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on 14 March 2018
Brilliant slice of rare British 70's exploitation, plenty of flesh and blood on show (for it's time) in an atmospheric and totally bonkers tale of mystery, murder and mutilation in a seemingly deserted lighthouse on a fogbound rock. Controversial then sadly dismissed in it's day, great to see this UK trash classic get the release it deserves.
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on 22 March 2018
Great movie, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and picture
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on 21 December 2015
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on 13 October 2011
Following the murder of three American tourists on the fog enshrouded Snape Island, a survivor is found and rescued, but not before the poor, deranged Penny(Candace Glendenning) has offed one of her rescuers. As she has regressed into a catatonic state, Penny undergoes regular psychotherapy sessions to try to unlock what exactly happened to her friends.
Meanwhile, a Phoenecian spear found embedded in poor Des(Robin Askwith), leads a group of randy archealogists to the same Snape Island in search of bigger treasures. However, it seems that Penny wasn't responsible for the deaths of her friends after all, and our plucky gang of treasure seekers might be in terrible danger from the horrors on Snape Island...
The title of my review might seem a little strange, but it's impossible not to think of Hanna Barbera's intrepid sleuths as our heroes search the caves for clues. All we need is a wisecracking dog, with a penchant for Balony sandwiches to make my strange fantasy complete. After all, there might be a large quota of tits and bums on show in Tower Of Evil, but what exactly did Fred and Daphne get up too whilst the geekier members of the Mystery Gang were searching for clues?
Anyway, I digress. I think I have been very unfair on this primitive slasher in the past. The first time I saw it, I really had not time for it, but I must have been in a very unforgiving mood, as it's great fun, daft and has more gore and sexual innuendo than most Brit horrors contained in the early 1970's. There is a lot of free love going on, and unlike Hammer's forays into softcore sex, the rampant mysogyny is absent.
The most interesting aspect is Tower Of Evil could be seen as a primitive proto-slasher, as all the necessary plot pointers are present and correct. This would make a great double bill with The Haunted House Of Horror, another pioneering British horror with elements of the slasher film.
The opening scenes with father and son John and Hamp Gurney(George Coulouris and Jack Watson) approaching the foggy island, are highly atmospheric, and the grim discoveries they find once mooring their boat are quite disconcerting. The rest of the film has a lot to live up to, and for the most part it succeeds, despite becoming rather over talky at times.
The cast all perform well, with Askwith's buttocks giving probably the most vibrant/vibrating performance, Richard Gordon regular Bryant Halliday playing an enigmatic member of the expedition, and great British character actors such as Dennis Price, Anthony Valentine and Wiliam Lucas turn up to be given very little to do. There is an excellent music score and the film makes the most of its budgetary limitations.
Probably a great film to watch with a few mates and more than a few beers. It certainly gets the two thumbs up from me, despite there being no extras on this release. Keith Topping was right! 4 out of 5.
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on 4 October 2016
Great little film this but the sound quality on the OEG DVD is nasty hence a deduction of one star.
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on 21 January 2017
Great value DVD with good extras. Good, atmospheric old school movie, like a classic episode of Doctor Who with added gore and boobs!
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on 15 November 2017
Good horror film.
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VINE VOICEon 31 August 2013
I remember watching this on VHS years ago, along with other British horror movies such as Horror Hospital, and catching it on its occasional TV showing. Right from the opening shot of a creepy model of the island and its lighthouse, I was hooked.

The story starts with the discovery of the bodies of murdered kids on the island, told by a survivor. This provides a number of grisly scenes. The film is almost like an early 'stalk and slash' movie. Once this back story has been dispensed with, we're with a new bunch of characters who are heading to the island looking for treasure... Except the killer is still there. As with later 'stalk and slash' movies, there's an emphasis on sex before death... But this predates those by some years.

This is not a perfect film, though. The story sometimes drags and the sexual shenanigans get in the way of the story, but it's well worth watching if you like British horror. There're quite a few grisly moments as well.
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on 13 September 2013
I adore this film for some reason.
British exploitation at it's best, filled with nudity ( both male and female suprisingly) and some very risque dialogue for 1972, plus a bucketful of quite nasty gore too. What more could a horror lover want?

The film looks stunning in Blu-Ray. As if it was made yesterday, with gorgeous colour and fine intricate detail that leaps off the screen.
Some amusing extras involve the female horror host re-enacting a scene in the movie to spoof it quite nicely, and also an interesting talk discussing the films place in slasher movie history.
Seems that people think this is a landmark film in a lot of ways, and ahead of it's time for the level of nastiness and flesh on display.
Of course the film has many critics to ridicule it, but it is now a cult title and has gone beyond that.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 March 2015
Here's another one. You know-films you always think are better than they are, and when you see them-they aren't very good...but, you still come back to them. This, for me is one of those films. I haven't seen it for a good many years but have fond memories. My thoughts on this SCORPION/KATARINA'S NiGHTMARE THEATER release--A very good transfer 16.9 ratio, with good sound, extras are an intro by Katarina (surprisingly good) and an interview with a film historian and an original trailer. Good value for money. The basic plot is interesting, but muddled, the flashbacks being a)impossible and b) not really helpful. The acting is something to behold (do google Bryant Halliday), and poor Jill Haworth probably wished she had never signed the contract. Anna Palk comes out of it the best and is pretty sexy in a bitchy way. You must experience Gary Hamilton's performence as "Bron" Wonderful stuff. There are quite a few shocks, but not enough tension, and as for the "Guest stars", Dennis Price, probably on set for half a day, and utterly wasted, and William Lucas and Anthony Valentine seem to be in a different film. (Nice to see my favourite character actress Marianne Stone as Valentine's nurse). Negative rubbish I hear you scream and out come the pens. But as I said,, I do keep coming back to this film, I like it, I really do - Cardboard set (effective), and hammy acting don't bother me. This is a fine example of horror film made cheaply, and somehow, no matter what criticism is thrown at it, it still works (for me). Not too sure about recomending it. Get it and make up your own mind. You could do a lot worse. No Subtitles.
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