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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 29 September 2013
I love the idea of the show and the execution and rate it really highly but the actual uk disks are censored really badly.

now don't get e wrong there is still a lot of swearing and violence but they have masked a lot with shadows and smoke that were never there in the true original japanese release. even the intro is censored and masked with shadow that was never there in the first place....

after looking into it. it seems that manga entertainment never even submitted the full version to the bbfc for rating and instead settled for the sub-par version...

for most people they may not care but when i know that this has been done to a series for no good reason (bearing in mind the disks are still 18's) I just feel cheated..
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on 10 August 2013
Deadman Wonderland; the happiest place on earth. Like a dystopian Disneyland, where prisoners are the puppets on the "It's a Small World" ride.

The story of Deadman Wonderland focuses on the life of Ganta Igarashi; a boy framed for a crime he didn't commit by the horrific actions of the "Red Man". In order to carry through his sentence of Capital Punishment, Ganta is sent to Deadman Wonderland; a prison turned theme park in which the convicts work and maintain the rides. From the eccentricity of the Dog Race to the horrors of the Carnival Corpse and the brutality of the Undertakers, danger lurks around every corner for Ganta. It's a long road ahead of him in his search for the Red Man, to prove his innocence. Get busy killing or get busy dying.

Personally, I really liked this series. The animation is amazing to watch and flows really nicely, and the accompanying soundtrack always manages to set the right tone and really emphasise emotion. Aside from the main character's theme, you will very seldom hear the same track twice, with an extremely broad range on the music. In terms of voice acting, both the dub and the sub are solid; with amazing voice actors all around, such as Monica Rial, Patrick Stewart and Eric Vale. Greg Ayres as the lead is also a powerhouse of emotion, however I would be lying to you if I said that the voice doesn't occasionally grate. During epic moments, he shines, however in casual conversation Ganta does come across as very whiny.

In terms of issues found with the series, the latter half of the show does spend a substantial amount of time building up secondary characters' backstories. Personally, I didn't mind this as that was the part of the original manga series that I loved: showing the prison through the eyes of people other than the main character. However, if you are a very straightforward kind of person, you may not enjoy this as much as others. Another issue that everybody seems to be picking up on is the fact that the show lacks an ending, so to speak. Very little is actually resolved, so it is safe to assume that this series was intended as a set up for a multiple series show (evidenced by the fact that there are 47 manga chapters and only 12 episodes, that cover approximately one third of the series if that). This didn't affect me as much, considering I had already read the manga when the series came out, however for first time watchers or people new to the franchise this may be a bit of a disappointment. My advise to this is to read the manga first before you watch the series. You will end up feeling more fulfilled, and desperate for a second series release even more.

Deadman Wonderland is very much a show that you need to feel you can commit to before buying. I would advise sampling the first episode on legal streaming sites such as funimation's official website to see if you like the show enough to purchase it. Reading the manga would also aid in forming an opinion on the show, however this is very much not essential, just a recommendation.

Fans of shows such as Mirai Nikki, Another and the Blood franchise will really like Deadman Wonderland; due to the overlaying themes of mystery, as well as sometimes graphic violence and scenes of combat.

Based on my own personal enjoyment, I would have rated the show as a 5, however my view is very much subjective, so considering the facts it stands at a solid 4.

So from a fan to the fans, make up your mind on it first before buying. I myself have already per-ordered the series and cant wait for it to arrive.
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2013
When Ganta Igarashi's class is brutally murdered by a mysterious figure in red with strange powers he finds himself framed for the atrocity and sent to the sadistic prison Deadman Wonderland with a death sentence. Built in the ruins of Tokyo, Deadman Wonderland is a prison theme park where the inmates entertain the public in humiliating and dangerous ways. Upon arriving at the prison, Ganta soon finds himself caught up in its dark underside, secret death matches between superpowered individuals, while having to deal with a strange girl from his forgotten past.

This three disc set includes all twelve episodes of the 'Deadman Wonderland' anime, as well an undubbed OVA. While the series adapts the first five volumes (roughly the first two arcs of the plot) of a thirteen volume manga resulting in little in the way of closure for the plot, it does adapt these volumes relatively well with most of the changes being the result of writing out characters who don't become important until arcs that haven't been animated or to make some scenes easier to animate. From what I have read, the Japanese sales figures for this series were atrocious and so it is very unlikely that it will be getting a continuation, which I personally think is a shame. The animation is generally good throughout and although there is some lens flare and shadow censorship of some of the more gory scenes, there's still some nice action and gore throughout the series.

Having watched both English and Japanese versions soundtrack I have to say that the English dub is very good and for once I like at least as much as the original Japanese version. The language used in the English dub is quite course however so those who dislike such language may want to avoid it. As for individual performances, Monica Rial was absolutely perfect as Shiro (she is the person I have always imagined voicing her since I first read the manga) while Leah Clark, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Eric Vale and Jamie Marchi were all almost as good as Minatsuki, Chief Warden Makina, Promoter Tamaki and Karako Koshio respectively. The only voice that I didn't like all that much was Greg Ayres as Ganta but even he grew on me as the show continued.

While it definitely has its faults, I did enjoy 'Deadman Wonderland' and would give the series four stars.
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on 17 October 2013
i love the action the gore and the fights the story good and it leaves you wanting more i hope they make a another series if not then its fine this Series end in a place were they could make a second series or just leave it as is but I really really... hope the decide to make a 2nd series of deadman wonderland pulse the sound track is good to
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on 6 March 2016
Arrived before due date, very pleased with it's condition. Brought for a birthday present for my best friend and she loves it. I've watched the anime twice online so I might buy it for myself soon. Very pleased.
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on 11 January 2014
I'd heard about this series some time ago from my brother. I managed to watch some of the episodes online, but as they were censored I stopped watching and thought I'd wait to get it over here in the UK. That said, I was incredibly excited when I learned Manag were releasing this over here on Blu-Ray. So much so I got it as soon as I could. I have to admit I was incredibly disappointed when I found that the exact same scenes were censored to what I'd seen previously online. What's more, when I put the Japanese soundtrack on, I found that swearing was bleep'd out.

All in all I think that Manga UK have been very sloppy and lazy with this product. I say this regarding the violence, where there are instances of incredible gore from the likes of Shiguri: Blood Frenzy, even with films such as Akira, and MD Geist. That said, the fact nothing has been done by Manga UK about the censoring is atrocious. Insult to injury, they've been lazy enough to leave the bleeps in the Japanese soundtrack but not in the English track, which in my eyes was a crafty way of bumping up the certification, because the violence they did show could only have garnered a 15 certification.

Onto the series itself, the story is solid and challenging, this thrusts the protagonist- Ganta- into witnessing the death of his closest friends, then being wrongly tried for their murder. At the trial Ganta's own lawyer deceives him, forcing a life sentence verdict and imprisonment in Deadman Wonderland- a corperate own prison funded by a themeland style participation by the general public. Life, at this point for the protagonist, becomes a desperate battle. Ganta strives with mororse, forlorn wounds, finding little reason for going on now he has been decieved, betrayed and abandoned by everyone. Slowly, he realises that he wants to live on, even if he is imprisoned, and he learns that perhaps the world isn't as devoid of love and tenderness, when he befriends a young girl at Deadman Wonderland. The rest of the premise sees intrigue unfold, as a devestating event from the past has left certain people with special abilities to use their own blood as tools of murder. It is these people that Deadman Wonderland uses to battle against one another and issue enormous bets from the faceless rich and powerful. Ganta carries such a power, this throws him into the bloody ring, his own intentions spiraling out of control, as he realises the real killer of his friends has the same ability and is also at the prison.

I was really looking forward to seeing all of this series, as the OVA was included with the Blu Ray I was especially excited. Unfortunately, Manga ruined this for me. So now I'm going to have to look else where to get an uncensored version.

If you don't mind the censoring then I highly recommend this series. The story is intense, but if you don't mind viewing warped situations, this series is great.
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on 1 March 2015
This is an excellent series but what about the OVA? the boxset apparently includes it but i can't find it on any of the discs, disc 3 is labelled 9-12 + OVA. Thoughts?
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on 30 August 2013
With it's Battle Royale-cum-Disneyland premise is definitely an acquired taste. Stick with it and you'll find that Koichi Hatsumi; key animator on Cowboy Bebop, has brought to the U.K a rich, blackly comic piece of ultra-violence those who like their Hunger Games with a little bit of gore. Anime addicts may want to add this to their collection if they are fans of Romi Park (Ed. Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist) and Kana Hanazawa (Chiaki in Bodacious Space Pirates) who play protagonists Ganta and Shiro in the Japanese original.
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on 31 August 2014
Although the series was mildly cliche the characters of shiro and senji made it great for me and very enjoyable. The fight scenes were also really great and I really enjoyed the variety of the branch of sins.
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on 26 October 2012
Ganta is a young school kid who gets wrongfully accused of killing his own classmates. After a quick trail where he is given a death sentence, he is sent to a strange theme park style prison (which is also Japan's only privately owned prison) where the inmates have fiendish games and tests that usually kill lots of them and it's all done for the amusement of a crowd of spectators. Ganta also meets a mysterious albino girl named Shiro that acts like his protector, during an incident in the prison yard Ganta has some strange powers that make his blood turn into a weapon. This anime had a great plot, interesting characters, tons of blood and gore, a fast pace with no dull moments and the animation was brilliant and very fluid which all makes for a weird and fantastic anime series. However my main issue was with the exception of Ganta and Shiro, there is very little back story provided for many of the main characters. This is hard to do of course with a short 12 episode series. The ending was also disappointing, but I hope they make a second season since the manga has 45 chapters.
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