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on 9 June 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness (STID), the acronym of which sounds like something you would get diagnosed with at the GP, is Giacchino's latest album in the franchise. I loved the music to the first film, despite is having too short a running time (something this album also suffers from) and had extremely high hopes for this album. Thankfully, they were met. This album is in my opinion a career high for Giacchino, with stunning orchestral and choral writing that really packs a punch.

If you want a track by track analysis, I would suggest looking at one of the previous reviews. However, some personal favourites were the stunning Warp Core Values (Track 10), which has an amazing rendition of the main theme with choir and simply epic. The same can be said about the closing track Star Trek Main Theme (Track 14). The start of Buying The Farm (Track 11) is a welcome change of pace, with some great writing for strings and piano. The whole album is fantastic though, and it flows well. It is well mixed and doesn't sound as dry as some of his earlier albums. The different sections and choir all have exceptional clarity, and I thought the louder choir was a definite improvement from the soundtrack to the first film.

My only gripe - the running time. I'm not saying for one minute that I expect every single second to be released, but releasing 47 minutes is pretty shameful and not the greatest value for money. I understand that longer albums mean more expense in terms of license fees paid to the orchestra and choir (hence lower profits). However, for a film that has a budget of $190 million they probably could have afforded a longer running time and is poor given that many soundtrack albums are over an hour at least. They are probably saving more music for an inevitable 2CD release like they did with the soundtrack to the first film. Rant over.

Overall, if you were a fan of Giacchino's music from the first film, you will love this and there are some brilliant variations on the main ST theme here. The running time irked me, but the choral aspects were more prominent than on the first soundtrack album, which is a bonus. The quality of the music is sensational and easily deserves 5*s, but the running time means the product as a whole drops to 4*. Still highly recommended.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 September 2014
If you enjoyed the film, this soundtrack will help bring back the experience. The music does not, however, stand up quite as well without reference to the film: in my opinion, the hallmark of a great soundtrack is that it has a life of its own, beyond simply supporting the on-screen action. Also, the various tracks seem significantly less memorable than those of the Star Trek (2009) soundtrack (especially the magnificent closing music for that film).

Reommended for the serious soundtrack collector and Star Trek fan: maybe less so for the more casual listener.
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on 3 July 2013
When JJ Abrams rebooted the Star Trek Franchise, it did split fandom. The soundtrack has however been mainly praised, an assessment I cannot disagree with.

Into Darkness continues this trend. The original Alexander Courage theme, apart from the end titles, is used sparingly so is not intrusive, allowing Giacchino free reign. The music used for Kronos honours that used for the Klingons by Goldsmith and Horner, but also finds it's own path, while Warp Core Values/Buying The Space Farm are emotive tracks, reminiscent of the first movie's "Labor of Love" track.

I recommend this to any fan of the movie
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on 1 May 2014
A film is often complimented by the music, although it is often difficult to get the balance right. This however, is how a film score should be, not so overly in-your-face, but wonderfully complimenting the story onscreen, and enjoyable in its own way to be listened to at pleasure in your own time to evoke the exciting memories of the cinematic extravaganza. This is a perfect musical soundtrack.
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on 23 July 2013
After seeing the first new star trek film and loved the score, just listening to the music you can drift away and be at the riverside ship yard or on vulcan or on the Enterprise. The into Darkness score is perfect, feels very like james Horners score for star trek 2 and 3. You can feel the dark feel of the film too. bring on the next one.
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on 18 September 2017
Brilliant film and the soundtrack is ace
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on 18 December 2017
Not great music, but ok for trekkies.
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on 4 July 2013
Yet another terrific score from Michael Giacchino who really has built a strong group of themes for each of the main Star Trek characters and races, and this is better than the first film in the re-booted Star Trek series of films from J.J, Abrams in my opinion.
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on 24 March 2017
It's good for me thanks u for it
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on 18 November 2013
This is the music for the Star Trek: Into Darkness. It borrows extensively in thematic terms from the music of the 2009 movie but with a darker, heavier turn. Fans will also recognise elements from the original series theme tune. Unlike the first movie soundtrack, the Erhu does not feature but highlights include a lovely piano riff in "London Calling" that stands out as well as the sweeping orchestral lines of "Warp Core Values".
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