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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 January 2016
ok, so i'm not some technical whizzkid so pure and simply, this an good piece of kit. laptops and pc's can conk out at any time, and im sure we have all lost precious hours of data etc at one time or another. this little beauty looks smart, and is designed really well. i decided i wanted to load all my cds onto itunes.. which took me weeks doing it hours at a time, and the thought of ever having to do it again someday nudged me into buying this. its great for the price, has 1tb of storage which is more than enough for my needs. and backs up files really fast, so all of my music and photos are tucked away safely on there.

i know you can back up all of your stuff into the cloud using this. so as well as having it all on this hard-drive, you can back it up into dropbox. which is great i suppose, but after a one month free trial of drop box you have to pay - so in my book you only really need one or the the other. and this shiny little box will be all you ever need
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on 13 May 2016
I've been using this product for over a year now. The great thing about these WD Ultra drives (aside from the drive itself) is the amazing warranty and WD customer service. Small drives are especially prone to damage due to their portable nature, thus increasing the chances of knocks and bumps. Whist WD won't recover the data if your drive gets damaged within the first two years, they will offer a replacement drive sent straight to your home (postage paid). You just need to return the broken drive by registered post. Given that these large capacity drives are relatively expensive, this makes the WD Passport Ultra a much better investment than most other brands, whilst not being much more expensive. It should go without saying that you should never store data on any kind of storage device without keeping a separate backup! I've personally experienced at least five unrecoverable hard disk failures over the years (only one of which was a WD drive) so be warned.
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on 22 August 2016
I have several of these disks. I use them for back-ups of my laptop and NAS. I have so many as I try to practice the off-site backup method whereby I back everything up twice and keep one copy away from my home - that way if there is a robbery or fire, I still have my alternative location back-up.
The drive itself is very compact and at the time of purchase 2 TB was the largest size you could get in a portable drive (I believe it's upto 3 TB and perhaps ever 4 TB now) and the colours allow for personalisation (or to differentiate drives if you have several like me). The drive uses a proprietry connection at the drive end and a standard USB-A connection at the other. I believe that the drive inside also uses a proprietry conenction meaning those hoping to use the drive in a laptop or games console will be out of luck. All my equipment is USB 2.0 so I can't comment on the read/write speeds, but I tend to leave the drives to do differential backups overnight. No issues formatting for Mac or NAS. The oldest drive is getting on for two years now with no issues.
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on 9 November 2015
I have noted that you can now buy many drives in this category. USB 3 portable, 2.5" and around this capacity, or bigger. What I do like about this one is the lovely finish on the casing and its colour, ok it doesn't do a thing for functionality but at least it is not piano type black which scratches or a dull matte black which is kinda dull.
Also it is made by Western Digital and whilst there are not that many HD manufacturers any more WD have been absolutely superb with and returns and customer support when I have needed them. This to me is worth a small price difference knowing that I have that level of support if needed.
In fact I do tend to navigate towards their drives for that very reason. I do have cheaper and other brands but I do prefer WD.

This drive is not particularly noisy and will transfer at excellent speeds on small or large files.

Great drive and thoroughly recommended.
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on 19 October 2017
Not a reliable drive in my view: I'm worried because I bought several of these in different colours to serve as backup drives and portable storage. This 2TB model has failed, after 3 years, but not after a huge amount of use. I've used this drive to move biggish archives of audio from my desktop to my laptop computer if I've needed to travel with work. Over 3 years, I would estimate that I might have read such archives, and then rewritten them, less than 50 times. However, the drive, which gets transported in a protective case, started to click a couple of months back, and when I needed to use it recently it failed. My disk maintenance software [Data Rescue] reports too many very slow reads of the disk, and Mavericks will no longer write to it. So, I need to cast doubt on the reliability of this product, and I am now worried about the other ones I have, both in this version, and its successor, which I have used in similar ways.
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on 24 February 2016
It was good while it lasted but i made the error of putting it on top of a speaker and it then stopped working. It would sometimes allow me to see the files and would then freeze and was unable to be initialised. Lesson learnt and stupidly i opened it myself thinking i would have a look but should have sent it back to WD. I think the 1TB is slightly more reliable and faster as i have one which has been all over the world with me for years and is still going strong with no issues. I always felt like this was a little too large to have as a portable hardrive both in size, weight and available storage space as you become reliant upon it. I would however recommend it but would also recommend that you keep a back up of your back up and keep it away from magnets!
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on 18 April 2016
When it first arrived, it was absolutely fantastic. It's quick and easy to use. I purchased it as an additional drive as my HDD isn't big enough for all my files. I use a desktop, so despite the size and it's portability, I personally have never taken it out/thrown it into a bag/moved it etc. and I always stop my devices before unplugging them. However a year and a half later, it is starting to show the telltale signs of a hard drive about to fail. It works intermittently now, so I just have to hope I get my files transferred to a new one before the time comes when I plug it in and it doesn't work at all. Have had other WD products in the past without any problems, so I just have to hope that I was unlucky this time. Disappointed.
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on 13 January 2018
This is by far my most used device. I use it for work, pleasure and other stuff. When used properly it can help organize over 12TB of data among several hard drives. I swear by this and have had it for so long and had only one instance of data corruption in so many uses and power failures, that I find it hard to replace it for something with more than twice its storage capacity.
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on 1 February 2017
With a product like this and a bit of discipline and organisation, you could avoid any serious reliance on the cloud for storage. This can store one family's entire life story: documents, photos, music, best films and still have room for more.
While I'm confident the product is reliable, reviews I've read appear to point heavily to the fact that Western Digital, like many electronics firms, don't spend much time looking after their customers once the product is sold. Take that into account too.
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on 7 January 2017
I strongly advise that you avoid this product if you value your files. I have purchased 4 of these WD My Passport drives and 3 have stopped working after only a few years of use. I've taken good care of these drives, they usually sit on my desk or are safely transported in cases on the rare occasion I needed to travel with them. There is no reason I can imagine for these to simply stop working other than they are poor products and should not be relied upon for storing important files. I've lost countless work files thanks to these poor products and spent too much money replacing these drives. I will never purchase a WD product again! I've since purchased the Seagate equivalent which is still going strong and seems to be a much better reliable product. Up your game Western Digital! If anyone can recommend a better portable drive please let me know.
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