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on 25 January 2016
I bought this for my wife in 2013, but she couldn't get on with it so she has passed it back on to me, she says she prefares a physical book, I on the other hand prefare a Kindle, I like the way I can store a whole library in an item thinner and lighter than one single paper back book, I also like the way I can alter the text size, the light, and the gap between the lines that makes it easier and more comfortable for me to read, I just wish the screen was a little bigger though. However, since this is a technical gadget it isnt without its flaws. 1) Its not very often this happens, but from time to time it will freeze when your trying to turn a page, then it will refresh after a couple of seconds and go back to the home screen and I have to open the book again, then it will work fine for a several weeks . 2) The battery life is listed as weeks not days...this is a Huge exaggeration..Since day one, a 30 min read each night with WiFi switched off and light just under half gives us about 10 days, sometimes less before a re-charge is necessery. But all in all I don't let these flaws spoil my enjoyment of Kindle and reading this way, but I cant give it the 5 stars I would like too because of them, but I would still recommend this product and this way of reading.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 October 2014
I love this product. A great size - small enough for my pocket/bag, big enough to hold comfortably
No frills - it's for reading, not surfing, with a nice display which doesn't give you a headache.

I had the original keyboard version with a lighted cover. It was fine, but I'm pleased I upgraded. The new built-in light is a vast improvement, making it easy to read in any conditions, from a darkened room (eg in bed, without disturbing anyone) to the brightest of sunlight. The touchscreen is a handy addition, too - I'm already accustomed to using a smartphone and tablet, so this feels natural. I also like the "clean" keyboard-free design.
All-in-all, the new Kindle is a definite improvement.
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on 24 January 2014
Having used the Kindle apps on Android via the Google Play store, I was very impressed already with the concept of Kindle. I'd enjoyed the app on my Google Nexus 7. It worked really well. Buying a Kindle Paperwhite was motivated by my desire to have a device on which I could only read e-books, without the distraction of reading emails, news, checking blogs etc... in bed. With the Paperwhite, I have a handy e-reader that works really well. The device itself feels nice and light in the hand. The screen is clear, but not perhaps as clear as I was expecting. It doesn't look as sharp and clear as the view on the Nexus 7. On the Paperwhite, the text isn't super sharp. The display illumination is quite effective and is fully adjustable depending on ambient lighting conditions. The use of the device by the touch screen is pretty good, though the controls are not as intuitive in my view as that found on the Android apps. Also, the Kindle Paperwhite is only a white display, whereas on the Android app you can choose three different colours: sepia, white, and night view (white text on black). I like the Paperwhite though. It is pretty comfortable to read on. There is an experimental browser which is good enough to check emails, but any more demanding surfing sometimes causes it to crash. All in all, I am happy with this Paperwhite device. I got the special official leather case for it which is very nice. It makes a compact and durable unit. I love the feel of the device in my hand, including when it's in its case. The smooth feel of the bezel is very nice. I like the ease of having a good library with you wherever you are. The battery life is excellent - several weeks for me, even if I leave wifi switched on by accident.
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on 19 February 2014
I wanted to read a title only available on Kindle so, with great trepidation, I bought one. Marvellous! A breeze to use. I've read more novels in the last few weeks than I care to remember. Trouble is, it's too darned easy to buy them, often costing more than an Amazon Marketplace 'penny dreadful' through the post, which is what I used to make do with. You can be reading in moments, and that's hard to resist. Fortunately, many can be had for free. That's novels though. I can't imagine reading much nonfiction on it, or textbooks. You need to be able to flip about when reading that sort of thing, and you can't very readily do that on the Kindle. Also, they cost too much to safely take out of the house, and you certainly wouldn't want to use one on the beach or in the bath or if you're heavy-handed or clumsy. Reports of the death of paper books are therefore, I suspect, premature.
Warning: buy a stylus thingy, or you'll get finger marks all over your screen, and if you buy a case for it and it has magnets, take them out (there will be four little round ones, like watch batteries) or they'll drive you mad. There's a perfectly good on/off switch.
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 A refurbished Kindle is a fantastic way of getting a seriously good bit of kit at a lower than new price. Check out the video, this looks and acts like a new Kindle, I couldn't see anything to show its a refurb at all.

My first Kindle is a few generations old now so this is a huge leap forward, touch screen paperwhite (which make a massive difference) everything about this is better than my old Kindle.

If you're thinking of getting a Kindle but have been put off by it being a refurb don't be, you won't be able to tell and it's backed up by a 1 year warranty. You've access to a massive range of books and if you have Amazon Prime you can borrow one books a month, which is perfect for me.
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on 1 February 2014
First Kindle I've had after years of resistance, however very happy with it. Display is sharp, page transition is quick and the clever illumination is brilliant - much better than trying to read of something backlit like a tablet which often gave me eye strain.

Collections seems easy enough to create and setup and some of the features such as dictionary / wikipedia lookup at the touch of a word and being able to save highlights and notes are excellent and very simple to use.

I have tried it with Amazons own format, .mobi and PDFs which all work great.

Quick note about the 'experimental browser' - it's not brilliant, but then I wouldn't expect it to be, however I have found it works great for checking your gmail account!

Overall a great bit of technology, it is by bay my favourite toy at the moment and my wifes as I'm able to read in bed without putting the light on.
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Superb upgrade from my old Kindle which I had owned and used lots for a couple of years. My old one still worked perfectly but I wanted the built-in light feature of this new model.

I AM DELIGHTED! I can now lay in bed, in the dark and have a read, no need for bedside lamp and when my eyes are ready to shut, I just gently close it and the special case I bought for it puts it to sleep. I have had no problems with it whatsoever, I bought it on Christmas Eve and have used it daily ever since. Fab battery life, the inbuilt light is a dream come true, its looks great, works great and I am extremely happy with it. If you love reading, perfect for you.
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on 4 September 2014
Best ever buy. Only drawback is no colour so certain books that repy on colour arent suited to it, craft books and the like. But for general novels and such it is great, in fact I can't bear to read an actual book anymore, it is just too cumbersome! Also it is true you can read it in any light or lack of it. Its truly great especially if you spend time travelling on public transport to work or similar, it is just so easy to have with you. The only thing you have to watch out for is missing your stop! I have done this on several occasions!
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on 11 January 2014
I already own a Kindle touch and my wife has the 'standard' Kindle .
I bought the 'paperwhite' with some trepidation after reading adverse reviews regarding battery life and 'blotchy' screens.
The blotchy screen only occurs with the illumination at or near maximum, and only then when the screen is not fully 'populated'. With the screen full of text it is not a problem.
In practice I find that with the illumination set around 8- 10 (25%-30%) the illumination is perfectly bright enough and even under all circumstances. Subjectively, Battery life doesn't seem all that different to my Kindle touch at this setting, although I haven't measured it.

All in all I'm very pleased.
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on 22 June 2014
Have resisted buying a Kindle for such a long time now, as I had been given a "cheap copy" as a present a couple of years ago and felt I had to "make do" with it.Wish I'd bought a Kindle ages ago. The Paperwhite option is absolutely brilliant- wouldn't have the basic Kindle ( or my cheap copy) now, at all. To be able to read outside in full sun or inside in dark, due to adjustable light settings is just so good. I could never use my other one outside in sunlight, which was quite a waste of time in summer and going abroad! Print is clear, page turning is instant, absolutely no set up needed ( good for technophobes like me)- even clicked up with a welcome for me , when starting up for the first time using my own name!! What a surprise. I love it!!
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