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on 14 June 2014
as promised, wonderful apparatus, will recommend to others also this, if you need power bank and an wireless file bank.

I got myself also an test for all of those mobiles, android, iphone ( touch and pad ), and windows 8.1, amd it seems to work all with them

android need es3 ( file manager )
windows seems to accept with "File Downloader", connects and does see the files and does allow download ( did not test upload but will do when i know how... )....
ios, i think it was an file manager or ftp manager,

( content sda ( memorycard ) , sda1 ( usb port )

ftp host settings are to me ( admin/admin ) ( did not change settings as i know that i have to reset this frequently )

anyway, tested with those and works, thou all transfers are quite slow, i think that max transfer rate is some like upload max 2Mb/s ( tested at android ), File Downloader shows at windows 8.1 download transfer rate is between 200-300 KB/s, not much but...
if transferring large files prepare to wait, normal video stream works nice, i think that do not use FHD quality, that needs too high data transfer ratio.
( i dont know yest any program for windows 8.1 that could accept stream transfer, so only way is to download.... ( for now. )

BUT IT WORKS ... mostly ;-)

Remember, it seems to time to time to get stuck and u you need to reset it, ( pin hole near charging port ) , turn on wifi so that you see signal light, press pin hole 10 sec and restart ( helped on me )

and as usual it does work as an normal charger... good 8800mAh unit is exelent.

one thing is that i could not make it work as an lan - wlan router, tried settings few times but it did not share exist lan ( did not route it ) .... darn...

Do i recommend this, yes, it has its potent, could have better transfer rate and could be bit more "steady" to keep itself working without reset, even that is simple thing to do )
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on 17 May 2014
Easy to setup if you follow the suggested app installs on the client devices (all android in my case). Streamed two different movies to two devices (Kindle Fires) simultaneously with no buffering from a usb thumb drive. Will charge my Kindle 3 with no problem. Doesn't even register as an input charge on my Kindle Fires. I tried two different Fires and three different cables. I haven't got an iPad to test it with but suspect it would struggle there too.

As a streaming device it's great so far. As a charging device, which is one of the primary reasons I bought this (with two kids on a transatlantic flight to consider) it is a huge disappointment. It may just be that this is a faulty one (unlikely as it charges my Kindle 3 and my phone) so it's going back to see if a replacement item is any better.

OK, getting back to this item after a period of use. I decided not to return it because the WiFi functionality is brilliant. Still won't handle charging Kindle Fires though, although it meets the charging requirements of my Samsung Tab 10. I swapped a few emails with tech support who offered an explanation. A 20 year career in electronics didn't support their response, but at least they looked into it. Got ext batt units from another retailer for the Fires which work great (£10 each). More than happy to recommend this for the batt function for a Samsung and the WiFi is fantastic.
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on 13 May 2014
It's an amazingly versatile piece of kit, and any one of its multiple uses are worthwhile on their own. But to have a small neat box which provides power, enables SD cards to be transferred to any wifi device, or from a device to an external hard drive, plus providing a wifi network and wifi repeater, is pretty cunning.
Unfortunately it's not too easy to set up and use, as so many reviews agree. The instructions are very limited, and there's no additional information on the website. In the UK you need the iTransfer Pro app on your wifi device or something similar to transfer files, not the one mentioned in the instructions.
I haven't managed to make the wifi repeater work yet.
Charging takes ages, and yes you need a particular USB lead (it doesn't take a standard mini USB) to connect it up. The battery lasts ages though, and will charge up iPads and iPhones etc easily.
For travelling it's brilliant - providing back up power, and with an SD card or external hard drive, back up storage for phones and tablets. Plug it into a network and it'll give you a wifi network too, theoretically.
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on 18 July 2015
Great for watching films off portable hard drive on samsung tablet. Kids can watch one film on theirs at the same time as we watch a different one on ours. Would give 5 stars but instructions are lacking. Very slow for uploading photos and still have not figured out what else it does. We boughtto watch films so great for that.
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on 14 December 2013
I bought the WiFi Access Point in order to be able to access my mobile Harddrives from my Android devices because the USB Host funktion on Android never works flawless with HD's. Now I can acces it over Wifi and it works fine. Videostreaming from the HD to the Mobile works with DVD Quality Avi's files but the Wifi speed is too low for Mpeg2. With a highly compress HD Video it works also but for Full HD the Speed is to slow again.
Overall a nice device, but don't expect more then 5 Meter WiFi Range
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on 5 August 2014
One of those things every mad techie should have. I carry a 2.5" USB hard drive for backup etc. With this it becomes a wifi storage device, which I can use with my iPad. As the router has a built in battery it powers the drive as well, or will recharge mobile phone. I carry a mid-size briefcase and it's another useful brick in the bag.
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on 7 June 2014
This is an excellent product. It was bought so my husband could access films and TV shows stored on external HDD on his iPad mini. This was to minimise the amount of "stuff" he would need to take on a 60 day trip at sea. The ship doesn't have wifi so we were a bit concerned that this would need wifi to run, but it doesn't. It's very easy to set up, although you do need to buy the app it uses to run the easy acc. It was about £1.99 from the App Store. Within minutes we were streaming a film from the HDD and watching it with no problems at all on the iPad mini. He's been at sea for almost 30 days now and everything is still worki perfectly. One thing that is worth knowing, it doesn't come wih a charger. We had one that fitted lying around, but you'd need to take that into consideration when buying.
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on 9 March 2014
Excellent product, it does what it says. reason for 4 stars & not 5 because the instructions are very poor if you dont know what you are doing , you may not be able to use all its functions. I connected it to iphone 4s. The app name is wrong on the instructions, it does not exist. After trying several apps, the correct app that worked is called FileBrowser. & you do need the full paid version to be to use it.
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on 11 January 2014
This equipment is a must have for anyone owning a tablet computer.
It makes it easy to access all forms of storage and can also act as emergency back up power supply for mobile phones.

Flexibility is the name of the game, it has only one drawback and that is the speed of recharge which is quite slow. It is however a minor problem if you are organised and remember to keep it charged regularly.
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on 10 June 2015
Very useful bit of kit and now a year into owning it and still providing good charge. The wifi is a bit fiddily to use with mobile devices for accessing files, etc, but paid for itself quick on the run having so to save and send images and copy. Haven't tried the SD slots but given how reliable it is, I wouldn't be surprised if it was good at that too. Agree with other reviewers that it's a little easy to accidentally switch on the wifi in your bag, but easily remedied with a bit of tape / astute packing
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