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on 22 December 2013
In my opinion, this is one of the best anime series that I've ever seen. The beginning of Stein's Gate does not prepare you for the intensity of the series as it develops. It has character development to rival Moribito, humour, emotional complexity and nuance, and an amazingly constructed storyline featuring time travel.

This is not a series for fan-service or combat, but to the characters and the interplay between them. Part 1 establishes them, Part 2 really makes you care, even if you think the protagonist seems like an egocentric idiot at the start.

Parts of this series are quite dark, not so much in terms of graphic violence, but emotionally - as such it's worth being aware of the rating.

Highly recommended.
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on 23 June 2013
Thriller, Comedy, Sci-fi, Romantic, Slice-of-Life(think this one's mostly used in anime related releases)

There is no way to give any short summary of the series, as it would spoil everything with the slightest mention of a big bunch of things. the short version of this review: Buy it! definitely worth it, i have no doubts about that. Watch it & tell everyone to watch it too.

(no spoiler or anything like that)
Steins;Gate is by my own opinion the best Anime series ever created. I have no idea what genre to call it, how to review it fast or even how to explain the ways this series has inspired me(mostly the characters & their personalities) I have seen quite a lot, a few hundred shows, and out of all, this one caught my eye(probably because the ; looked cool in the title) and i started watching it. As i had gotten through the first episodes; i was hooked. Nothing could tear me away from the tv. What makes this series so great? it's quite simple: perfect story, perfect character's(and development), tons of twists you will not be expecting, intelligent dialogue and magnificent sound design. I bought the set from the US a while back, though i regretted it as it was announced in the UK a few hours after my order with, what i'll call, a more comfortable price.

This is part 1, which means you need part 2 to complete your set. Part 2 is the "you won't be sitting still through this" part of the series, but that surely doesn't mean part 1 is a bad deal, it's quite the opposite. As you've probably experienced for yourself, the anime most subject to "multiple viewing" are often the series with great visual effects, and those that simply sounds better(at least for me), and here you have both, the first 1-6 episodes contains a lot of humour, where the viewer will be introduced to the lab(a recurring location) and it's members: The main character, Okarin, is the best written character any anime has shown to me(at least theres none that can be called better). This is because of simple... originality. He is a self-declared mad scientist, without much professional knowledge of science, though he seems to be a quite intellectual 18yr old. His comments, his decisions, problems, fears, hopes, dreams, screams, his relationship with stuffed Opa plush figures and all he will do for those he cares for. All of this is just a small part of the 24+1 episode anime and yet, Okarin AKA(his self-declared scientist hidden identity) Hououin Kyouma, is an experience in himself. To quickly explain some parts of him: he's paranoid, to the extent where the viewer is left without any clue of how serious this paranoia really is, he is in no way guilt free when it comes to a few perverse actions, but remember, these are people who made their own lab. To go even further into nerd mountain, they named it "The Future Gadget Laboratory". They will obviously have a high interest when it comes to sexual activities. This is the ONLY anime i've seen with a realistic view upon "teenage love feelings puberty" and such things. Okarin's henchmen, to call them the opposite of how they function, hacker, computer genius, lover of 2D Females, close to obsessed with the maid cafe's of Japan: Daru! a character of unusual qualities is only one of his features, do not think he is the cliched character one often might meet in an anime, where the pervert side is awkward, sort of uncomfortable and in no way contributing to the story, everything is integrated into the main plot as you keep on watching the series.there is the always positive, cosplay(dressing up as an animated, drawn or described character from japanese entertainment) Mayuri, who keeps shooting darts of rainbow colors throughout the series and even though part 1 reveals little of anything(it sort of kickstarts in between parts) it is my favorite part of the series, since you don't just have the exiting moments, but the humorous, the beautiful and the mysterious moments as well as a large chunk of pure thriller/mystery/psychological mix that can get anyone over the age of 16 completely addicted. The last character i'll mention is Makise Kurisu AKA Christina, which is the studio behind Steins;Gate's attempt at a love sub plot to their main story and this works out great again! originality all the way, no doubt that was their goal either. Makise Kurisu has an interesting entrance in the 1st episode, and slowly(as a lot of other characters do naturally, comfortably and just perfectly as well)

What makes this so much better than so many other series?
that is a simple question to answer; there are no holes in this story. There's a few unexplained things even after, but y'know, there's a movie on it's way, and it's not the same story as the Anime, so no need to wait for release to watch it all. The whole anime masters a way of setting up a storyline that requires no action in the beginning, as the beginning is about getting you intrigued, and as there is quite a bit of action/thrills/psychological issues and so many other genres in this part 1 as well.

Buy it, Watch it, Tell Everyone You Know About It.
At the end of the day: Think about the series, just sit by yourself and think about the journey Steins;Gate really is.
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on 5 January 2014
This is a review of the show as a whole not just this first volume,

So I went in to steins: gate completely blind after a friend recommended it to me, he told me it's one of the few cases of a time travel story done right, and he was right, the story centres around okabe rintarou or houin kyouma as he prefers to be called and his friends who are members of the future gadget lab, after he accidentally finds the dead body of kurisu makise, a respected scientist he sends a message to his friend which eventually leads to him discovering that his latest creation, a phone connected to a microwave, can send text messages into the past,

It may sound stupid at first but the story and characters are very well written, it doesn't make up nonsense to explain everything either. it uses real scientific theories to try to explain certain things, granted they are just theories but it does help to make the made up science they use more believable

If I did have to say anything bad about the show it would be the slow start to it, and I don't just mean a slow opening episode, I mean the whole first half which is in this first volume but at the same time if you make the effort to invest in the characters this is also a good thing, it gives you the chance to get attached to the characters and get a feel for their personalities which is rare for a show,it also has one of the best Senses of humour that I have ever seen from a show like this, with references to doctor who and star trek littered throughout, there's even a sneaky little portal reference in there, round it off with one of the best English dubs in anime to date and you have one of the best anime in recent years in my opinion any way, if you have the money spare, definitely buy volumes one and two
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on 23 August 2013
Have you ever wanted to attach a phone to a microwave and make the turntable rotate the other way? That's exactly the sort of thing Future Gadget Lab (its three members; a mad scientist, a super hacker and a cosplay expert) specialise in but what happens with this particular Future Gadget, the telephone microwave (temporary name), leads to a very strange series of events. Stranger than attaching a phone to a microwave.

The real appeal of the show is its lovable cast of characters that are each a careful balance of ridiculousness and believability that make each and every one compelling and likeable. The pace of the story slows to a crawl after the opening few episodes. However this isn't really a problem spending time with the eclectic cast of characters is fun. Though I haven't seen the rest of the series it does feel as if there will be a pay off to taking the time to get us invested in the characters. If not I still enjoyed this half of the series immensely on its own merits.

With regards to the specifics of the release I don't have a whole lot to say. As is the norm nowadays picture audio quality are a non-issue. This release is derived from Funimation's version and so its competently done, no nasty surprises. I would marginally have preferred the titles be left intact (untranslated) but even for an obsessive like me it's not a serious problem.

I picked up this set on a whim not really knowing what the show was about not really knowing much about the show but now I'm really looking forward to seeing the second half of the series. I had a great time watching this series but to be honest I dithered between giving four and five stars. The tie breaker was some idiot skewing the rating but this show is so much fun it does legitimately deserves all five.
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on 3 August 2013
What we have here in this first half of the season is a story about a good natured but socially inept guy who fancies himself a mad professor and the friends he accumulates having stumbled upon time travel and the experiments they conduct.
It moves along at a slow pace having fun with the characters and their interactions whilst exploring concepts like the butterfly effect and alternate timelines whilst adding in little bits that will make sense later on in the series and pop culture references like internet time traveller J.Titor and the SERN facility.
The art is nicely done, the dub is good and this is a nice quality anime.
As the show heads towards the end of the first half of the season things start to get slightly ominous for our group ending in a tragic shock moment and a cliffhanger ending that will lead into a dramatic second half of the season.
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on 13 September 2013
It's particularly hard in the case of the 1st part of this Steins;Gate blu-ray release to write something about its subject without spoiling anything. The "Future Gadget Laboratory" is led by a guy named Okarin (which itself is a nickname), the so-called mad scientist. That definitely sounds weird, and perhaps even a bit childish. However, weird in a good sense. I was very much surprised when watching the 13 episodes how much storytelling there is and how the characters develop in intersting ways. There is more to them than meets the eye. Sure, in some way there are your typical anime characters, like "tsundere"-character Makise Kurisu. But don't let that be discouraging, because the story and its characters are so much more than a stereotypical, or as you will cliché, anime. This is not an anime about blowing things up, or highly stylized action sequences. It's about how the different characters come entangled with eachother and how they deal with the possibility of time travel and the consequences of that. It's also a story about time travel that does so much right about the subject time travel, probably one of the most difficult subjects to write about, since there are so many paradoxes to consider and other conflicting pitfalls. Slowly by slowly other characters are introduced or have been sighted during one of the episodes only briefly before becoming more important. Some may call this anime therefore rather slow. There is definitely a buildup that's different than most mainstream anime's. The last episode of this release ends with a huge cliffhanger. If I have to point out one single complaint I had it would be this. But only because it made me wish I could watch the other part immediately after episode 13. Highly recommended!
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on 1 October 2014
Just an awesome anime I won't explain the story as I couldn't do it justice and that can be easily found just searching the internet, I've just finished the second part and just didn't want it to end. It has a great story line, don't let the blurb for the anime: "mad scientist who believes he has converted a microwave into a time machine" put you off... Yeah, there's no Tardis or DeLorean involved just the phone wave.

Great characters, brilliant story and annoyingly when you get to the end of the Part 1 you'll just want to know what happens in part 2 right away as part 1 ends with a bang.There are some geeky little bits in there that you may miss if your not paying full attention... "the cake is a lie"

See the scientific luminary and future gadget lab as they keep a vigilant watch against the "organisation" - El Psy Congro
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on 5 January 2014
My top anime easily.

Cant fault it!

Amazing characters, funny, romantic, engaging. Well paced (Some people disagree), good soundtrack and visually appealing.

There is nothing I didnt like about this anime really. I dont think there was a character that I did not enjoy unlike in some animes. Some people say that they found the beginning too slow.

Arguably the first 12 episodes are the "problem" and it picks up after that.

Personally I found the first half to be just as good as the second half. It starts off very light and funny with the second half getting quite dark and serious. I thought this was great and did not hinder the anime or plot but others disagree. This is a must watch and anime fans everywhere agree that this was one of the top animes released in its year.
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on 28 December 2013
This anime is easily one of the best of the genre to come out in years, however the first half does drag down the series a little bit.
It starts off fairly slow, things don't really get all that exciting until you've invested a rather substantial amount of time into the show. At no point does this feel boring, as the upbeat nature of the loveable cast will keep you entertained, however nothing that dramatic happens until a bit later on and it's these dramatic pieces where the show truly shines.
You can read other reviews, or look up a blurb to get a gist of the premise, however I can hand on heart say that if you like anime you're most definitely going to like Steins;Gate, just stick with it past this start to get to the juicy fruit that is part 2.
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on 9 September 2013
During the first few episodes I believed this show to be rather boring and felt that the creators were trying too hard to amaze us, but I was definitely wrong. It needed to be slow paced in order to help explain later events. This show is amazing. It has good character development/character interaction, great animation, a good soundtrack, fantastic plot and so much more. I have grown attached to these characters and I will most likely cry when this shows ends. You will laugh, cry and be at the edge of your seat through many times in the show. All I have to say is... I NEED PART 2 NOW!

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