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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2013
Watched the series when original shown, but re-watched when the DVDs came out. Now, I will admit, I was very dubious when it was announced that Ted Danson would be joining the cast and even more sceptical on learning he was going to be the new boss; I thought... it's Sam Malone, what is this CSI Cheers? But I was wrong. He does a great job as DB Russell and he gives the team what it has been lacking since the departure of Grissom; a strong leader. I don't know about the rest of you, but I never really bought into the idea of Catherine being in charge. This is not a reflection on the acting of Marg Helgenberger (who once again does an excellent job), but Catherine isn't a boss; she's a No. 2. Her being in charge just never sat right with me, so I wasn't heart-broken to see her being ousted as team leader. The other great thing about DB is he is very much like early season Grissom; he's a little bit quirky which helps with some of the shows darker episodes.
I also agree with the previous reviewer in that I like the interaction between the old guard (Nick, Sara, Greg, Hodges) and the new (DB, Finn and Morgan) The new cast members inject a different energy into the show (especially Danson and Elisabeth Harnois as Morgan Brody), while the presence of the older cast keeps the feel of CSI
As with the previous complete season releases across the CSI franchise, an excellent job has been done here. My only quibble is that, like with all CSI releases we do seem to get charged a lot.
All things considered though, very happy with this release and looking forward to Season 13 being released
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on 3 July 2013
Series 12 was a welcome return to form for the CSI Vegas series, having received the DVD on the date of release I've enjoyed watching the whole series again in a week!
Ted Danson added a level of consistency that I felt had been missing since Grissom stopped being the regular head of the department. I was amazed how quickly he fitted into the cast and what a brilliant job he has done.
The storylines are strong again, with all 22 episodes working in their own right and not becoming reliant on the sub-plots being rolled through from other episodes.

The blend of the old guard and new guard worked well, with Sara, Nick, Hodges and Greg all playing huge parts whilst the addition of DB & Finn gave opportunity to not repeat old clichés.
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on 25 August 2013
I'm a big fan of this, the original and by far the best of the CSI series'. & I think they've managed to improve it still further.
At the end of the last season they did the usual, completely unnecessary cliffhanger ending, which as usual barely gets a mention in the season opener.
When I first sat down to watch the start of the new season, there was no Laurence fishburn, & instead they'd drafted in that weird guy from cheers. I was starting to think that after Miami got canned (long overdue, way to flash & Hollywood) & rumours had started about New York, this was their way of winding it down. But fair play to Ted Danson, he plays a damn fine part & it only took a couple of episodes to really warm to his character.
He's a far, far better supervisor than Catherine, & I love his easy-going, very laid back hippy attitude (they created a nice background story for him). Definitely pulls off the child of the 60s storyline.
But Diebenkorn? really? Where on earth did that come from?
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Who would have expected Ted Danson to turn up in CSI? He does so without making anyone laugh and instantly creates a persona that you want to know more about. The team has a new leader, who is a cut above. I enjoyed every episode and can't wait for next season
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on 10 February 2014
what can i say about csi:vegas as i know it i've watched every season from 1 to 12 and i still love this progamme.
i used enjoy the other two csi: new york and miami but went off them to concesntrate on csi vegas.
the progamme has everything i like in a tv progamme but i will say grisom has been my favorite.
if you havn't seen this ever it is a must see cause it will hook you.
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on 18 October 2013
The first episode of this season was actually the very first episode of Csi I ever watched. I loved it right from the beginning. The entire cast are brilliant.y favourites are Nick and Sara. Tye best episode this season is Mrs. willows Regrets. Very exciting and suspenseful. The addition of Ted Danson is genious. All the episodes are well written and acted and the series has lots of amazing cliffhangers but I wont spoil any of them for you. Watch and find out. Highly recommended
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on 11 May 2015
There's plenty of change during this season of CSI as characters come and go and there's not much of an over arching story this time around. There's a little dip in quality as various pieces/characters get shuffled into position.

The main change is that Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) has gone and barely rates a mention in the first episode which is a shame after being such a key part of the last couple of years. Ted Danson arrives as DB Russell with little fanfare and even less backstory, at least for now. He proves an amiable and quirky presence as the new anchor for the show and the team.

There are other changes in personnel but it's perhaps more fun to find out about them along the way. What hasn't changed is the usual blend of the sublime and the ridiculous, the comic and the macabre when it comes to the cases. This years highlights include a blackout, a hijacked helicopter, a freak show, a grisly serial killer, a bit of MMA and a robbery/homicide at an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding (it's Vegas baby).

For me, the ratio of good to average is down this year compared to recent years. The aforementioned lack of a longer running plot line hurts things a bit but an old enemy rocks up towards the end of the season to provide a strong finish that blows things wide apart for the start of Season 13. It bodes well for what may come next.
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on 12 March 2014
Don't see much of him apart from cheers and 5 mins worth of saving private ryan
I think they needed some one special after g frisson left years ago ,the series is still
Captivating but although excellent it gets to you that there are so many murders of course
No. Murder no show,,,,, but as Sara side said years earlier at one time they had several deaths in Vegas
A week and now it's several a day and it's not slowing down . gives an insight
To the workings of the crime lab like never before. Unfortunately the franchise has been flogged
To death with
Csi Miami
csi. La

The original csi is the best
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on 23 February 2014
Continuation of a good show. It has kept going longer than Miami and New York. It still has that this happened and this is how we catch the culprit.
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on 21 June 2014
I have all the seasons of CSI Vegas in my collection, except for the Laurence Fishburne years. I'm sorry, but they just did not work for me at all! I can honestly say I don't remember any of those episodes at all. Like they were wiped from my memory. Or they never happened. For me, the series started again with the arrival of Ted Danson as DB Russell.

What a massive surprise that was!!! I have to be honest. When I heard Laurence Fishburne was taking over from William Peterson, I was excited. Someone of that calible coming to my favourite show! And he turned out to be the biggest dud ever! So when they said he was being replaced by Ted Danson, the guy from Cheers and Three Men and a Baby, I was sceptical to say the least. In fact, I was downright horrified! What are they doing to my beloved CSI?

But I was soooooooo wrong! I watched the first episode of Season 12. There's DB lying in the middle of the crime scene, trying to get a different perspective on what happened, and I was instantly charmed. (And the fact that I can actually remember his first episode should tell you a lot, because I was not lying. I can not remember Laurence Fishburne's episodes at all.)

Ted Danson brought a Grissom-esque feel back to the show. An out of the box kind of thinking the show lacked. Also, he was a strong leader with clear ideas on how things should be done and he managed to meld his style well with the old guard. I think he in fact made the old guard young again by changing their point of view on how things are done.

Ted Danson was made for this role. I hope he stays with the show for many years to come. And maybe one day we can have a movie where DB Russell and Grissom can work a case together! Now wouldn't that just be fantastic?!

So I will be continuing my collection with Season 12. And when people ask me where is Seasons 8-11, I'll answer them as follows: "What seasons 8-11? They never happened!"
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