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on 18 July 2013
Product was much much better than I had expected.

Nice feel and customization, it includes weights to add into the mouse to give it a heavier/lighter feel!.

I think this might be a rebranded Anker gaming mouse (which costs alot more). You can download the drivers from the Anker site, and then use it to customize the light colours etc (personally I turn them all off for gaming in the dark, I find the blue lights distracting)

7 programmable buttons (if you include the scroll click) and a button on the bottom to swap profiles. What more could you want?!?

Would of happily paid more for this mouse!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 19 June 2016
As far as gaming mice go the TeckNet Gaming Mouse falls into the budget price category, there's no getting away from that, but features that the mouse provides exceeds its price which makes it pretty good value for money.

The build quality is good for a peripheral that costs less than £15.00. The ABS plastics used are good quality, however, the gloss black finish can be prone to finger prints. I wasn't overly keen on the Chinese writing printed on the top of the mouse, I thought it detracted from the overall look. The USB lead is 2mtrs in length and the black and red braiding gives it a premium look, there is also a ferrite magnet fitted inline to prevent any interference. The mouse is large and fills the palm of my hand, and it has a nice weighty feel to it. The mouse is ergonomically designed so it's very comfortable to use, all of the 7 buttons are well placed and have a satisfying click. The scroll wheel is large and rotates smoothly.

Using the mouse is simple; firstly it's plug & play, there is no software or drivers to install, but there is a disc provided. When connected to your PC the built in decorative LED's will illuminate, the effect is subtle as they are not too bright.

As it's a gaming mouse you can change the DPI sensitivity to suit you personal preference and gaming style, there a are 4 settings to choose from and each setting has a colour associated with it; 500 (Red), 1000 (Green), 1500 (Blue) and 2500 (orange) DPI. To change setting simply press the red 'DPI' button located on the top of the mouse, this will cycle through the modes. The default setting is 1000 DPI but for general web browsing and gaming I find 2500 DPI is best, however, I would have liked a higher setting to at least 4000 DPI which is what I find ideal for FPS games. I would have also liked the option to choose an LED colour which best suits my taste or mood. For example, if I want to use 2500 DPI setting I am stuck with orange, but I don't like orange, I like blue or red. I think a separate button to control the LED's would have been a good idea.

In addition to the above, you can setup Macro's, and change parameters for various buttons, but to do this you will need to install the software from the disc provided. Unfortunately, I don't have DVD drive on my PC so I was unable to test software.

Overall, this is a good gaming mouse. It's well made, smooth, easy to use and has plenty of features. If you are looking for a gaming mouse while on budget, then you can't go far wrong with the TekNet Gaming Mouse.

Sample product provided for review.
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I haven't had this mouse long so I cannot comment on how long it will last but it says 5 million clicks which seems a pretty long time!

It is a very cheap price for a gaming mouse so to be honest, I wasn't expecting something fantastic but it exceeded my initial expectation.

Firstly this is a decent size mouse with a nice weight to it. I have big hands and can't be doing with a tiddly little mouse so it is nice that this is actually a fairly decent size.

There are 8 programmable buttons and full instructions on how to programme them!

I found it was very responsive but also very comfortable to use.

To set it up in the beginning is very easy as it is basically plug and play (I use Windows 10). I moved this mouse from my laptop to my desktop and all the programmed buttons remained the same so I didn't have to re-programme them again which is a bonus.

It has a decent length cable to it which is well made and securely joined to the body of the mouse.

The scroll button is smooth when I scrolled and it scrolled evenly.

I am impressed with this mouse for the price. The price is under a tenner and I think this product is definitely worth that for the features.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 June 2016
This mouse comes packaged in a cardboard box along with a software CD and instruction leaflet.

It has a shiny black plastic shell with a distinctive GAMEVIP logo and spots on the side which glow up in different colours depending on which mode you’ve selected using the DPI button. This sits below the mouse wheel and cycles the DPI sensitivity between 500, 1000, 1500 and 2500. It’s undoubtedly styled as a gaming mouse borne out by a couple of extra buttons at either side of the main left and right mouse buttons.

A lot of gaming mice just have extra forward and back buttons situated below the left mouse button which are accessed with your thumb while holding the mouse in your right hand. However this layout can be awkward for left-handers. Here everything is symmetrical making it equally suited to left or right handers, plus you get 4 extra buttons that are easy to locate with your usual two clicking fingers.

This mouse has a decent weight to it, a nice braided cord and it’s USB connector seems good quality. I plugged it into a spare USB port on my PC and it was immediately recognised and the mouse started working right away. Mousing is really smooth and you can use the DPI buttons to adjust the sensitivity to your liking. All the buttons and scroll wheel have a nice solid click to them and I found this mouse comfortable to use even for extended periods of time.

This mouse also comes with a mini CD with fairly powerful Windows software that allows the LED colour and the function of all the buttons to be reconfigured. This is great for configuring the button layout to suit different games and choosing your favourite colour for the LEDs.

I found the plastic shell was a bit of a fingerprint magnet, and this won’t have the sensitivity of some gaming mice since it’s optical rather than a laser mouse. However it was plenty sensitive for my needs and overall this is a fantastic mouse for the money. It’s inexpensive, comfortable, well made, can be reconfigured to your liking and looks cool (especially when lit up in your favourite colour at night).
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on 31 December 2013
The performance here is flawless for something at such a low price. 8,200 DPI coupled with an incredibly ergonomic design results in enhanced gameplay and/or any design software that requires a steady hand. Originally this was bought so I could test the waters of premium gaming mice, but I subsequently now can't see the point in upgrading. It's that good. And yes, this mouse is based entirely off of an old Anker product, and I'll get to that now.

A little about TeckNet:

I used to be affiliated with a company that TeckNet unsuccessfully pitched to become the main UK distributor of their products. The guys giving the presentation weren't shy in revealing (or at least alluding) to the fact they buy defunct merchandise and rebrand it with their logo - that's why their stuff is so cheap. A lot of their products, including this mouse, were originally manufactured by Anker. I'm not aware of any original product to their name, but I suspect some of the free tablet cases I received from them might be their design.

So this mouse isn't counterfeit like some people choose to believe, but it is an Anker device in all entirety, rebranded with the (very ugly) TeckNet logo. Knowing this is the reason I trusted the purchase.
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on 12 July 2013
I like this mouse a lot. It is comfortable and performs very well. I was initially worried how the side bottoms work and if all of them will be easy to click. The answer is YES! They are very well designed and all you need to do is to rest you thumb on top of them and apply different pressure on each of them. For example, to use the front side button you press with the tip of your thumb, to use the middle side button you move you thumb up a little and to use the back side button you press with the mid section of your thumb. It all feels pretty natural and I don't tend to click not the wrong button by mistake.

The mouse initially felt pretty big but it feels OK now and I even stopped using my wrist pad because I feel that my wrist is like 1-2mm over the table top.
The only thing I would improve about this mouse is to move the wheel a bit to the front of the mouse and to position the very front button next to the wheel like on the Sharkoon Fireglider. Then I think the mouse would be perfect. Also the very front button seems loose and it rattles a bit but I don't really notice that when I play.

I think it is very good mouse and a real bargain too.

Edit on 08/02/2014: After two months I bought another X9800 as a gift for my brother. We both have used our mice since then and we are very pleased with them. They are still as good as new (Touch wood!). I think the mouse is a great, comfy choice for a gamer or general PC user.
When my mouse gets broken, I will definitely look at TechNet offers again. If I saw a mouse with the same X9800 general design but with with changed wheel (Sharkoon Fireglider) and more rubberized extra buttons to provide ever greater feel for them, I would give my old X9800 to somebody else and buy the new one straight away. Also with a driver update, it might become a lot more useful for office as well.
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on 14 August 2013
Use this with Linux more especially for gaming (wow) in Linux as a general replacement for a mouse with dodgey scroll, never tried programmable button, but alt and shift buttons work well great for quick changing toolbar, nice and chunky, for the price its a good buy.
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on 30 October 2013
Hello there, Just leaving feedback on this fine mouse..well, MICE... I bought two :D

Excellent build quality, a little heavier than I'm used too, so havent bothered with the adjustable weights. I use this mostly for COD4 Modern Warfare on Mac OS X snow leopard.
... It was so fast on the top DPI that I thought my eyeballs were gonna fly outta my head!
Luckily, the lights on the top are REALLY nice and you can always tell just what DPI setting your on.. the top one is!

This seems to be a rebranded Anchor Mouse... which costs twice the price.
its here

Ergonomically, its a beauty, the three gold buttons look like they would be in the way but work fine, the top one took a little getting used too as ...I dont usually have one there :)

I was advised by a mate to get one of these, and his report was so good, I got two.... :) very happy with it BUT

...It works fine however the programmable buttons ....arent on the Mac :)

Unless... you use a Game Controller, programming app... which I DO! lucky me.


Controller mate, from Ordered BYtes
[...] then this mouse is the Bomb!

FUlly customisable, and all buttons can be programmed as you wish :)

There are also other apps you can try , but the buttons will work fine if you select them in game , but you cant program them to be particular things...say like A D S W. but you can just click the buttons in COD to select them. so fine :)

happy days :)

Also, If you use windows aswell, its no problem and you can do as you wish.

personally I'm VERY HAPPY....
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on 27 May 2015
I'm an IT professional and work with a keyboard and mouse all day. I do have a Dell five button mouse at work, though the side buttons are never used. I now use this mouse at home and although it took a little adjusting to I am more than happy with it.
There are internal weights so that you can adjust that to your liking and I was a little sceptical about this at first but found that having a heavier weight under your palm makes mouse movements where you swing the finger end from side to side easier; you have a more defined fulcrum, I guess. There is plenty of illumination given out from the mouse which is no wonder given the number of LEDs that are in it. I'm not sure about the large light that goes under your palm as, well, it's under your palm so you don't actually get to see it most of the time. Luckily the level of illumination and how much it changes from colour to colour can be set in software. Speaking of which it comes with some good, customisable software and I have a few different profiles setup and switch between them. There is also the ability to create macros on the fly, though I have never deliberately used this, only accidentally triggering it from time to time. The cable is of the woven type and is excellent at not getting kinks and at behaving on the desktop and given all the other features, I have to say that this is my favourite. I may buy more mouses (mice seems wrong for a peripheral) in future, with more or fewer feature but I think that is something I will look for from now on.

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on 11 February 2014
Can't complain for the price.. it was much better than I expected. It looks great.. I love things with lights on them! The extra buttons are more useful if you are playing a lot of games.. I've not really used them much in the end, but in theory I could programme it with a few extra features, including use of the recording moves feature.

Cons? It's not always the most comfortable for me. The thumb indent on the side tends to annoy me rather than being a comfort. Could just be the size of my hand I guess. It's a minor quibble really, don't let it stop you from buying one and giving it a go!
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