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Style Name: GO 400 EU - 4.2 inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
TomTom Go 600 v 400 v older devices.

Interface and features:

First impressions of when I reviewed the new 600 and 400 were mixed.
The interface has had a radical overhaul, many users of older devices will find that moving through the menu items will be a definite learning experience. Nothing is where you would expect to find it, sub-menus are not always apparent and the drivers screen information has been radically altered. There are less choices, only one icon for your car pointer, only one style of map display and a number of less value features are not there, no voice activation, no where am I and no built in sim card.

The new 600 is the same device as the 400 only it has what I can only describe as a huge screen, I really do mean it is huge but this has huge benefits too as I will explain later in the review.

Mounting the Device:

The 600 departs from having a built in fitted windscreen mount. The suction pad mount is a separate part, the 600 fits onto the mount and is held in place by a pretty hefty magnet. You will have to give a good pull to remove it. I wouldn't recommend leaving the suction pad in place on the windscreen, but if required it can be left without the 600 mounted. I have posted a couple of photographs showing the Brodit mount I use, it's less visible but allows the display to be at your fingertips.

Display and Information:

Both the 600 and 400 no longer have the iconic information panel Speed and speed limits are shown centered at the bottom of the screen while turn directions are now at the top centre. Traffic information and distance travelled/time to destination appear on the right hand side of the screen. The screens are clear and the display is much better quality than older devices, the moving display is smoother and much more fluid.

I've had the pleasure of using both the 600 and 400 for near enough 1000 miles and found the speed limit indications and directions very accurate. Scrolling is smooth and other than one directional hiccup both have performed flawlessly. My only concern here is that when you switch on the device the scale of the map in 2D is too large, turns appear suddenly from the top of the screen as it scrolls. I have to reduce the 2D scale each time I switch it on to see more of my surrounding and to get my bearings.

The information panels display less information than before. You are limited to speed, speed limits. Distance to destination/time to destination alternates on the display at the top of the right hand traffic information panel which runs down the right hand side of the screen. These numbers are difficult to read on the 400 if the device is fitted to a windscreen as the font is very small. Yet the 600 overcomes this with its shear size. Both the 600 and the 400 have a more minimalist design so that the route and direction information isn't cluttered, you only need the essentials so as not to get distracted. If you sit back any distance from your windscreen you will benefit from the 600's display.

As your near your destination distances are given is fractions such as ½ mile and ¼ of a mile. A subtle change but so much better. The checkered destination flag moves down the screen on the right hand side travel display giving the impression you are getting closer to your destination.


No more having to enter the city name, then street, then number. Just input the address as you would write on an envelope. Once your destination has been loaded, touch the menu button, go to `current route' and then `add stop' you can add as many stops as you want either by entering an address or location on the touch screen. This is a huge improvement. It is easier to input the information into the 600 as the screen is much larger and you will be less likely to make mistakes. I've tried both devices out driving at night and I can safely say that the night mode on the 400 and 600 is far superior to the older devices. It also appears to blur out neighbouring road names that can be a distraction. Again the 600 offers superior clarity because of its size.

Traffic Information:

No built in sim cards so you will not have to renew your traffic subscription every year. The 600 and the 400 should be connected by bluetooth to your mobile phone. Once connected you will have to enable wifi hotspot on your phone to connect via 3G to the servers that give this information. Again I didn't have any issues connecting to an iPhone 5 or iPad 3 with either the 400 or 600 using my service providers EE and 3.

Unfortunately some service providers do actually prevent users from using their mobile phone as a hotspot. Tomtom shouldn't take the blame for this, take it up with your service provider. This might be limiting the traffic service to some but needs to be taken into account if you intend to purchase these devices. You will need a smart phone

It uses your phone to update travel information every five minutes and that means it will use a small amount of your data allowance. You can reckon with an average of 64kb of data packet each time it updates itself. There may be a downside to this if you are using this in another country for traffic information and incur roaming charges. Average data use on an average commute is said to be around 1Mb a month. The question is of course, what is average. If you want the traffic sim built in you will have to buy the 6000 and pay the premium.


So is the 600 worth the extra money? Is it better than the older models? Is it better than the 400? Firstly, forget about any older models there is no contest. Against the 400 I would say the 600 offers better clarity, easier input and a better mounting system.

The have been complaints, less customisation, a question mark for some over the implementation of the traffic features, voice activation missing. However even taking those concerns into consideration the overall package is superior. Bigger screen, better interface, smoother scrolling, modern display and look, good night driving capability, excellent clarity.

The 600 is not the cheapest of the new range, so should we expect some of the old device features that have no longer been included? The ones that have been missed out are no major loss, they were just ancillary to the value.

As a navigation device, to get you from A to B via X,Y, Z it works really well. I have used them and have not missed any of the `extra' features that were on my older 720. Lifetime maps and traffic are a bonus but Tom Tom do state there is a limit to `lifetime' as long as the support lasts.

It takes a little getting used to, you will learn the new interface quickly enough and should have no problems. I doubt you will want to go back to your older device. If speed camera updates had also been included with `Lifetime Traffic' these things would probably be flying of the shelves and be out of stock. I think this is a bit of a mean omission and that loses it one star.

I wouldn't consider the discounted older models, and I'd leave the 400 on the shelf because of the benefits that come with the bigger screen of the 600.
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on 28 November 2013
I have not written a review in a long while, however this product is so bad compared to previous versions I had to comment.

It's not often that one sees a major company, indeed a major global corporation cut it's own throat so dramatically and publicly and then refuses to acknowledge it. That is what TomTom has done with these new Go 500/5000 and 600/6000 series, all the best user friendly features have been left out that made TomTom the best sat nav devices in the world.

No clock display! What a basic and important every day feature. Its the most accurate and convenient way to tell the time in the car.

No battery life display! I mean...really.

Sure they appear once a route is selected but what good is that for general driving.

There is a whole list of omissions which others have mentioned a lot more accurately and concisely on amazon reviews and on the TomTom forum so I will not repeat them.

Some recent updates have improved things but not nearly enough. Someone else wrote this device with all the lack of features should be a mid range model. I agree.

On a recent trip there were so many icons overlapping on the right of the screen, it was a complete mess. Awful.

I have now had my device for a couple of weeks, and every day I think about returning it, and after my call last night to TomTom customer service, I will.

I had connecting issues to My Drive, serial number recognition problem, amongst other things. I called and explained my problem to UK staff center (not Global who I find are always a lot more polite if nothing else) and NORMA K answered, I explained my problems with the device and lack of features compared to old models. Over the forty minute call she became more and more passive aggressive, defensive, talked over me constantly. I would ask a question and she would talk about something else. Finally I told her that I was really frustrated at her attitude at which point she...hung up on me. mm.

Thanks for losing another customer Norma K your rude behavior was the final catalyst, I am returning my device.

A person mentioned on a review to buy a new nexus 7 or the new asus fonepad and buy sygic app, does everything TomTom does and possibly more. World mapping for a quarter of the price of the Go 600.

TomTom invented the Rolls Royce of sat navs and then... made the metal more shiny but stripped out all the leather, walnut, tinted windows, deep wool carpets, A/C, etc.

They replace it with what?...Lino, leatherette, plastic, etc. And this is the way forward?

If there is no new ground breaking innovation then at the very least maintain, don not destroy. The user friendly features of the Go live 1005 EU HDT-M should have been incorporated and then new options built on top.

What senior management think they are doing at TomTom is beyond comprehension, whom ever signed off on this architecture should be fired. Instead they are pre-longing client misery and losing fan base.

"..but oh no this is a completely different product to previous devices".."yes, completely rubbish, the previous devices people wanted to buy in large numbers.

But if the stock is ok, then who cares in Amsterdam.

GARMIN your turn to shine.
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on 10 July 2014
Wow! After getting rid of my dreadful Garmin this is like a breath of fresh air! The mapping is amazing and when you get into a large city centre like Manchester the mapping zooms right in meaning that navigating complicated junctions become really easy.

Dump that old sat nav and get one of these today!
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on 13 August 2013
I have been an occasional user of Tomtom GO 910, for years during holidays. Ireland is small country badly need a sat nag, though the country has expanded over the years.
The 500 is great. Good navigation, easy to use. Pocketable. Easy to insert and remove from the windscreen holder, and easily adjustable. Search is rapid and specific, when you arrive in the address it tells you that you have arrived your location when you are in the street and not the exact house number or house. This is perhaps due to setting or for security reason...I think is o.k.
The 3D is no use. Very marketing ploy. Never found it useful. Speeding camera warning excellent. Never used some of the traffic features not need them.

I used this in UK, I was rather confused by the KM /MILAGE indicator. It would appear that it distance unit is in KM and does not change from country to country.
It would have been nice to have icons like hotels/restaurant near you, POI near you , Petro Station etc page. It is easier than typing every time you want such simple readily needed features.
On the whole it is good, sleek but the icon should have been added..........
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on 6 July 2013
While there are missing features, as mentioned in the other reviews, my personal preference is to have a device which works well and I never used the features which are currently missing.

I connect the device using my iPhone 4s and the connetion is instant and I believe a lot faster than the 'always connected' x000 devices! Traffic magically seems to appear within seconds and is updated regularly. The new search features are excellent and the routing, as with past TomToms, seems to use the best algorithm I've come across. The screen is just about the right size, being bigger than my previous TomToms and not too big, which is what I feared the 600/6000 would be.

It does what it says on the tin!
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on 23 March 2014
As others have noted the Tom Tom 500 is a step back in terms of features if you stick with the stock software. An upgrade improves things greatly but this is not ideal for less technically minded users.
I really like the new interface and find the uncluttered approach a real step forward. Points of interest (POI) are better integrated and easy to search, the parking nearby feature is also a really welcome addition.
I have found the software much more stable than on previous Tom Tom models and it gets a satellite fix quicker than my old 7xx series.
The 5" capacitive screen with seem less night mode transitions is a real 'jewel-in-the-crown' for this model (even in a Monde the 600/6000 seemed too big). The live traffic via smartphone is very simple to set up and uses very little data - the 'always on' traffic of the 5000 just wasn't worth the premium to me (though, as others have noted, your phone and network must support tethering).
Overall I feel this is an upgrade and I look forward to taking it on a few long trips to really stretch it. One downside is that the battery is fixed and you'd have to tear down the unit to replace it. With smartphones offering navigation straight out of the box I would have thought Tom Tom would have given us a removable battery.
Superb service from amazon and fast shipping - if your old sat nav is on the way out this is really worth a look.
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on 27 April 2014
If you're reading this, you've probably also read many other reviews and have mixed feelings about making this purchase.

If you have a smartphone, my advice is to buy a cheap satnav app for now, then come back here in 6-12 months to see if things have improved.

The Go400 (and 500/600) is OK to get you from A to B, but it fails to make this an easy experience when things go wrong, or when you're not entirely sure of the journey.

First off, the display. The photos on this page are disingenuous - the black bar at the top of the display hides a lot of the road ahead - the very roundabout or junction that you're about to navigate. Sometimes this is hidden with less than 200 metres to go. The 3D display is not really 3D at all - it's a 2D display with a slight angle of distance.

You can't plan alternative routes - the one given is the only one. Much of the display is covered with side panels and frankly irrelevant touch points while driving (why would I want a zoom in/out panel when (a) I can pinch to zoom in/out and (b) I'm driving?)

The info bar on the right-hand side gets cluttered with icons which sit one on top of the other, making it difficult to work out what's actually happening. Fuel stops are shown as well. This would be useful if it had been designed properly (e.g. let me enter my standard "fill up" distance, then have an "I've filled up" button so that fuel stops are shown when I've travelled most of my fill-up distance). However, only the first two fuel points are displayed - pointless.

The touch screen is infuriating. In older models, you simply had to splat your finger anywhere on the display to get to the main options. Now you have to try and hit that tiny three-dot thing in the bottom left-hand corner. This is no fun when you're driving on your own, and I would suggest is almost dangerous. Touching the screen anywhere else brings up a little menu which allows you to remember the location, or drive there. Again, not really useful when driving, but can be handy when you want to set up a route in advance.

The correct approach to the screen would have been to use a short tap anywhere to bring up the main options, and a press-and-hold to bring up the small menu. This would make the device safer to use when driving.

It's slow to respond to screen presses too.

Check that your mobile phone is compatible - it uses Bluetooth tethering rather than the more usual Bluetooth device connection - I had to upgrade my phone to get it to work.

It's difficult to see if you're currently connected - you have to go into the main options to see the little icons in the top right corner. Again, a problem when you're driving.

There's no instant option to say "road ahead blocked". TomTom say that the live traffic info takes care of this. Except if an event has only just happened, live traffic doesn't know! And even then, it only re-routes if it can find an alternative that is marginally quicker. Unfortunately, turning around and retracing steps for a mile or two to take a different route doesn't figure. So the "route blocked" option is the answer, but there isn't one.

The TomTom representative who answers some of these reviews mentions forthcoming updates. You should bear in mind that there have been few updates as yet, mostly tinkering with things that don't actually resolve the fundamental problems with usability. Ok, they've added "My Routes", which is good, but "the ability to delete phones"? Perlease!! Get some perspective!

I seriously wish that TomTom would allow me to use the lifetime maps option with my old 720. But you can't even register two devices with one account on their web site! You have to have two accounts with different emails.

What can I say that's positive? Well, it does get you from A to B, with a single colour scheme. But if you're an existing TomTom user, be prepared for a disappointment.
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on 25 March 2014
Generally a good satnav and comes with all the support and camera network information available to TomTom as a powerhouse brand in the world of GPS devices. The one shortcoming I would mention is that the new software, whilst quite slick and neat, is still evolving a little at the moment (March 2014) and there are some features like 'road ahead closed' missing from this version of the software which can lead to some annoying moments whilst the device is constantly trying to turn you around to go back at the closed street.
The lifetime maps and TomTom live (assuming this offer is still on the product when you read this - it should be clearly stated if it is) has been a massive boost however. The 'lifetime' is for the 'lifetime of the device' however this is going to be several years away, so assuming you were interested in keeping your maps up-to-date it is quite a cost saver.

PLEASE NOTE: the traffic cameras are NOT included in the lifetime TomTom live (which I thought they were at first). It's not an expensive add on and you do get some free use of it for a while after buying the device. Personally the other lifetime benefits mean I'm not too worried about this one - but I wanted to make sure you were aware of it before buying in case this mattered to you.
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on 15 July 2013
So far I have been very impressed with this tomtom unit.

Clear display accurate maps clear voice very compact unit.

Traffic seems to be accurate . My only disappointment are the speed camera updates which fails to notice some of the cameras.

The interface is clean and simple with less choices or options than older units but in my opinion thats an a advantage when you just need to navigate without fighting your way round menus.

The unit connects to my Bluetooth android to get itslive traffic updates so be sure to have a suitable data plan.
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on 18 August 2015
the female connector within the tom tom very quickly receeded and the back up from tom tom is poor to say the least they charge almost what the sat nav cost to repair it and contacting tom tom i s a nightmare.I will consider other makes in future.
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