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on 25 April 2013
I couldn't find a review on this one as most people appear to buy the lower voltage ones - i wasn't disappointed! The device just keeps on charging! It has a fabulous pedigree and I reckon if I have it a brain it would try to take over the world. From a full charge it manages to charge my ipad, iPhone and Mifi device several times over..much better than the 5,000mah device it replaced.
Any negatives? Well yes, they don't seem to do one in black and whilst white is ok for an iPhone it doesn't suit a device this size..apart from that, it is by far the most powerful portable power I've ever had.
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on 7 September 2013
This battery works absolutely fine with everything I have tried - iPad (original), Samsung Galaxy S2, TomTom, various other phones and other odds and ends. The case is nicely produced, smooth finish and comfortable in my hand. I have not yet got near to flattening it - it was actually over-specified for my real needs.

The product description and existing reviews were quite clear that it has four LEDs to indicate its own charge status. That is, in most ways perfectly adequate, but I would have preferred a finer scale - a 0 to 9 display or more LEDs. The LEDs are perfectly OK but a bit bright if in the room you are sleeping in. (Or if left on the hall table for partner to be blinded by when she goes to the kitchen in the middle of the night!)

The torch function works as described - shame the LED is very much at the blue-cast end of the scale. Again, not surprising but very slightly disappointing now that decent colour LED devices are becoming more common.

The one real annoyance has been the micro-USB adaptor. That just doesn't slide into things like my phone as smoothly as the original lead from the phone's own charger or, indeed, any other micro-USB plug I possess. It is as if the plug is a tiny fraction of a millimetre too large. So I now always use a standard USB-to-micro-USB lead rather than the one supplied.
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on 23 August 2013
Not much to say, except I took this to a 3-day music festival, and it fully charged my HTC One phone every day.

My new HTC One phone itself has a 2300mAh battery and I already had a 5000mAh charger, so you might ask why did I buy another portable charger.

Doing some maths for my old charger: 5000mAh/2300mAh = my old charger would only have had enough capacity to recharge my new phone twice.

Whereas this charger: 13000mAh/2300mAh = can recharge my phone 5 times.

You can basically work out the capacity you need. My old charger would not have lasted the full 3 days. This one still had guice left in it at the end. This device also seems solidly built. Plus it has 2 ports so you could charge 2 devices at the same time, although I didn't try that.
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on 24 May 2013
After doing my research and looking at various other products both from other brands and Anker's own product range I decided to go for the Anker Astro E4(although I wanted to go for the original Anker Astro 3 that comes with many different connectors, this model (E4) comes with only three connectors.

what came in the box:
1xAnker Astro e4 13000mAh External Battery charger
1xusb cable
1x connector for apple products(Can't remember the number of pins it has and could'nt care less! as long as it does the job)
1 micro usb connector
1 mini usb connector
1xinstructon manual
1x sleeve (to carry anker charger with you)

My initial thoughts(it arrived today - thanks to upgrading my delivery as i was expecting it to arrive next week (did not need ASAP so i chose the super saver delivery option!)
-18 Month warranty on products(this is what I like to see in companies to believe in their products, to me this helps to show that they have put a lot of effort in their product design and thought thoroughly how to ensure their products are reliable, and Anker say for any reason under their unconditional return policy - this should receive its own star! but anker arent paying me so it will have to go here!)
- I got the white version of the E4, I did read in a review that the black one gets smudges but not too much, anyway i cant say much about the black one as I dont have that, I preferred the white as it looks nice and I cant see any noticeable smudges.
- it feels sturdy and well built, just a slight niggle I did find when it arrived I think when assembling the upper and lower case together.
- holding it in my hand and feels heavy compared to my iphone however for the the power it can provide for my iphone and other products I would say it is not too heavy and impressive.
- The led lights are simple idea with one simple button and the functions are easy to remember. (Well done on this, many companies have got this wrong in the past with confusing ways to access functions using a button, you press the button once(with very little effort) and it switches on, Press it twice and the front LED flash light turns on can be useful in some situations.
-the three connectors are made from what seems like a plastic which has a slight rubberised feel to it and seem like they will last for a while(lets hope this is true!)

I have a few suggestions:
- Include small pockets/ loop holes to the sleeve, in order to slot in the connectors. they can fit in the sleeve however i just fear they may scratch the charger case(or i may be wrong, will have to use it and report back)
- the price is reasonable but an AC Adapter would be a nice addition, kinda disappointed it is not already.
- include a few other connectors for this although the three provided will suffice most devices there are some which do not use the them, and i know several companies are starting to use similar ports but not all have followed this trend yet. But this is not Ankers fault.

Thats all for now, hope this helps someone, will update once i have used this a bit more!
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on 29 June 2013
This is a brilliant product - bought on the recommendation of a colleague, this gem of a box is low maintenance but a total lifesaver if you have a bag full of tech.

Quick charging, dual ports (1A and 2A to allow supported devices to take the relevant charge), lightweight and invaluable, this has saved me twice in the fortnight I have had it when my phones have been about to die on long train journeys

If you travel with lots of tech (Kindles, PS VItas, tablets, phones) you need to get one of these now
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on 8 July 2013
We bought this because it was on offer and well reviewed, and it definitely seems to have been worth it. Took it to Glastonbury for a long weekend, needing to give my phone some juice on the Thursday and then again throughout the weekend until Sunday night. It kept my phone able to take pictures and videos throughout and still had charge to spare when we got home.

It's going to become pretty vital for me going ahead, high intensity use of my phone (a Galaxy S2) on weekend trips or even just at the houses of families where charging the phone can mean just leaving it upstairs. I'm thinking it's going to be easier to keep this charged and take it with me when we go visiting people than trying to search for the plug sockets that may or may not be behind the bed!
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on 9 December 2013
Does exactly as the descripton says and is built with quality.

It is just the right size to fit in a large pocket (i.e. jacket or big jeans) so you can keep it on you on a night out, concert, day trip etc. if necessary.

Pushing the button twice turns on/off the light.. took me a little to figure that out.

Essential gadget for the modern day lack of battery length on phones.. my iPhone 5C barely lasts a day!
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on 6 August 2014
Insanely hand having the portable charger around. having it with me relieves me of the worry of being out and about and having to conserve phone battery. It charges just as fast as a standard phone charger would. Only problems with this device is that it is really rather bulky and is not something you'd fit into your pocket. Handy if you had a handbag though, Being a male, this doesn't really apply to me. Other than that, it is advertised as being able to give 8 full charges to an iphone. Think the most i can get out of it is around 5...maaaaybe 6 charges, which is still a lot mind. But my biggest critique of the device is that it takes absolute AGES to fully charge. close to 10 hours perhaps?
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on 16 February 2015
Great product. Had it for some time, and still holds a good amount of charge. I get about 5 full charges for my S4 phone, and at least 10 full charges for my Galaxy Gear (not both from the same charge of the Astro).

I've also discovered it works great as an external power source for my GoPro camera, so I can take really long videos, as without it I can only record about an hour or so before my camera's battery dies.

This has proved indispensable and is highly recommended.
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on 9 September 2013
I use my Galaxy on the bike as a GPS, leaving the screen on for a y amount of time is very battery consuming. My solution originally was to buy a bigger battery, this worked but for multiple days on the go I needed another solution.

This was my favorite solution that didn't involve me taking apart the bike to get a cable attached to the battery. With a bit of Velcro this sits nicely on the dash and provides and instant charge when I need it.

The only negative is the weight, but that's hardly surprising since it is a big battery!

There is nothing truly bad to say about this product, it could do with a longer cable, and maybe a more secure one at that but it's an excellent consumer gadget.
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