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on 20 May 2013
When you hear 'Daft Punk', the first thing that comes to mind is that classic vocoder, the heavy-hooking melodies, the pounding rhythmic beat of the drums to the modular synths in the background. Random Access Memories is, without a doubt Daft Punk, but it's a sign of how the group is evolving. The signature sound is still there, but don't expect this to be a hard electro, hard pumping album.

Random Access Memories knows what it is, and Daft Punk knew what they were making when they were making it. This album brings feeling back into music. It brings back that human, natural emotive sensation you get when you listen to a song that's been constructed with all the finest details considered. 'Get Lucky', a song that we're now all too familiar with, took 18 months alone to create.

A lot of people say that this album is 'Too much collaboration, not enough Daft Punk'. But if you think this, you're missing the point. Daft Punk have hidden their identities. They want to be about the music. They want to create something real and different and they're well capable of creating tracks like 'One More Time' again. But this album has a touch of class, it's so refreshing. I has the modern feel with the subtle tang of those delicious 80's guitar licks, the soulful vocals and smooth basslines and drum beats. It has that incredibly cool Daft Punk vibe about it, but it's something different and it's something I love. Great album.
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on 20 May 2013

1. Give Life Back To Music - A definite dancefloor filler full of funky rhythms and those trademark robotic vocals. A great album opener that hits you right from the start with its climatic intro and doesn't give up until the end. 5/5
3. Giorgio By Moroder - The albums most ambitious, layered song that delves into a variety of sounds very successfully. It begins with an interesting narration from Giorgio Moroder before a funky backing cuts in. Then things take a turn into unmistakeable Daft Punk territory with an extremely catchy synth riff which stays around for most of the remainder of the song. We then head into a section with jazz piano and guitar before an orchestral breakdown...and that's when things really get exciting. This song could do with editing down as it slightly fizzles out before the end but this is an excellent song for the most part. It is however, not a song i would revisit as much as the others due to the length and the narration. 4/5
4. Within - A slow paced, melancholic soft pop number with robotic vocals and twinkly piano lines. The chorus is gorgeous. The only slow paced song on the album that i really liked. 4/5
5. Instant Crush - Slightly downbeat in tone with a chugging guitar and thoughtful synths and the robotic vocals go well with the song. The chorus is really great. It does sound like a Strokes song which is no coincidence since their singer, Julian Casablancas, does the vocal duties. 4/5
8. Get Lucky - An absolute belter. Utterly infectious and Pharrell William's vocals go really well with the song. 5/5
12. Doin It Right - Bound to be a huge hit. The robotic hook and Panda Bear's vocals mesh together to make a really uplifting song. One of the albums best alongside Get Lucky. 5/5


6. Lose Yourself To Dance - Another funky guitar tune. Not as good or immediate as Live Life Back To Music or Get Lucky but still a decent song despite being slightly monotonous and lifeless. It just kind of plods along although the robotic vocals liven things up a bit when they kick in. 3/5
7. Touch - The strangest song on the album. Very theatrical with grand chord changes, a childrens choir and a big buildup. It does take a while to get going but once it kicks into gear it becomes very joyous and incredibly uplifting with a refrain of 'if love is the answer then hold on, hold on'. I would give it a higher score if the intro was trimmed down a lot. 3/5
10. Motherboard - A gorgeous instrumental. I would describe it as dreamlike. Loses steam towards the end though 3/5
13. Contact - A big number powered by icy, bittersweet keyboards and NASA dialogue during the intro. A mixture of prog rock and dance. The song has a very triumphant, determined feel about it. Gets very exhilarating during the middle when things get super charged but is let down by a bloated, elongated ending filled with feedback noises which i'm sure was there to add a certain character to the song but i found it a tad dull. I have to say that the song would have more impact if it was played without live instruments and had a bit more of an electronic beat. If it was made during the Discovery album i'm sure i'd like it more. A satisfactory closer nonetheless. 3/5


2. Game Of Love - A slow paced number with a sensual air about it with its clipped funk guitar, echoing keyboards and yearning robotic vocals. Very ordinary and lacks a decent chorus. The first song on the album that outstays its welcome. 2/5
9. Beyond - Laid back funk tune with robotic vocals mostly propelled by a catchy bassline. I myself found it very boring and felt like skipping for most of the song. There isn't much energy there which is a problem when the music is so uninspiring. The orchestral intro was a bit misjudged too although it was brief. 2/5
11. Fragments Of Time - Upbeat mid tempo pop number again mostly powered by a bassline. The chorus has a certain charm to it with its wonky synths and the pace picks up near the end before the final chorus but apart from that it's really nothing special and not something i'd want to revisit. 2/5

Summary: Contains some excellent tunes and teeters on the edge of being a real must own album but is let down by a few of the slower numbers towards the end and a few songs could have been edited down slightly. But apart from that, this is an exceptional pop/dance album and is sure to go down as one of the most assured, ambitious, eclectic and downright enjoyable albums of 2013.
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on 25 May 2013
If you were looking for the team who produced the Tron Legacy soundtrack or Technologic you won't find them here. This is lifeless disco.
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on 30 May 2013
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........I, like many others i expect, got the catchy summer anthem "get lucky" stuck in my head and bought this album on the back of it. I thought it would be a varied and interesting mix of slamming dance, low tempo, cool funk, interesting anime inspired tunes and (after their recent Tron soundtrack) epic soundscapes. Little did i expect it to sound in parts like the lazy g-funk stylings of Nate Dogg's "regulate" (youtube it, you'll know it when you hear it) and even "get lucky" sounds like Cliff Richard the more that i listen to it.

This album is basically like the horrible vomit steve wright plays on his radio 2 show when he is feeling self indulgent and puts on loads of Randy Crawford. i keep expecting the ends of songs to fade out and him to start singing over the top of them.

For goodness sake try harder next time please
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on 21 May 2013
hi I'm tom (age 17). In early February 2013 I heard of the name daft punk but I didn't get in to the music at the time but after listening to ONE MORE TIME I fully researched and listened to daft punk's homework then discovery then human after all and lastly alive 2007.

HOMEWORK: I really thought this was good as it had the acid house and electro with funk, my favourites on this album would be:
.da funk
.oh yeah
.high fidelity
.Rollin' and scratching
.around the world
.indo silver club

DISCOVERY: this was a close one as I do prefer this one to homework, it is very electro pop'n'party, because it had my favourites:
.one more time
.harder better faster stronger
.short circuit
.high life

HUMAN AFTER ALL: I know that there had been lots of mixed reviews on this album but I listened to it a few more times and the songs do grasp you, the ones that had to grow on me and didn't feel to do anything was the 'BRAINWASHER' and 'STEAM MACHINE' as it was disturbing and scary, my favourites on this album though:
.robot rock
.human after all
.television rules the nation

ALIVE 2007: I can not fault or say my favourite tracks on this album because it was my favourite album and all the songs are epic and tune-erific, by far the best album, even better than RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES, but let's get on to that below
( see below)

RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES: this came to me on the 21st may 2013, and after listening to all tracks it is a real change to the other albums but that's a good thing and it's really good, it had soul,electro,jazz,funky vibe,very unique, my second favourite album to alive 2007. my favourites on this album are:
.give life back to music
.lose yourself to dance
.get lucky
.doin' it right

I hope this review was helpful from a 17 year old's point of view, helpful from the
tracks you might accept in all the albums thank you and buy this album!!!!!!!!x
love you daft punk and daft punk buyers and fans!
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 27 May 2013
This album is dreadful. Unless you like Shalamar. It sounds like a bunch of musos showing off their funk/disco chops. The production is horrible. It all sounds far too slick, lacking any warmth. They have failed to re-create the classic 70's/80's sound they're obviously after. The songs are also very dull and that bloody vocoder!!! Maybe it will sound really cool in 5 years time but i highly doubt it. Almost unlistenable.
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on 25 May 2013
Superb. Mature. Soulful. Funky and lots of moog modular synthesizer. And no compression/loudness war ruining it. Old school disco with daft punk twist. Sound quality is audiophile. Excellent recording techniques good bass extension crystal clear. If your over 40 you will get it. If your under 25 perhaps not. Children love it. Its time pop music grew up again and daft punk has reset the bench mark. No duff tracks, a tour de force of intellegent witty and full of humanity. Recommended especially if you have high end stereo or top headphones.
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on 6 June 2013
Unpaid interns are all the rage - Google, Vogue, CNN... Any organisation needing to make serious money in these times can get desperate students to work for free.
Sounds like Daft Punk have decided it would be a good idea as well - get some interns in, let them knick up an album on there mac books while Mr Daft and Mr Punk can get on with drinking cocktails in a hammock in the sun.
"make it sound a bit like the old stuff, that's what the public will want"
"eh there, a bit more vocoder on there"
"sounds like Chromeo, make it a bit crapper"
"hey who's this Pharrel bloke who needs a job? Get him to intern and he can do a rap"
"some old bloke called Niall Rogers is at the door asking if we had any work? Cool, get him in, but don't give him any credit in the publicity... I want everyone out to think we're the talented ones"

Seriously this album is a dull listen and I can't be that bothered to review it.

Basically it cost me £4.99 which is the same price as a pint of lager in a posh central London pub. In the past, an album would have been the price of seven or eight beers, but this album is definitely a one-pinter.

I actually enjoyed that £4.99 pint in The Wheatsheaf Pub, but there's something definitely wrong with the pipes down at Ye Olde Daft Punk.
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on 5 October 2013
There are unmistakably, so many other albums worthy of your SERIOUS listening, consideration and enjoyment...than this utter DAFT, CRAP JUNK!

Still, if you really must insist on making your ears bleed, do it on your own; don't subject others to this utter rubbish.

A MUSIC fan!

PS. this only got a star at all, so I could get this printed!
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on 6 June 2013
I am a massive fan and follower of daft punk, so it pains me to do this, but I am very disappointed with this album. The 1970s style works well once or twice, but after 13 songs its annoying being stuck in the 70s!
One or two songs stand out but nothing takes your breath away like on the earlier albums. Some songs make you wonder how they made it onto the album at all!
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