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Customer reviews

2.5 out of 5 stars
2.5 out of 5 stars
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on 15 March 2014
What we have here is a film that almost makes it to the 'so awful it's awesome' grade, but ends up actually just being awful. Somebody obviously watched Predator and Jurassic Park and thought I can combine those two excellent films and turn it into something that is really rubbish - yes even worse than Predators.

The story is simple, a team of the world's most inept special forces is sent to rescue a pretty bio-chemist (who provides one of the high points of the film by only wearing her underwear while she is being kidnapped) who has been forced by a terrorist (who laughs a lot in a poor diabolical fashion throughout the film) to create a new biological weapon. They sneak in Commando style by shooting everyone in sight, rescue the girl and are shot down on their way out and end up in the depths of an ancient crater that is a lost world with dinosaurs.

It has dinosaurs in it so I wasn't expecting much on the plot front, but I was hoping for some cool dinosaur action, unfortunately the CG is terrible and the dinosaur's animations look like a bad video game from the nineties. It's a low budget film and in shows in every respect, the effects are poor and the acting equally so. Now I don't have anything against low budget films, but low budget shouldn't necessarily mean low production values. Just for the fun of it here are a few examples: the special forces team take off in one aircraft and then parachute out of a completely different one and the shots of the jungle in the remote area that apparently has never been explored has roads in it.

So it's pretty rubbish, however it did do enough to keep me watching to the end, although that probably says more about my laziness to change the disk rather than any positive aspect to the film. In fairness though, it picked up a little when the nutter who originally found the lost world turns up. I really wouldn't recommend watching this.
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on 11 January 2014
This is also marketed under the title "Rise of the Dinosaurs." In our opening scene a plane goes down in the land of the dinosaurs. We then jump five years later as a team of military men are on a rescue mission. Their goal is to save a kidnapped chemical-biologist from terrorists in the fictional country of Verdi in the Amazon basin. The bad guys have developed a new chemical or biological agent that can be launched in a rocket.

That mission would take The Expendables 2 hours to complete, but ours does it in under ten minutes, and unfortunately a bit sloppy as their CG helicopter gets shot down by a CG RPG only to land where they will be hunted by CG raptors and a CG T-Rex. In addition to having to find their way out of the jungle, they have with them the terrorist leader and meet a professor who is studying the dinosaurs. He would rather see them dead too. Meanwhile back at headquarters two very bad actors are arguing over the next step of the mission.

The dinosaurs, helicopter, gun fire, flames were all Asylum grade CG, if that good. The acting was hit and miss, with it mostly being a miss. Alicia Ziegler and Natascha Berg provide the token eye candy.

Looked like more of a kids movie if they can get the rating down to PG-13.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. Rated "R" for man eating dinosaurs. Minor language such as "being a d***."
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on 21 April 2014
I suppose, if you turn your brain off, this might be enjoyable. That often helps with the stupidity found commonly in Summer blockbusters. Then again, viewers of Summer blockbusters are often distracted by special effects quality and such, which wouldn't be effective here.

Unfortunately, I'm not that type. I was bothered by the depiction of firearms.

I've never hunted or handled a gun. However, its close enough to common knowledge that I know trying to fight, for example, a bear, with a pistol you intended to protect yourself from home invasions is either clueless, desperate or stupid.

People survive being shot comparatively often. A bear would suffer less damage from that weapon, and a tyrannosaurus would suffer much less damage than that. Weapons capable of killing larger animals have significant recoil, and wouldn't be practical for military purposes.

The point is, seeing the depictions here where these soldiers' weapons can kill large dinosaurs quite easily is distracting. I can't suspend disbelief for it.

Other than that the movie was pretty generic.
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on 9 May 2015
Certainly not the worst movie I've seen, Jurassic Attack is badly let down by the use of the special effects which seem to be 100% CG. Some practical effects would have helped particularly when humans and dinosaurs are in close proximity. The biggest issue being at times the dinosaurs seemed to be floating slightly above the ground instead of stepping (or running) over it. This is where you are supposed to be drawn into the action but instead it just becomes a 'really??' moment. The story held together reasonably well, but was wrapped up much too quickly. At only 80 minutes in length there was some scope for adding another couple of minutes to explain what happened next and wrap up the characters. There were no oscar performances here but not all of the acting was as bad as you would expect. With its practical effects 'Extinction Jurassic Predators', although far from perfect was a better movie experience.
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on 24 June 2013
I saw this today on TV in China and thought it was a old 1990s film. The Dinosaurs are like cartoons , obviously not in the same space as the humans so not for a moment did I feel any danger for the humans. Now I see its a 2012 film !Good story , interesting characters but the computer animated cartoon dinosaurs make it a 1990 model. One children under 10 will enjoy.
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on 8 February 2014
Good enough if you like this kind of video. Although some of the acting was a bit wooden. Have watched a lot better.
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on 11 February 2016
Very much a B movie. Military rescue mission crashes in a hidden South American dinosaur canyon, good and bad guys have to team up to fight their way out and most of them die. The special effects are about as good as you'd expect from a B movie, but it did keep me occupied for over an hour.
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on 8 July 2015
A waste of money only one setting for language, nothing states that this is not English so can't under stand what they are say or read what's on case, the DVD looks fake like a copie will not be ordering again not even worth a star
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on 21 March 2015
Just awful. No plot poor sfx Terrible acting. Clunky dialogue I think it was written by an adolescent. Not even good fun!
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on 1 June 2014
Its as good as you would expect it to be, I like monster/dinosaur not budget busting movies, always good for a laugh
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