guarantee the first thing you'll do is run around your home or office putting the vibrating pad against absolutely everything you can think of - doors, fridges, boxes, tables, glass, tupperware, and your own head to see what makes it louder, crisper or more bassy. My favourite discovery thus far has been the quite frankly ridiculous effect created when placed on the corner of a bath - turning it into one giant bass bin. On a related note, because it transmits the sound waves through objects instead of making waves of air like ordinary speakers do, you can fill the bath up, lie back with your ears underwater and hear your music loud and clear!

The battery life is quite impressive; turned up full will give you about 4-5 hours but in normal use you can realistically get 6-8, though there is definitely a noticeable drop in sound quality when the battery is getting low (it becomes less sharp and more fuzzy, which will be more or less noticeable depending what surface it's on). As with all bluetooth devices the range is entirely dependent on the phone or device you're transmitting from but is definitely on a par with other bluetooth audio devices I've had.

As sturdy as it is I did manage to break mine by using it on the edge of a jacuzzi for a long time. The combination of jacuzzi steam and the cold outside temperature resulted in some moisture getting in, condensing inside at the top and corroding one of the connections on the bluetooth chip. In fairness nowhere do adin say it is in any way water resistant, and this is simply a case of me being overly enthusiastic. It did give me an excuse to open it up and see what's inside (FYI access is by cutting around the edge of the top, not unscrewing the bottom) and I can tell you it's really neatly made and the circuits look to be good quality. Connecting with a cable still works but I am definitely going to get another.
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on 20 April 2017
Brillant vibration speaker with its 10w of power makes it a great quality soind on various surfaces. We loved trying different things to see which sounded better , I found that our upvc window sills a brilliant surface to use. It is definitely worth its money. And it has the option to either use Bluetooth switch to the right/3.5mm jack to the left. The battery charge lasts a while too.
Only negitive is that the item states it has batteries but it is a charge via usb cable which also has the
3.5mm aux cable intregrated.
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on 20 April 2017
I was a bit disappointed with them. I bought them because a friend of mine had a vibration speaker and I loved the fact that you would barely hear anything when you lift it off of the surface. But with these ones, you would hear everything normally when lifted. I had to return them because they did not fit my need.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 January 2016
This vibration speaker seems really well made. It feels solid and sturdy, and depending on the surface you attach it to, can give really great results. The rechargeable built-in battery seems to last for ages. More than just a gimmick or gadget, it makes a really useful portable speaker.
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on 14 August 2017
Fantastic product! Wish it were same price.
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on 5 April 2017
As soon as you turn the volume up its very distorted. Wasn't particularly loud as playing from my phone very disappointed
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on 19 December 2013
This is a tiny product with a big heart. It's not going to give you high fidelity sound but it's superb at what it does. It sits on a relatively small (and glass-topped) coffee table between my and my wife's chairs. It streams music, TV sound, radio sounds and the result is clear and enjoyable. With the TV it's especially good to have the sound right next to us rather than coming across the room thus risking it being a bit too loud for the neighbours (ok we're a bit deaf).

I've got over the phase of trying this little beauty on every surface in the house just to see how it does, and I've found the surface which is the most useful to our needs.

The unit feels solid and well made. Oh, BTW, I ended of acquiring the silver model, which is lovely.
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on 8 November 2013
Totally awesome product. Had a similar item before, but it developed a fault. Although the previous one had a micro SD slot, FM radio and remote control, I prefer the Bluetooth connectivity on this new replacement item as I do not need to use the lead to connect to my mobile phones or tablet PC - only to charge the inbuilt battery.
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on 21 May 2015
Solid product, well built, good design on the whole. Sound quality? Well, that depends on the music and very much on the surface you place it on. You may be wise to invest in a support, suction cup or similar device - it needs to be stuck/held onto the surface at any decent volume to avoid rattling against that surface. It can give deeper sounds, which you can feel, but most people would probably want a normal speaker to reproduce the missing frequencies. There is no audio/out jack plug! You the included USB-to-audio/USB cable, which might be a disadvantage for those not using the (Boomtech) BlueTooth features. Overall, a wonderfully design, heavy product, but which is unlikely to replace your full-range, air-pushing speakers! It is amazing how sound is transmitted through ones skull! :) (Erh... at your own risk - it's not design for that!!)
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on 1 December 2013
This is a superb piece of kit for the money. I compared it with the more popular orb style of BT and wired speakers. This Adin is much better. It is well made and reliable. The key difference is, of course, this is a vibration speaker. Placement is critical to getting good sound quality - place it on the wrong surface and it will perform worse than the Orb style. Glass surfaces are good too, although this is not a suction speaker. (others do have suction mounts which work well on windscreens. I would imagine you can get after market suction mounts for this Adin.

In summary:
Pros: well made, good quality sound, reliable, simple lead
Cons: Bluetooth will use battery power.
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