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on 12 April 2017
It helps a lot with building your strategy and shows you why to get in a trade, when to get in and when to get out.
I am a beginner trader and this book really opened my eyes on what Forex Trading actually means. This book showed me what are the forces that drives the market and how to create a simple strategy step by step.
A BIG THANK YOU Anna Coulling !
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on 26 September 2017
Excellent book building on volume price analysis with some relational and relevant indicators.
Easy read and well written. Introduced me to Ichimoku Trading which i have found to be very good in trending FX markets, but which will require further study if you wish to master.
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on 21 December 2016
Brilliant book. Love the way Anna goes into the historical detail, for forex traders it's important to understand the fundamentals
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on 31 May 2013
I had purchased 34 books about trading before I bought this one( most of them from Amazon to be fair.) Two of them are really good, four or five are OK, and the rest were not worth the few pounds I paid for them. It is so hard to find great advice in this industry. However Anna Coulling clearly knows more about Forex trading than most people on the planet, and what she doesn't know probably isn't worth knowing. After reading this book I feel like I could advise the Governor of the Bank of England on Foreign Exchange Policy, it is that detailed. The main benefit of this book for any Forex trader, in my opinion, is that it gives confidence, because when you have some understanding what is going on from both a technical, fundamental and relational perspective you can get further validation for the trades you are placing.If you trade Forex and you want to become more profitable I don't think you can afford not to digest this amazing book. I now have two really good trading books, four or five that are OK, and one fantastic one. Thank you Anna Coulling for writing the best Forex trading book I have read to date. I think it is destined to become a classic.
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on 31 December 2013
407 pages of pure gold! This book is not like others. It is an effective eye-opener and a great tool for serious Forex Traders. I am now more careful when putting together my weekly currency pairs watch list every Sunday night, before Asian market opens. Great book. The holy grail of Forex Trading. KISS (Keep it Super Simple) philosophy. The list of available and valuable financial data resources is awesome. Market Sentiment is what really matters. It gives a good understanding of money flow movement, from low risk assets to high risk assets and back to low risk assets. This is very interesting. The correlations between bonds, bonds yields, hard commodities, interest rates, soft commodities, equities and currencies is nice to discover in rich details backed up with actual samples and charts screenshots. It shows many things other Forex traders books miss, specially the big picture on what really moves and shakes Forex markets and global economies. The key to success is merging three roles into one: Relational trader, Fundamental trader and Technical trader. Whoever can make this merge becomes a "game changer", which is not easy task but possible. Thanks Anna, for reminding me that data is live and it's free out there. All we have to do is put it together in a useful way and Anna is very good giving you tips and tools on how to do it. To reveal to me so much about sentiment, risk and money flow is to finally put together many days of macro economy college courses and with a deeper and simpler and more practical down-to-earth understanding of market behaviors.
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on 23 October 2013
Anna Coulling has certainly opened my eyes to the possibility of enhancing my FOREX trading by the use of "Volume" indications on a platform (MT4) which doesn't in fact measure volume!!!! In previous training, I had seen volume as an unreliable indicator that didn't measure up to its textbook principles on ANY platform and whose disciples seem to hold contradictory views about its rules of application! Anna has convinced me that there is a strong case for thinking otherwise and, while not yet at the end of her book (GREAT value on Kindle!!!!), I have saved myself from entering bum trades by the use of her very clear exposition of the principles. Anna is a very high quality teacher and I look forward to exploring further!
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on 9 April 2014
I have been trading for some time and always welcome material that goes more in depth on fundamentals of markets, BUT as a trader I am interested in getting practical advise for trading - i.e. something I can apply to my next day trading and in this reagard despite the promises and the huge load of ground covered here, I couldn't find much usable.
At times it goes in depth on something, like about correlation or relationship between markets, but again, how do you use that in practice remains unclear.
In addition, in several occasions when approaching a point in which you may get close to practical advise, it comes something like this: "...but this will be covered in a different book I will write shortly...".
That's enough to put me off.
In summary, for a day or swing trader this book gives very little practical advise you can actually use, and I would also argue that if you have been trading for some time you should already know most of what is covered here as a general knowledge.
On the other hand if you are new to forex, and perhaps a long term trader (do they exist anymore?) than you might enjoy some of it.
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on 3 June 2017
I bought this book because it promised to give a new perspective on forex trading and because it was cheap. To get it out of the way, there is absolutely nothing new in this book. Furthermore, the way the book is written makes me believe that the author never worked as a professional in the industry but it sounds more someone who wants to make money out of selling books and “teaching” instead of trading. Actually, I find it hard to believe that she trades at all given her statement that she “particularly enjoys to teach others how to invest and trade”. I believe that trading can be learned, but cannot be taught. Everyone has to find his/her own style.
The book itself seems to be collection of internet articles copied and pasted together into a book. I am not saying it is totally useless. I would recommend it to a total beginner who does not know anything about financial instruments and the markets. (That’s the second star for.) The so called “housewife” who wants to dabble in the markets. Then again, I would also recommend to this audience to stay away from the market as I bet you will lose all your money very quickly and this book will not change this destiny. There is no way around the hard work necessary to follow and analyse the markets.
The so called three dimensions can be summarised as follows: First, there are relationships between different asset classes, second, economic indicators might influence the market and third, people might use technical analysis to become more comfortable with trades. As a side note, I believe anyone who recommends looking at 1 minute charts cannot be taken seriously. Whatever you might see in such a chart, I guarantee this is just noise.
Dimension one gives you primer on various financial instruments like bonds and stocks. Dimension two basically lists a lot of primary and secondary economic indicators and gives some sort of explanation what they mean. “Lots of new jobs is good for the economy”, thanks for that! Dimension three gives an introduction into the most basic chart patterns which can also be found in any introductory document from any broker. “There is something called support and resistance…”
There are some other warning signs with regards to the quality of this book. At beginning, all those so-called testimonials from people who reveal that they have no clue what they are doing. Also, she is permanently referring to becoming a “master forex trader” which by itself sounds like an internet scam. Another warning is, that the book only deals with profit potential but doesn’t mention once how to place stop losses and when to pull the plug if certain patterns don’t work out. Not once!
What annoys me most is that the author rambles so much about the volume analysis without exactly explaining how this is done. Simply stating that the software is doing it for you is not enough! Instead, she refers to another book if you want to know more – of course!
I cannot recommend this book to any experienced market participant!
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on 13 May 2017
Item arrived on time
Item as described by the seller?
Prompt and courteous service?
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on 25 September 2016
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