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on 3 August 2014
Just a few points to add to the other reviews for this.

Ignore the dimensions given in the Amazon description. The product box states 468x206x447mm and bear in mind these are the external dims to the outside of all those plastic projections.

Not sure what the point is in having the top side fan wafting cool air straight at, then straight out of, the rear exhaust fan???

Just in case this is relevant to anyone, an Asus R9 280x won't fit in this. The very hot 10mm heat sink pipe will be virtually touching the bottom side fan and your pc will go up in smoke!

If you are likely to want to add more than one long, 2 slot graphics card, you'll probably have to remove the bottom hdd cage by drilling out the rivets and/or hacksawing it to death.

Shame the manufacturers/sellers can't give us some relevant, practical information on these products instead of focussing on how shiny the fans are .... moan moan, grumble grumble ....

Side fan switch is a great idea tho!
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on 11 April 2017
A solid gaming case. The fans do a good job at gently & quietly pushing air out of the case. As others have noted, they are far from jet turbines for OCing but are similar to the essential case fans found in an off the shelf oem build. The sd card reader worked after I installed my motherboard drivers & sd cards appear as removable usb drives. -1 star due to lack of front usb 3 ports although this is easily fixed with purchase of a 3.5" usb 3 front panel. The removable bay permits fitting a single long card at an angle, after removing & then reaffixing the rear fan. However, this only supports long cards with rear pcie power connectors (on the short side at the end of the card) such as the Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580. Cards such as MSI 1070 Armor with upright power connectors (on the long side at the top of the card) will not fit. The attached image shows the bump I needed to hammer into the case to fit my 1070's pcie power connector!
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on 21 January 2015
The dimensions stated in description are really misleading, as it is nowhere near those written in there. It is nice enough case for the price, but the size of it is not what I have hoped for. If you stick a decent sized graphics card into it(which will fit allright) and something like a cooler master EVO for your cpu it will leave you with almost no space to move other stuff around. Also there is no way to stick an ssd into it unless you buy a separate tray that will fit in there.kept the case for some other time though and went for Zalman Z11 which is a beauty to work with for the price(currently at 52 quid a piece on amazon).
Update: Put a new build together for a cousin of mine- fx6300+ cooler master evo 212, 16gb ram, asus radeon 270x(which fitted nicely), 2 hdds and a system ssd with an above mentioned tray(£4.99 in maplin). With only two fans(front bottom and back middle) thought temperatures might be slightly over the top but all works well- cpu idles at 30 celsius, gpu's at around 34 all the time. One star up for Vantage case
review image
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on 9 November 2016
This is not a robust case but is great value for money. I fitted an MSI 970 Gaming into it and that is a full ATX board. Despite what others have said it will take a long graphics card, all you need to do is remove the lower hard drive mounts to free up space. Some tips for use. The stand offs for the mother board must be fitted first, an appropriately sized box spanner or head will make life a lot easier. The paint had clogged a couple of the mounting holes on mine but the screws that hold the panels on are the same thread and can be used to clear things out. Check the lead lengths on your power supply as it's a long case and if you stick the DVD drive at the top it can be a stretch to your hard drive. There is no cable management so I recommend tidying things up with cable twists BEFORE you put your graphics card in. The leads to the fans are lightweight so fit them last thing before you attach the side cover and you should be fine. As I said at the start it's not a heavyweight case but once it's screwed back together it's fine sitting on a desk and looks brilliant. Ideal if you want to build a value gaming machine.
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on 27 March 2016
I love this case, I replaced the one that was falling apart and putting all the components into this case was tight but easy enough. I love the design and the fact its really solid. It's a little smaller than normal cases but still able to fit in a large graphics card and non-stock CPU fan. I put in two SSD drivers into it but I think that putting in standard 3.5" would have made it more difficult as my graphics card is very tight but it is still possible. I picked this case because the fans are already in place so it easy to put together. In my old case I had to put in the fans and that caused me to have a headache. The problem though is that the fans require standard old IDE power cables. I had enough (just about) but it would have been easier for me personally to use the standard connections and place them into the PSU directly. You also get all the screws that you require, for the motherboard et al. Overall, I love this case and I have had no overheating issues at all. I can even overclock a little without the system turning off because of to much heat. Compact but perfect really with good air flow. I could connect the media card reader because my motherboard does not have the right connector still everything else works well together. It might not be the first choice for gamers but as a gamer sometimes this is perfect. The price is also really good for what you get.
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on 7 October 2013
The case visually looks great and i would love to give a higher rating but it sadly has some problems which need addressing.
First lets start positive, The case looks great, especially if you leave it running during the night like i sometimes do, the blue LED's looks stunning and it's quite nice to see the whole thing lit up in the dark, also with the buttons (power/reset) being on top it's nice knowing you wont catch them by mistake (not like this happens often to anyone but i have done it before). The case is also very well ventilated providing great air circulation, also offers a side fan (manually turn on and off) for extra ventilation on them hot days. Also the case can support a good number of drives (HDD or DVD/BD) so if you have several HDD drives it's quite nice.

The negatives, some positive features become negative quick with this case, the side fan for instance, it is attached (cables) to the main tower of course, problem is when removing the side you have to be careful as the wire is VERY thin and will snap with any rough treatment, my cables fell out instantly without even rough handling, it could be sorted with someone who knows there electrics enough but it's still a downer. Also the buttons up top, i said this is good which it is but they all hug the USB ports, meaning if you aren't looking when plugging USB devices in you might catch the reset button. Also the case is small on the inside! Though it 'can' hold several drives it is so crammed that you find you can't use some slots because the graphics card or some other piece is half in the way, and as a whole you find it very compact (it would be hard connecting more graphics/RAM as it's so crammed inside), so though it looks nice for size, inside is another story which can be a problem so users with larger or even just normal sized graphics cards.

As a whole the case looks nice and for simple use does it's job fine but because it's so small inside and the wiring is so thin you can't help feel disappointed at times, seems they spent the effort on visual only and forgot the inside. However for the price it costs it isn't to bad of a buy for a casual user but honestly i would consider paying a extra £10 or so and getting some a little more spacious.
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on 20 December 2014
For the price you can't complain. Not as solid as some of the more expensive cases but to be quite honest this case is absolutely fantastic for the price range The LED fans included are weak to say the least in both airflow and colour output, I bought myself some LED fans from Cosair to replace the side panel ones that come with this case which is easily enough to do provided you've used a screwdriver atleast once in your life.

Overall I'm pleased with the purcahse, Other reviews mention cable management being an issue, I completely disagree. Unless you're mounting multiple Disc Drives or HDD's SSD's then there is plenty of room to tuck cables away out of sight. I'm currently using a 750W Non Modular PSU and had no issues tucking the majority of cables away quite nicely. Fiddly at times but certainly do-able.

Unless you're willing to pay more for a better case, then this little guy will do just fine and it looks great!
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2014
I don't know about that but it's certainly a good case at a really good price. Better than it looks on the pictures. My local PC supplier/builder didn't have anything like this in stock, so I said I'll buy the case I want, you build it for me please."

The case is cheap to buy at £35, but not cheap looking. Construction quality is good overall, though there were some doubts about "cramped wire ducts" at the back of the case; which didn't seem to bother the firm that built it that much as everything fitted perfectly! I chose the Red LED Fans as it looks a bit warmer. You can't really see the side fans, unless your set-up is at a weird angle to the desk-top. However, the first thing I did notice was how quiet the fans are. Lovely, just a low, peaceful sound.

Just in case (I know, I'm terrible!)you are wondering, there is plenty of room for Hard Drives and all. The Card Reader and top mounted ports work fine. There is a switch on the side-fan panel which allows you to turn them on if you are doing any heavy work, like video or gaming. Turn them off and it's ultra-quiet. Turn them on and it suck more air through over the components to keep them cool.

Good design, good price, good service.
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on 15 August 2014

Don't worry! This case is still amazing just thought I'd do a quick review update and bring back up to date with how it's going, well I'm pleased to admit that everything is working since the day I got it other than a little dust on the front and top it looks brand new! The cooling system works like a charm and with my grand total of 7 fans you could make ice cream in this thing! (I think 3 fans are on the case) I chose green because it looked nice in the photo and unlike most LED light computers this once was not disappointing and the LED's are defiantly bright and noticeable! My ONLY problem with this case is that the LED lights on the front have no off switch meaning that when I need to leave my computer on and sleep I usually end up just facing the wall and trying to block out the sun like light emanating from my green case and although there is a button on the side of this case to turn off/on this double side fans along with the side LED lighting the front lights are just bright and slightly annoying when all you want is to sleep! So overall this sturdy case is fit for all your midi purposes and the durable metal and glossy plastic won't leave you disappointed when it comes to style there is plenty of room to build you PC and the small features like the textured power - button make it beautiful and easy to operate, everything is always were you need it and the 4 screws on the back are easy to open no tools required making it easy to shift about inside when you realise that you never plugged in the power button -_-
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on 26 August 2015
I had to send this computer case back as it was not the dimensions that were listed. Amazon listing says it has a width of 26 cm, but this is not correct. The width (as published on the box) is only 20.6 cm wide. This meant that I could not build what I wanted - so I immediately returned. Please read this review - and if you are buying because you think it is wide enough - then don't bother as even the 20.6 cm width is at it widest part (the fan aperture) and inside the case, at this point, is actually quite a narrow gap. Will not do - so please Amazon rectify your listing.
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