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on 9 August 2016
Quick Review:
- Brilliantly backlit
- The mouse has multiple DPI settings, a back and forward button too.
- Easy to clean
- Worth the money
When I originally ordered this product back in November of 2014, I thought that it would be another piece of cheap computer accessory that would last a good few months - I was completely wrong!

As of right now, I still have the mouse as I love the multiple DPI settings and the back and forward buttons. I have since replaced the keyboard with a new, multi coloured keyboard, but the one included here still works perfectly and I have it as a backup.

I haven't had any problems with the USB's not connection, buttons sticking or issues whilst cleaning it - taking the buttons out is an easy task. With this keyboard and mouse combo, you also get a few spare transparent buttons just in case you lose any as well as a little tool to pull out the keys.

If you're looking for a cheap but long-lasting gaming keyboard and mouse, then this is the one for you, without a doubt.

I hope that this review can help aid you in your decision to purchase this item. If you have any questions that you feel like I may be able to answer, please ask me. If you felt like this review has or hasn't helped, please let me know by selecting the yes or no options at the bottom of the review, thank you.
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on 20 February 2016
I bought this as I was a silly sausage and spilt water on my old keyboard!
When you first see it like me you will think WTF is this! Don't be fooled it is actually an ok bit of kit. It's not Cyborg / Razar / Corsair levels but it is actually pretty good. Changing the back lights semi easy enough but mine was defective and wouldn't change but that didn't put me off anyway. Keys are light to use and not too loud.
The minor issue I had is the keys don't have light up letters that is it.
Honestly if you need a cheap gaming keyboard take a peek and then save for something more exotic.
Can't speak for the mouse as that survived the downing. Still in the box it came in.
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on 15 September 2016
(11 yr old's review) This keyboard and mouse are really good quality for their price.


- Has a good layout for comfortable posture
- The keys are LED lit for typing in the dark
- Comes with a tool that you can pull out the keys with
- Comes with 8 extra clear keys
- Solid


- Parts of the keyboard are made of glossy plastic, which attracts dust and finger prints
- the keyboard layout is a bit different to the standard keyboard

But overall the keyboard is really good


- Has a good design for grip and comfortability
- The buttons are responsive
- Fits perfectly into my hand

- You cannot program any of the buttons
- More for claw grippers
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on 2 March 2015
the keys are very easy to press and the blue back light is very clear, but just to note before buying this is the keyboard and the mouse are both USB and the key's them selves are set up in the american way of that makes any sense. To solve the problem of keys not working it comes with a packet of spare keys and and key remover which is very helpful. The mouse itself is quite small for an adult it has DPI control on it do no messing with the mouse sensitivity in game over all a very good set up.
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on 10 February 2014
everything about the keyboard i like. it is american standard but i know where all the symbols are well enough not to really need to look for them. the lighting of the keyboard is awesome and fun to have it on its alternating setting, comfortable and not to big. even has a Win light on it which i have no idea of its proper function but it sais win so who cares. the keyboard is really everything you would need for a standard keyboard with the lighting to please the eyes.

the mouse is great also, the double click button has been somehow very useful for me and the size and feel of it is very comfortable. i would say its probably a little bit bigger then your normal mouse. there is a DPI button on the mouse which seems to change a small LED light inside the mouse which dosent seem to do much (if anyone knows its actual function be kind and share your knowledge) forward and back buttons make browsing between pages more convenient.

now the only negative point i have is the AULA LED on the mouse. whilst if i switch my computer into sleep mode if i wanted to charge my ipod during the night, the keyboard light switches off but the mouse light remains on. its only a small light but in the dark its bright as hell, kinda wish it would switch off like the keyboard.
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on 20 August 2015
The keyboard is nice with the backlight but the keyboard letters are not transparent, when while in use, you just get an extremely bright light and unless you touch type, the keys will be hidden from your eyes.
The mouse is fairly light and the buttons are easy to press but the "Always on" feature for the mouse is extremely annoying ( I have my PC in my room), the light itself is very bright and it lights up your entire room during the night.
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on 24 March 2014
I have waited until I had some experience using this product, so that I could give a clear analysis of it.

The mouse:
+ The ergonomic shape of the mouse makes it really comfortable and easy on the wrist to use, especially during longer sittings.
+ It looks really classy with that logo that's lit up
- The forward and back buttons get pressed on accident sometimes.
- It can be a little slippery at times

The keyboard:
+ It came with 8 transparent keys that I changed my 'wasd' keys and arrow keys with to give it a personalised look!
+ The slope of the front of the keyboard makes the using of it really comfortable, especially with longer sittings
+ It's really easy to clean, especially with that special key remover key-thing that it came with!
- Dirt is really easily seen on it, so it's a bit high-maintenance if you want it to look presentable
- I've found that when I type faster it tends to slide away from me
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on 16 November 2014
Claims you can not type £ but here I am doing so. If you have it set to UK on your PC then you can type £.

Overall great keyboard, lights up beautifully. Can't seem to get the mouse wheel to stay lit up, not sure if it can but wish it could. If anyone knows how to make it stay lit please comment below :)

Fast delivery, was a sign for so keep that in mind.

Love that the Caps etc lights up blue, hate the standard green lights on normal keyboards.
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on 31 January 2014
We purchased this for our 8 year old son who's an avid gamer and he is so pleased with it! It makes game playing much easier and quicker he can navigate much more freely and get much more enjoyment from the game now by having this! For the price it's just superb! The mouse is just like a controller for any console but easier because you just need one hand to control it. The blue light makes it look very effective it's another great addition to a really well made keyboard. This is a must have for any gamer, I just wish we'd bought it sooner.
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on 27 February 2015
Needed a new keyboard and this does the job, thought I didn't notice that this was an American style keyboard so there are keys missing from it, some in different places and even though it has a back light the keys don't have transparent letters so they don't actually light up. The mouse on the other hand is excellent, 7 buttons, including the DPI changer, the mouse feels nice and the side buttons come in handy for gaming, the double click button sames some time when clicking on programs and I can have full mouse sensitivity and just use the DPI button to quickly change sensitivity for things like sniping in games.
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