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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2013
This is the first time in years that I'm enjoying a new Megadeth album so much. Don't know if I'm simply more open to it or if the album is somehow better, but I thought that "13" was rather boring and that the "United/ System/ Endgame" trilogy was somehow unsatisfying. Not to mention "Risk" or "Cryptic writings"...
Super Collider is a solid metal album, not so much "thrash" as "heavy/ hard" with some killer riffs and great hooks.
The playing is great and so is the singing. Very dense and straight to the point, the songs are rather short but deliver full potential.
There are a couple of fillers at the end of the album (the two tracks before Thin Lizzy's cover), but they're not exactly weak or bad, just a bit more "usual".
"Cold sweat" is a cool cover and a good addition to the tracklisting as well.

As oppose to many Megadeth albums which ended up on the shelves after a few listens, this one is actually playing on heavy rotation on a daily basis. Well done!
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on 25 June 2013
My favorite track was 'A House Divided' reminded me of Clint Eastward mucis and to a small extect Django unchained (Opening cedits thereof). Thin Lizzy cover (First cover on a magedeth album since 88's SFSGSW) was well played. The overall sound of the album was the strangest part though... like I was listening to it from somewhere else... can't really descibe that.
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well as an old-school metal fan,i think i know a thing or two about metal[heavy metal in general regardless of sub-gengre]and i can honestly say this is an excellent album,i kept reading how this was a weak album with evan some country included ,yes there is some slide guitar on it[the blackest crow]but just proves what an great and versatile guitarist dave mustaine is,so please do not be put off buying this album,it is metal through and through,no fillers,and there is evan some old-school thrash/speed their too,to any younger metal fans i would really recomend this record,give it a listen ,you will love ,maybe not straight away but it will grow on you,do not compare the classic albums [i.e.peace sells,rusti in peace]with it ,it is modern yet old-scoolish aswell,anyway i aready think it is an excellent addition to megadeth,s catalogue,recomended,now if metallica would get back in the studio.
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on 4 June 2013
Supercolider is a weak album because it lacks consistency. Megadeth excel through three different styles; a thrash sound; hard-rock, hook-laden sound ;or a combination of the two (think Endgame, United Abominations and the System has failed). The problem is that this album does not consistently fulfill any of these. There are some very distinctively uplifting songs off this album, which equal (at least to previous efforts), but the problem is that this album is plagued by the majority of it remaining mid-tempo and undistinctive.

There are good elements: Forget to remember has that catchy Megadeth hook-laden sound, kingmaker and built for war have watered-down thrash elements. Dance in the rain progresses and changes riffs, it is one of the more entertaining tracks. The Thin Lizzy cover is solid. My favourite, by far, is a bonus track entitled a house divided.

Where this album predominantly falters is a bland mid-tempo pace. The majority of songs chug along on bland mid-tempo riffs following similar verse/chorus/verse/solo structure. The album fails to either create extremely heavy thrash sounds or provide incredibly catchy-hard rock. Moreover, some guitar parts are excellent, but are compeletly overwhelmed by average (at best) lyrics and chord progressions following the riffs (think off the edge and don't turn your back).

-Chris Broderick's solo's are fantastic. He is a very talented lead guitarist and a real asset to the albums he has appeared on.
-The production is crisp and clean.
-Some of the riffs are interesting- the opening riffs prior to lyrics on 'Forget to remember'and 'Don't turn your back' highlight what Mustaine and the rest of this band is capable of.

-The majority of the songs chug along at a mid-tempo and do not progress. They remain bland.
-Mustaine's lyrics and voice is terrible on this, a definite step-down from 13. His voice is of course not his fault, but the problem is that Mustaine tries to sing those stretch notes like of 'Trust' but with his voice now they just sound terrible - listen to 'Dance in the rain'. His voice sounds strained.
-It appears to be another attempt at a radio-friendly hit album. Try to listen to the title track, I have been unable to listen past 0:30-1.00, it becomes incredibly cheesy and lame. Incidently the video for this single is also incredibly lame. Without trying to sound like an elitist who is only interested in 80s thrash (which I really am not), can you imagine Mustaine even putting his name to a video like this prior to 13.
-The album cover is terrible, it can characterise this album: it lacks creativity and brilliance. (FOR THOSE WHO SAY VIC RATTLEHEAD IS NOT PRESENT - HE IS AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, LOOK CLOSELY).

13 disillusioned me with its inconsistency, this album bored me.

Post Scriptium: 08/06/2013: I have tried listening to this for the last few days. This album and review has therefore had extensive listening and thought. I have not judged it on whether it is thrash (face it Megadeth has not been through and through thrash band since RIP).
-I stick with my assessment that Kingmaker, Dance in the Rain, Forget to Remember and Cold Sweat (Cover version) are by far the best tracks on the standard album. These are catchy songs.
-I maintain the positive and negatives which I stated.
-This album has a radio-rock bland sound about it and does not grip myself through riffs/ catchy melodies.
-The riffs on built for war/ Don't turn your back are okay, but my opinion is that the lyrics and voice ruin the songs.
-A bonus track (A House Divided) is potentially the best track on this album.
-The album suffers from mid-place mediocracy for the majority of it.
- A good way to look at this album would be to consider that if the band was still performing shows in ten years whether any of these tracks would make a greatest hits set-list - the chances are probably not, possibly kingmaker.
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on 4 June 2013
Not thrash metal... Mustaine really has lost it here, poor lyrics, no aggression and losing sight of what Megadeth were built on. I'll wait till it goes 2nd hand for about £5 before I buy it and only to keep the collection up to date. I will not pay full price for this, it ain't good enough.
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on 3 July 2014
good album
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on 1 July 2013
Really like this album. Yeah, I know its not peace sells or rust in peace but although different to past releases, this is a really good listen. Theres some really good catchy songs on it and the more I listened the more I really liked it.
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on 3 June 2013
Megadeth's 14th album, Super Collider is a terrible disappointment. Whether you'll agree with me probably depends on which era of Megadeth lights your fire. As an old school thrasher from the 80s I was increasingly disappointed with the band's more commercial direction during the 90s but after Mustaine put an entirely new band together for 2004's The System Has Failed things improved ten fold. Three cracking albums followed, Ellefson rejoined and then...what happened? 13, the 13th album, was OK but a step back. This is probably the least interesting thing they've done outside of 1999's appalling pop rock album Risk.

Whether Mustaine is just chasing glory and commercial attention again I'm not sure but this album takes them back to the hum drum dross of the mid to late 1990s. The writing is flat, the songs are safe and bland, nothing thrashes, nothing excites, there's no energy, no spark, just song after song of mid paced dreary pap. Some of the choruses made me wince with embarrassment...Burn! and Off the Edge in particular are painful to listen to. On the plus side the track Dance in the Rain is pretty good, a song which has a few twists and surprises in it and a welcome change of speed towards the end.

As I said up top though, if you first came to Megadeth in the 90s and think Youthanasia, Cryptic Writings and Risk are where it's at...you may well love this. For those of us hoping for more thrashing from the man who helped create it...steer clear. Thankfully we still have the likes of Overkill and Kreator to keep our heads snapping.
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on 9 July 2013
I bought this for my boyfriend and I have to say no complaints ..... No problems as previously used and was a little worried but as usual all ok .... Well done amazon :)
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on 18 August 2013
Really good album, a must have for all Megadeth fans, still banging out top tunes after all these years :)

buy if from itunes tho, it's only £8.99
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