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on 16 April 2015
The AMAZON Kindle Fire duly arrived the day it was agreed in first class condition - as new. I have had a Kindle e-reader for 4 years now unfortunately it got broken (my fault). It was permanently attached to me, or so my husband said. I rang Amazon to ask them about the Kindle Fire and I got all the information that I needed and received the certified refurbished Kindle Fire HD7" for an exceptional price - I am over the moon. I am a bit 'thick' with technical stuff - it took me long enough to work out my Kindle and even then I don't think I used it to it's full capacity, so I got a user's guide to help me along and my son is coming to help me with it too. So it is a work in progress. But, I have my e-reader (paper white no less) and I am learning more by the day. The User's Guide is easy to read (even for me) and I must mention that the Customer Service I received from Amazon was second to none. If people believe that Customer Service is dead - they are wrong, it is alive and very well and it lives at Amazon. If only other companies learnt Amazon's customer service.
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on 4 July 2014
I also own the kindle keyboard.
And as this was the only other one that had the text to speak on it, I had set my heart on getting one.
I was bought this as a gift, and can honestly say i'm over the moon with it.
It s so easy to use, and once you get used to the differences like not being able to create collections like the KK, its a brilliant device.
I could not live without my kindle now. I'm a very keen reader, and have also found some really good authors when downloading some of the free kindle books available on Amazon.
I was so happy with my kindle fire HD. I bought one as a gift for my mother. who was also very happy with it.
I think it should come with a mains adapter, as i had to purchase that separate as i found the usb charge via my laptop way to slow.
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on 17 March 2014
We now have 3 of these in our house but have had issues with all of them :( my daughter brought one with her birthday money in Nov and really enjoyed it & we thought it was a good tablet for our younger two so brought them one each as well. It was at that point my daughters went wrong and wouldn't switch on at all. We tried charging it from the wall socket, but nothing. Eventually when we plugged it into a PC to charge it came back on & thankfully has been ok since so far.
A few weeks ago our youngest child's did the same thing so also had to be connected to a PC to get it to work again & now the middle child's one keeps switching itself off even when fully charged unless it is plugged into the wall socket. So unfortuently even tho these are a good tablet, they have many problems :(
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on 3 December 2014
Very pleased with this as my Paperwhite died & i was lost without it being an avid reader.
Amazon could not replace as it was just out of the guarantee period. However they offered the refurbished Kindle Fire HD supodedly cheaper than a new one.
The reason I did not give 5 stars is that now new Kindle Fire costs only a few ponds more than i paid for this one otherwise I am very pleased with the tablet.
While not being as 'all singing & dancing' as newer more expensive models this is adequate for my needs. Now I do not have to peer at my iphone through eyes that are affected by AMD as i can sort my emails & browse the web easily on this.
All in all a good tablet.
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on 14 May 2014
I bought this Kindle Fite HD when Amazon were offering a discount. I haven't used it much myself as its a gift for a family member. Having said that when it arrived I did Fire it up and set it up and used it for about an hour before putting it away. It does what it says so I'm very happy with it. Just one note about its features. Most of these sorts of devices have a photo/video camera. Granted they might get little use depending on the owner and I realise it saves money not having a camera on the device to take photos and videos etc but I think some people would miss it so that's the only reason I've given the device four stars instead of five.
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on 6 August 2014
Was given this as a birthday present, we already had kindles in the family but not a kindle fire. Am using this for my college work. As its better than my very old and very very slow netbook. It can do everything my netbook can do and more, faster and better! Have written essays using one the word processor apps downloaded from the app store, many are free. Essays are typed with a bluetooth keyboard which connected immediately. These can be saved onto a cloud drive so you can access it anywhere. Screen for viewing is crisp, sound quality is high. All this for £119 wow.
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on 11 June 2015
LOVE my Kindle Fire. It is heavier than I expected, but not more than makes it comfortable to hold. Kids of functionality and really useful to be able to add extra users. I have a child safe one set up with children's books in it, while my username is password protected so my daughter can use it without me worrying what she's reading.
Wouldn't have known this is a returned model, still has a 1 year guarantee so was a brilliant buy.
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on 4 March 2014
What a world we live in when a tablet is a common gift for a child!

After having to pry my smartphone from my nephew's hands I decided to get him a kindle for his 4th birthday. His face when he saw it was priceless. He's quite small for his age and the 7" was the perfect size. As he demonstrated with his ability to effortlessly navigate around the functions. Here's a tip, set the parental controls before you hand it to a child (silly aunty). The device links up quite nicely to your amazon account and 1 click is all it takes (if you catch my drift).

I'll freely admit that as I set it up, it's HD screen blew me away and I'm sure another purchase will follow (a crafty consumer I am not!)

He's quite a cautious child so we haven't bought him a case. But it's sleek design does make it look painfully vulnerable so I would advise you buy a case.
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on 6 August 2014
I love my kindle. Although somewhat heavy. you know about it in your handbag it is very clear and has great touch screen technology. Difficult to see outside, but held at the right angle its ok. if you love Kindles you won't care either that or get the original or paper white that eliminates the problem. The Amazon basics touch screen wand works perfectly with the kindle.
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on 23 July 2017
was a prize from work all brand new and sealed with label down side etc had it in cupboard as was going to give as a present but ended up using it myself took out box registered it all etc and there is a yellow line done the left side of the screen and a yellow an blue line down the right side like the led screen is broken so not happy wouldn't recommend as unsure how to even get it replaced as it was a work gift for most retail sold so not like i can take it back to a shop?
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