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on 14 January 2017
Failed in less than three years very light NAS use. Manufacture date was 6 months before sale, so Seagate say out of warranty. Not happy.
Update 31/01/17:
I discovered Seagate's Facebook page after leaving this review. The folks there were quick to respond and once I provided the serial and proof of purchase they extended the warranty period so the automated returns system would accept my return request. I have returned the drive (at my cost) and await a replacement; will happily update the rating further once I have the replacement.
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on 26 November 2017
I bought this drive 3 months ago from Appods (fulfilled by Amazon) and it's been used 24/7 in a DLNA wired and wireless streaming NAS environment. This is a really good fast drive and best of all super quiet.

I first tried a 3TB Hitachi HGST IDK Deskstar NAS drive and then a 2TB Seagate ST2000VN0001 NAS drive. Both were officially supported by my NAS but neither was suitable; the Hitachi arrived faulty and failed to initialise whilst the Seagate, although fast, was noisier than a room full of kids in a crisp eating contest. See my other reviews for more details on these two drives.

Back to this Seagate ST2000VN000 then. After the bad experiences with the other two drives, I thought let me have one more go with an older model Seagate before trying a Western Digital Red which reviews indicate has reliability problems.

Like the other disks I tried, this first generation Seagate is officially supported by my NAS and was used to replace a generic 7200RPM 500GB Samsung hard drive bought in 2011 and which has worked fine but is now full to the brim.

The warranty and manufacturing label on my drive was from a few months back so I wasn't getting old stock. After installation, the first thing I noticed was how quiet the drive is. I mean, it's *really* pin-drop quiet. Sitting less than 1m away, you can barely hear the Seagate and I have ears like a bat (literally and figuratively speaking). In fact, sitting in the same place less than a metre away, I can't actually hear the Seagate at all because the noise of the fan on the NAS drowns it out.

The ST2000VN000 is by far the quietest drive I've even heard (or not heard) and even the start-up whine is delicately hushed, almost as if the drive is apologising for daring to make a sound. It might be the older firmware (the newer ST2000VN001 was far noisier) but if you want a drive that won't make a din, this Seagate should be on your short list.

That's not all though as the drive is also plenty fast. Over a USB 3.0, I was able to pull an average of 160MB/s for sequential reads (using CrystalDiskMark) whilst write speeds are also noticeably quicker than the old 7200RPM Samsung it was replacing. Or to look at it from another perspective, the bottleneck in my system ended up being the standard Gigabyte network connection between the PC and NAS which maxes out at 125MB/s so the Seagate has more than enough performance.

In summary, this 2TB Seagate ST2000VN000 NAS drive comes highly recommended. It's fantastically quick, whisper quiet and ticks all the boxes, plus more, for even the most demanding NAS duties.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 April 2016
I purchased 2x Seagate 3TB NAS HDD to increase the volume of my Synology DS411j NAS unit. I only discovered that the maximum size volume the 411j will take is 4x3TB i.e total 12Tb, this was just after I had ordered 2x 4TB drives, so these were cancelled and the 3TB drives ordered.
So if you are upgrading your NAS it might be an idea just to check the specification sheet before you order your 8TB drives. Also on this machine it seems according to the instructions you have to upgrade two drives before you see any increase in size, one at a time of course. Maybe the machine is old and newer ones don't have these problems, but it an't broke so I am happy to live with its funny ways, Bye the way - the Seagate drives are amazing.
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on 17 March 2017
I purchase two of these for my home-office NAS. Having read the reviews, the quietness of the drives appealed to me. However, both my drives emit a buzzing noise when they idle. When they are being accessed the noise temporarily disappears. In my reasonably quiet office this is loud enough to be distracting. Performance-wise, they seem to be very good. Unfortunately I missed the Amazon return date so I am starting a Seagate warranty return. I'll post back here if successful and change my rating if I manage to get some quieter drives.
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on 15 November 2017
Avoid, I assumed Seagate had sorted out their quality issues. But only after a few months of using this in a NAS system at home it has died....well instead of reporting 4TB reports 1.2TB. Sending back for RMA is painful, maybe Western Digital will be better!
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on 3 July 2017
It is a NAS hard drive. I have 2 others that are 2 years old and have been working continuously for all that time so hopeful quality continues.
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on 17 July 2017
Though the 4x 8 TB Seagate NAS drives which I bought in August 2016 are working, they are incredibly noisy, which apart from the nuisance generated, does not bode well for their longevity. The Toshiba drives of same capacity emit scarcely any noise; no droning like with the Seagate ones which I find to be extremely disappointing.
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on 20 August 2017
Great for my NAS system with an array of 8 of these.
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on 14 April 2017
Great....... has worked flawlesly for the 3 months or so I've had it.
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on 4 January 2014
Have 5 of these running in a Drobo 5N - had no issues so far (2 months in). Always been a Seagate fan, hasn't disappointed.
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