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on 25 September 2013
In past years I have had several IBM laptops all reliable. (T SERIES). Suited my needs perfectly.

I decided to stick with the brand. Bought this i5 Lenovo laptop. Spent all day with it checked EVERYTHING OUT, and with a few software tweaks bymyself it is ALMOST flawless!!''
The laptop operates as you would expect and does it fairly quickly. The color is almost BLACK, if take it towards the light a slight tinge of chocolate brown. I really really like it. More colors like these should be introduced!

I bought this as a business computer not a gaming one. It has a standard HD 4000 graphics card. Been playing DeadSpace 2 on HIGH settings and no slow down! very smooth.
Just one minor issue with the mouse touchpad, sometimes does not respond to my finger movement properley. Clicking on the buttons is fine. I had same issue with past laptops no worries.

Windows8 is sleek and fast. Not much lag or waiting time. However I found going BACK AND FORTH between screens a real ANNOYANCE!!
Those with TOUCH SCREEN computers should have no issues.

This is a good buy for the specification. Nice color and well worth the price for an everyday quality laptop!!! BUY!!
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on 11 October 2013
I didn't have the opportunity to push it to limits of processing with heavy programmes (Autocad Inventor, Patran...), but it has been perfect for simple multi-tasks as browsing, watching hd movies, skype, office.

This laptop is very well finished. Webcam, keyboard and pad are very good. The only negative point until now is the lack of SD slot. It would be easier to transfer pictures from my camera.

Anyway, I'm very happy with this pucharse. Totally worth it for the money.
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on 3 November 2013
This is my first laptop I have had but I must say it works and performs better than my pc. The fans are brilliant as they can't even be heard. Windows 8 isn't a problem. I had very negative reviews about windows 8 but after 1 weeks getting used to it I started to love it. This computer is great also for gaming as I have had the chance to play heavy games that would overload my pc such as Grand theft auto 4. The Laptop's colour is unique, It says its dark brow but it is almost fully dark (black) it has a hint of brown which can be seen in the light which makes it even better. I have had however some minor problems which accured such as the Dolby Digital Audio V2 programme stopped working for windows 8.1. I didn't worry as I fixed it immediately.

The only downside to the laptop for me is the graphics card. it is only an SD whih means you dont alwyas get a perfect HD quality when playing games. Other than that the quality on everything else such as images things on the internet like movies is HD so it makes up for it.

I would recommend this laptop as it is brilliant and worth the money you pay.
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on 9 September 2013
after been on my old laptop this one is out this world very fast speed at a very good price recommend to anyone who wants a fast speed laptop
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on 18 November 2013
Spec wise this is a fine laptop that at the price it was on,£480, very good value for money. Less so then than at the time of this review it has gone up to £560 but you can still get it cheaper elsewhere. As I say spec wise this is the best value you can get but the real cost is the time effort, research and committment, in my experience, you need to put in to get it to work the best.
And this isn't just an issue for this particular model. Check out other Levono models and you will find reviewers posting similar comments to mine. Levono support is a premium rate telephone number and again my experience, after dragging out the conversation,kerching, shrugged shoulders are they are so unable to help. Their default is to revert back to factory reset.. not helpful at all.

So it has taken me three days of updating drivers direct from software companies as the Levono site and preloaded ones are out of date. Even registering the product proved glitchy and use of the signed in part of the site continues to be a trial and error exerience. So lots of exploring techy websites and good advice and support on the forums has meant that 90% of what the lap top should be doing it is now doing. 10% is still not and no matter what the laptop still has it's glitches. Some of this undoubtedly is conflict issues stemming from windows 8.1 update but you pay for it all to work and when you go the extra mile, do the research and put the fixes in yourself, you feel shortchanged when things are still not perfect.

So a great spec lap top...get it for the right price, shop around, and put the work in yourself and, as long as the particular glitches that seem to be unsolvable don't affect you, you will have a decent product. If though you want a laptop that performs from the off and you can rely on ... I would suggest you look elsewhere.

Finally research the complaints and comments across the web on Levono customer help and don't just take my word for it... they have a serious problem there that the company needs to start taking seriously if it is to truly capture and sustain the market grab it is looking for in the UK. hope this helps.
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on 21 October 2013
I needed a new laptop in a hurry I had looked at the local sheds but no real help there so I reluctantly decided to buy one on line. I choose Amazon as I trust them as a retailer, other people have recommended them to me as well. I searched Amazon for laptops in my price range and selected the Lenovo G580. I am very pleased with the responsiveness, I was unsure about Windows 8 but I have been using it for a few months and I am beginning to get to grips with it. I love the look and feel of the laptop and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an i5 based laptop.
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on 20 November 2014
Purchased August 2013, machine failure July 2014
It took 3 months for Lenovo to repair and return this laptop to me.
Before returning it I called their tech support line for an explanation as to how to remove the hard drive. Their reply was "We do not give advice to customers on technical issues as their action may void the warranty" They then told me to look on youtube for a video! If the tech support cannot give advice , very simple advice, what if the use of tech support?? Lenovo refused to give any goodwill gesture and agreed on a simple refund after 3 MONTHS of me being without a computer. Amazon Executive Customer relations were efficient and are now handling the return and refund. Be aware, these laptops are good and value for money, but their after sales is NON EXISTANT and they have no idea of how to gain customer loyalty. I have concluded THEY DO NOT CARE! They are the hard discounters of the computer world...buy it and you are on your own kid!! Remember "caveat emptor" (let the buyer beware!) You have been warned!!
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on 14 June 2014
I hate win 8 but will leave that bit out as it has little to do with the capabilities of the laptop.

Plus points - good performance, disk space, battery charge etc as per spec and for the price the spec is pretty impressive. Couldn't be happier with it in that respect.

Negatives - Had trouble upgrading windows, which probably is to do with what came out of the box. A fair bit of faffing about sorted this. The mousepad is not for the faint hearted. You only have to look at it and the cursor shoots across the screen. I ended up completely disabling the 'clever' features by uninstalling the driver. Trying to emulate touchscreen features is not a great idea.
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on 11 November 2013
The laptop feels well built, the startup and shutdown time is quick, under 20 seconds for each currently. It can handle all the tasks I have needed so far including streaming, Microsoft Office and browsing. As other reviews state the colour is pretty near black, unless you are close to a window, that doesn't bother me but if you're looking for a brown laptop you might want to get a different one.
I'd recommend this laptop to any casual user, as for portability, it's not that heavy but I wouldn't want to carry it around with me all day. This price range has a number of decent laptops at the moment, but if you don't want a touch screen I think this is a good option.
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on 12 November 2013
I was hesitant when buying this laptop because even though the reviews are good, 'Lenovo' isn't as well known as HP (etc...). However I am extremely happy I did because the quality and speed is brilliant. The Intel core i5 processor compliments this computer and the keyboard is easy and fast to use. All programs run quickly and efficiently with no problems yet. The mouse board is suited brilliantly to the windows 8 interface however a touchscreen would be ideal. I've had no compromises with this laptop so far and will update this if i do run into any. Hope this has helped.
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