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on 14 June 2014
I really rate this portable power pack and I've now been using it for 8 months. It's ideal for charging small electronic devices I use mine for charging my phone and e-cigarettes.

The unit itself is quite compact - Slightly smaller than an iPhone. The power is can be accessed using either the micro USB lead which is attached to the device, the package also includes adaptors for other devices - including the iPhone 4 - but not the 5.

There is also a full size USB 2.0 port which can be used for charging using the USB charger that came with your device.

The finish on the unit is a rubberised matt black that seems to be smudge and scratch resistant, and it makes it a bit grippy to handle.

In terms of performance, I find I can get around 4 charges of a Nexus 5 out of it. However it does tend to be quite slow compared to a mains charger, to get round this I find that the charger and phone can be held together during use.

I must admit that I think 4500mAh of power would be insufficient to keep you going for a long weekend festival if you used your phone as normal (web browsing, social apps, watching video, taking lots of photos etc) but if you were sensible and only turned data on when needed, I think it could last.

I got my charger to charge my phone when I'm out of the office as I often don't have access to power. But recently we have been prohibited from charging personal devices in the office (safety reasons) and now it is handy to top up devices when I'm in the office.

To conclude I'm really happy with this and use it on a daily basis, but I am looking for a larger capacity charger for extended periods such as weekend camping and fishing where my use of phone and other chargeable devices will be heavier.
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on 20 June 2013
With our increased dependence, these very reasonably priced Anker batteries are a complete live send. As a life as a consultant, I spend most of the time travelling (think:planes, trains and automobiles) and that means significant use of my iphone (4s), iPad 3 and laptop. But sometimes I don't carry a laptop. In this day and age, the capability of an iPad is simply amazing. So travelling light means that you don't have the power of your laptop. Indeed if you are travelling with just your phone, what happens when you run out of juice?

To be frank, I always worried about running down to zero. And occasionally I have done. To not be connected in this age is somewhat worrying, especially when you can use your devices for anything and everything. To be frank, with the money you spend on the latest smartphones, they should provide significantly more battery time. Even when you close down apps, and reduce the brightness, it's not nearly enough, especially when you are hooking up to wifi or using bluetooth.

I had looked into external batteries or external battery cases previously, but spending £70 or $100 for something like this is simply way too much money. As with all Anker products, you get a lot for your money - quality, style and lots of battery juice, in this instance.

I now have 2 of these products. The first one is the 3200mAh, and the second is the 4500mAh slim. I bought the former myself and was supplied a sample of the latter for test and evaluation, I wanted to give a fair and honest evaluation of how I would use the product.

Both products give a great deal of juice. The 4500 is about the same size as an iphone and the 3200 is about 2/3 of the size. The 3200 gave me 1.5 charges and the 4500 gave me 2.5 charges for my iphone 4s. Split with some potential juice for my iPad on the go, that's perfect.

It already comes pre charged and the relevant wire and adapter are there included to connect to all your devices, but invariably you could just carry around the one wire you need. There's a light indicator of 4 lights to give you a feel of how much juice you have left - and that comes on only after you start charging, so protecting the power inside.

I just keep it in my bag with a wire, and use it once or twice a week when i'm out and about. Perfect for the roaming professional, for a big night out, and for anyone. I have given the 3200 to my wife to use for her s3 as she is always running out! Chatting too much!

There's no accessory bag, but you get all the adapters. This is a must have product for everyone with a smartphone. I haven't tested the drain during non use - but I have left it two weeks and it still gives a full charge.

The other option is to buy a battery case that you have around the phone but this makes it very bulky. Just get the Anker External Battery instead. It's a no-brainer.
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VINE VOICEon 18 June 2013
This is one of the most elegant solutions to the problem that I've come across!
It's a small external battery for a smartphone. It only does one charge for my Samsung Galaxy S3, but then, in a single day I don't need more than two batteries full and I can charge it at night at the same time as charging the phone.
What's elegant about it?
1- the built-in connector (to a micro-D USB plug, the one used on most phones) means I don't carry a separate lead. The built-in connector also switches charging on. The battery is just about the right size to stack with the phone, so if I need to make a call I can hold the battery in the same hand as the phone - no more long wire down to my big battery charger (which is for longer trips away from the mains - and I've never been without mains for more than 24 hrs)
2- charging, straight from a normal micro-D charger. It comes with a short USB to micro-D cable (most of mine are long and get tangled) but any charger cable will do. I know, I used an existing charger to top it up before use.
3- the adaptors for different phone connectors. It ships with an adapter for iPhone and one for Mini-D (older phones). Instead of some complicated special cable with a different end, these two converters simply convert from the micro-D - very neat.

I would certainly recommend this. You can carry it in your pocket, and when you need to charge the phone, you can actually leave the phone plus battery in your pocket - a little bit of a bulge but not much more than the phone alone
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on 1 May 2015
Having a BlackBerry Z10 among my many devices, as well as the wife's phone as well; the only thing that this battery would not charge was my F5CS tablet (which requires a 9V power source) over the last 18 months. My daily driver mobile was so power hungry that it usually needed at least one full re-charge during the day and this unit managed to complete just short of three full recharges.

Despite looking a bit flimsy, the hard wired charging point is quite resilient. I have often had mine plugged in with the phone and battery loose in a pocket without it getting damaged. There is also a second socket for plugging in a USB charging cable such as the ones you get at your local £1 shop.
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on 26 September 2013
I recently did the off-road London-to-Brighton bike ride with 2 GPS apps running, 1 transacting data constantly, on my SGS3. I already had a larger 4300mAh battery fitted to the phone but guessed it would be pretty much flat by the end- I bought the Anker to recharge it at the end so I could tell the missus I was still alive.

This did exactly what it was supposed to- got my phone up to about 80% which is about right (70% efficiency seems to be accepted)- might have done more in reality as the live GPS app was still running to track friends who were still riding.

Since then I've also used it to charge the standard battery from flat, and it looks like it'd do that about twice.

The item itself appears well-built- the integral lead is particularly handy (but only for phones with a micro-USB port of course) but even if that fails there's the standard USB port. As in the photos for the item, it's very similar to SGS3 dimensions so easy to store alongside.

Very happy.
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on 10 December 2013
A bit of background, I recently purchased an LG Nexus 5 and decided to look for an emergency charger due to the fact the N5 has a non-removable battery. I wanted something that was slim in size so I could slip it into my pocket, as well as having enough capacity for at least one full charge. Needless to say after much deliberation I decided to go with the Anker Astro Ultra-Slim. Its small size is perfect, easily fitting in my pocket without me noticing it's there, and with enough capacity for two full charges and the inclusion of a built in micro-USB cable, it is just about as close to perfect as I can imagine! I'll now take you through some of the main features:


The Ultra-Slim is indeed very slim, a touch thinner than my Nexus 5 for example. I have also compared it to my previous phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3, and again it is no thicker. It is also not large, being about the size of a medium sized smartphone. I will warn that this will lead to some confusion, as it has done for me. Several times I have gone to take my phone out of my pocket an ended up putting the Ultra-Slim to my ear!

It is made out of a tough and durable plastic shell with rubber around the edges that I would quite confidently say will protect it from and drops and falls. It has a matt black finish and the plastic is lightly textured, giving it a somewhat premium look, although this plastic does appear to be able to be scratched easily. I will admit that I have subjected my Ultra-Slim to a somewhat unorthodox initiation, subjecting it to some of the harshest environments I can perceive it being in. Environments such as a pocket full of loose change and keys, laying on a table, being pushed off the table onto carpet/wooden flooring/concrete, and I have even dropping it from head height onto concrete to test it's durability should it fall from your hand if you are making a call whilst charging your phone. This particular test offered no ill effects whatsoever, proving that the rubber edges do well to protect the device.


I have to say, when I first fully charged my Nexus 5 using the Ultra-Slim I first thought that my Nexus's battery was faulty, as I managed to achieve a full charge in less than 2 hours. But after looking online, and seeing how long my Nexus's battery lasted, I can see that the Ultra-Slim does in fact charge extremely fast! I am very happy about this as this is just what an emergency charger should do! I can also just about get two full charges from the Ultra-Slim which is nice, and being able to get two full charges from such a small device is impressive.

You may or may not know that you can charge two devices at the same time from the Ultra-Slim, as even though it has a built in micro-USB cable, it also includes an auxiliary USB port, allowing you to plug in any conventional USB cable and charge your device from it. I also own a Nexus 7 2nd gen tablet, and have had no problems charging this using the Ultra-Slim (Although it does take longer, because the N7 has a larger battery and it requires a higher ampage to charge it quickly.)

Overall I am very pleased with the Ultra-Slim, and will not hesitate to recommend this product to friends and family. I will also be on the lookout for more Anker products in the future. The Ultra-Slim has an excellent build quality, looks and feels great, and has amazing performance, and for the money it is an absolute bargain!
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on 26 July 2013
Not only is the seller/manufacturer prompt with very swift delivery, this is a good piece of kit.

You may have problems like me whereby after a year, the iPhone 4S and 4 battery drains. 1 short phonecall in the morning, and your battery level is down to 40-something percent and you struggle the rest of the day.

Though Anker has several other portable power packs, I really liked this one. It basically is pretty much the same size as a iPhone 4 and 4S, in fact slightly smaller. What I liked about this over other models is not only the size, but it auto-switches on and off. Some of the packs in the other range have an big on/off button which is not great if you are throwing this into a bag.

It is also sturdy; I dropped mine a few times and it remains fine. It has also take my iPhone 4s from 36% to 100% 4 times and has not needed a re-charge.

I really like this product and I may buy another one for my partner, though right now, it is good enough for us to share!
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on 14 October 2013
I previously bought the older 3200 Anker external battery with the built in torch and cable for charging an Acer E350 and the Acer S500.
This worked perfectly so was interested in a higher capacity version.

The 4500ma Astro Slim2 is slim and lightweight (115 grams) with a matt finish.
I liked the built in cable which provided enough length to charge the phone but still allows charging
even when making calls etc. When you remove the cable the battery capacity indicator illuminates.
The Slim2 provides enough capacity for the Acer S500 on GPS/3G using CoPilot guidance all the way to Cornwall
so I am more than happy with the overall performance.

The only slight niggle is that the USB connector part of the Slim2 is rather wide so it meant having to
remove the protective case on my phone to fit the cable.

Overall I am impressed with the Slim2 and it certainly does the job. Excellent value for money and well made.
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on 15 February 2014
Bought this to charge my iphone 5 which struggles to get through the day on a single charge. Although its usually OK I found I was not confident listening to the radio or my music feeling I needed to conserve battery just in case.
Now I have it, I can use the phone to its full potential each and every day, all day.
Its small and compact. Its well made, slips in a pocket and works.
I haven't yet discovered how many charges it will give, but frankly it will give me at least two and I doubt i'd need more than one, so I could charge up the wife's phone too if need be. I do also have the largest version which is bulkier and which came with the Apple 'old connector' for charging my ipad2 but I had to buy an adaptor for the iphone5 for this one which drops it down a star.
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on 23 May 2014
I have just returned from a 5 month trip with this device and I must say it was one of the best things that I bought!

Never once was I left stranded in the middle of no where or at an airport with no battery. The two things that provided value for me were the form factor; it is similar in dimension to my phone which means I can have both together in one pocket. Sure there are higher capacity powerbanks but they are also not as pocketable.

The second is the short micro USB that is ingeniously integrated into the device. This means that unlike other powerbanks, you don't need to carry a long cable around with you (there is also a standard USB socket)

I bought the 4600mAh version... I feel that if I were to buy again I would opt for the higher capacity model as its the same size only with more juice.

Overall, great design, great functionality and a must buy for when on long travel journeys IMO.

Just a little pro-tip; A rubber silicone case for the Moto G phone fits this device like a glove if you want a bit of bump protection.
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