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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 1 June 2017
Son loves th series!
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VINE VOICEon 27 January 2014
This eleventh series boxed set contains episodes 213 to 229 of the 'Bleach' anime. With the exception of the filler of the first two and last three episodes, the set covers the beginning of the Fake Karakura Town arc that sees Aizen's attack on the world of living begin in earnest as the top three Espada and their retinues fight the high ranking Soul Reapers who have come to stop them.

The first two episodes (213 and 214) of the set are the Karakura Raizer filler that sees Kon and some of Ichigo's human friends recruited by Urahara to protect the world of the living while he is working on a project for the Soul Society and Ichigo is in Hueco Mundo. This was a reasonably filler arc based on a short omake story from the manga that sees the Fourth Wall take a beating and includes lots of very funny moments across the two episodes.

Episodes 215 to 226 cover the beginning of the Fake Karakura Town arc and I would probably say this is definitely one of the better parts of the series in general. With the exception of episodes 215 and 226, Ichigo and his friends don't appear in the part of the arc that this set covers with the focus being on the Soul Reaper forces who are fighting in the World of the Living. The action in this arc is very good with a lot of characters joining the battle at various points and sees a lot of Kido, Zanpakutô and Resurrección put to use. One highlight of this arc is the battle for the pillars that sees Yumichika Ayasegawa reveal his true power and has Shūhei Hisagi release his sword's Shikai for the first time in the series. Another very good part of the action is where Harribel's three Fracciónes, and their pet, go up against Rangiku Matsumoto and a number of other Lieutenants. Although this fight is a lot less gory than the manga version, it is still very entertaining and has a good ebb and flow to the action. Other interesting parts of this part of the arc include Marechiyo Ōmaeda doing something good for the first (and so far last) time in the series and whenever Head Captain Yamamoto takes action.

The final three episodes in this set (227, 228 and 229) are individual filler stories that vary in quality. The first of the three episodes, 'Wonderful Error', is probably the best and is based on a few special chapters of the manga. The story takes place right before the start of the Bleach's first episode and sees Ichigo and his friends have their first day at High School while in Soul Society Renji is promoted to Lieutenant and Rukia is assigned to Karakura Town. This is a light and entertaining slice of life episode. The following episode, 'Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!!', is loosely based on another omake story sees the Soul Reaper Women's Association take a trip to the World of the Living for fun at the beach resulting in the usual hijinks that accompany any anime beach episode. While not as good as the previous episode, this one is still relatively funny. The final episode of the set sees Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa travel to the World of the Living only to be forced to stay with Keigo Asano and his sister. This isn't that great an episode but it does have a few humorous moments.

The animation and voice acting of the episodes in this set remain as good as they usually do for the series (with both English and Japanese versions being available to watch of course). Episode 215 also sees a new opening introduced, Shojo S, which is probably one of my favourites of the series.

Overall this set includes some very entertaining episodes and although the series moves into filler towards the end of the set, due to the anime catching up to where the manga was at that point, most of the filler remains quite entertaining. This set easily deserves a full five stars.
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on 17 April 2016
This arc is all about the back story. We learn the reason's behind Kisuke Urahara's expulsion from the soul society and what lead up to that as well as the aftermath. There are some interesting revelation's and some tear jerking moment's for fan's.

The Bleach series has allot of filler episode's and arc's. The reason for this..... The Manga. the anime show suffered a common issue that many Manga based anime's suffer and that's catch up. The Anime catch's up with the Manga too fast and the show either has to go on hiatus, produce a filler episode or ten or filler arc or the show simple end's. Bleach struggled valiantly on actually and did very well. They managed to get to the point where they could leave the show as it was and have it actually feel like an ending. allot of plot point's were tied up and there was a nice balance between the charter's that was reached by the final episode. We are left at a point where the show has potential for more but if it doesn't it leave's us with the charter's happy at that point in time.

If you take any advice from me it's this ...... READ THE MANGA, it get's epic, EPIC I tell you. The 1000 year blood war is the final arc to Bleach and if they ever go back and animate it it will be a visual feast for anyone who watches. There's some great charter development and it just, it takes Bleach to a whole new level :)
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on 23 November 2013
I am a huge Bleach fan and have been for many years! This is a great anime that doesn't get the praise it deserves anymore and I am eagerly awaiting the collection of series 12 to come out. But this item is great value - if you are a Bleach fan this is a must!
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on 28 November 2013
Picking up where series 10 ended after the viserd flashback, the final battle between the Arrancars and Soul reapers begins. These battles arnt as big as what will come later, but is enough to give you a sense of what the later battles will be like, and glad its in a replacer of Karakura town rather then the real one.
however, between the start and after Soi fons battles, it then deverts form the main story yet again, and these filler episodes arnt really worth seeing, and can be a little annoying for diverting from the main story.
however, excluding the filler episodes, this series of Bleach marks the beginning of the final battle and isn't something to be missed
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on 8 August 2014
Really my only complaint about the Bleach series is that the main plot keeps on getting interrupted by other stories and plots. These though are good. I cannot really say much else that I have not already said of others in the series. SO: Brilliant! Buy it if you like good plots, good animation, excellent action and anything but shallow characters.
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on 9 September 2013
Though there aren't too many episodes in season 11, I think the box set is good value all the same. You know by now if you like Bleach or not - this is more of the same. Crazy new powers and battles. The DVD cases have pretty awesome artwork front and back, featuring Toshiro, Halibel, Hisagi and Yumichika. If you're a fan, get this :)
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on 11 March 2014
Bleach is a great anime with an amazing story line and yet Series 11 just made it even better, with more fun, fighting and games with so many lovable character's it looks like ichigo his friends and the soul reapers have more hard tasks ahead of them
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on 8 October 2013
An excellent box set, covering the battles taking place over Karakura Town between the Soul Reapers and the Arrancars it really highlights the series strengths and includes some of the best episodes from the main arc. Highly recommended.
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on 19 September 2013
As a big bleach fan, this was more than worth it, can't say i had any problems at all. This is perfect for any true anime fan and the ratings were perfect!!!!!!!!! Was waiting for the continuation of the arrancar arc.
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