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on 6 February 2014
I had looked at Eye-Fi cards for years but never thought the extra expense was needed but now with so many social media channels I have become addicted to sharing my photos on instagram.
So I brought a WIFI compact camera and although it took great photos they were nothing like ones achieved with a CSC (Compact System Camera). So I purchased a Canon EOS-M on a great deal.
Problem - I had to wait until I got home to transfer to my phone for Instagram - not ideal. Then for some reason I thought of Eye-Fi again and found this card.

- It works brilliantly with it being built into the Canon Firmware.
- The transfers are faster than I expected - copies a high-res photo in around 10 seconds.
- The app is really easy to connect to, reliable and stable
- Now transfers video too (Updated 06 Mar)

NEGATIVES - All with the App - As of Feb 2014
- When you connect to the card and open the app it will transfer EVERY photo to your device that hasn't been transferred previously. If you have taken 500 shots since your last connection it will copy all those 500 to your phone. I have no idea what happens if you run out of space.
- You can only transfer the image to an iOS device once. So if you want it on your iPhone AND iPad you can't. It will remember what photos have been transferred and there is no option to re-transfer.
- You can't pick what photos you want to transfer. So if you have just taken a quick snap and want to upload it to Instagram you have to wait for any previously un-transferred photos to be copied over first.

I am impressed but a few stupid functions of the app really let it down. I don't understand why they have done it that way. It doesn't bother me too much as I now just use my iPhone as the storage for the photos rather than my camera. Then I just transfer all photos from my iPhone to my home system and leave the ones on the camera as they are then just duplicates.

Check out the app at: [...]
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on 13 February 2014
The Eye-Fi Mobi card does exactly what it says on the tin - transfers photos from most cameras to your iOS/Android device.
It does this quickly and they are then usable just as any other photo on your device, to message, email or post to social media etc.

However, once you connect to the Eye-Fi card all of your photos are transferred.
All of them.
In order.

So if it's just the last picture you took that you want, you have to wait for everything else to come across.
And once they've been transferred the card will not offer them up to a different device (if you're using an iPhone and iPad, for example).

Maybe this will change in the future with a new version of the app. Maybe not. In an ideal world I wanted to browse thumbnails of my photos, select the ones I wanted, and have those transfer. This isn't possible today.

There are 3rd party apps available (ShutterSnitch on iOS for example) which add a bit more functionality - for example keeping your photos out of the phone camera roll (where they inevitably all make their way up to your Photo Stream and everywhere else!).

Great concept - restricted execution for now.
4 stars for potential!
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on 4 November 2016
This has been a nightmare to set up! You receive very little information with the card, as though it was just meant to work. Well, my phone can't detect the card in the Wifi setting at all, and I've been googling for hours to figure out how this works!!!! In my camera, when I go to 'Eye-Fi settings', enable 'Eye-Fi trans', and click on 'Connection info', it just says 'not connected' as can be seen on the picture I am attaching herewith.

I will have to return this. Maybe I was unlucky, but still - the company should maybe make their website easier to use and have proper troubleshooting tips!!
review image
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on 20 May 2017
Having paid £51.99 for a memory card that is only 16GB, I was hoping it would be worth it, but never mind. I accept there are components to fit inside of it, but the plastic is clearly too thin, breaking around the switch to lock it. I sent an email, and after a long time I was sent a replacement card at no extra cost - this was good. However, not long (a few months, and I don't move the card much) the card cracked again, this time right at the top and I was not putting that into my camera. I left this be and used a cheap 32GB card, which has lasted many years at a fraction of the cost, continuing to use your cloud service at $5 a month. However, I am giving up with this as well. The app for android devices is acceptable at best, the interface feels dated and I can't just download the photos from it; neither can I stop it from uploading photos sent to my phone via Whatsapp, downloads etc. The web version isn't much better, is it really that hard to zoom on a photo, or download multiple at once? I guess so...
Therefore, I am not renewing my membership, and using Google Photos instead - despite a reduction in quality it is ample for my needs, free, and has a much better user experience.
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on 8 February 2017
Amazingly useful SD card. Simple to set up. Connects to phone using Keenai app which automatically grabs the photos as they are taken on my SLR, and then it uses Microsoft OneDrive to upload from Keenai folder to the cloud, so photos are almost immediately backed up when I have a good signal, and done later when there's weak or no signal.

Speed seems pretty great, although I'm not an expert here. Certainly not seen any slowdown on my camera even in burst shot mode.

Does benefit from being in a camera that understands EyeFi cards. My SLR seems to know when the card is transmitting, and won't turn off until this is complete - even though the standby timer has run its course.
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on 6 October 2014
I wanted to be able to copy photos from my camera (Nikon D300s) to my phone to post photos on Facebook so bought the Mobi SD card. It works well and sends full resolution photos to your phone but occasionally it has not copied all the images despite having plenty space on the phone to accept them. Overall though, it's great and I'm pleased I bought one. I went for the 32Gb as it worked out cheaper per Gb to buy a 32Gb card than an 8Gb card (£58/32Gb, £31/8Gb). You will need to download the Mobi app for your phone. The downside (with the app) is that, whilst it gives you the option to save the photos to the phone or an ext. card, it will only save to the phone! App needs some work on it! My work around (I have found) is to create a folder on my ext. card and after my photo shooting, I COPY them to the external card. The MOVE option will not work which would be ideal. If you choose the MOVE option, nothing will happen. After copying them to the external card, I go to the Mobi folder on the phone
(which creates itself as soon as the photos start to copy to the phone) and delete the photos. Not ideal but if you don't you will soon fill up the space on your phone. The app does allow you to set a limit of the Mb/Gb (min 500Mb) space you want to store the photos on your phone. I've set mine to 1Gb.

Once you have the app, the photos copy to the phone automatically, you don't have to do anything. Leave your camera switched on, however, to give the card time to copy the photos to your phone.

Four stars and not five? Well, not all the photos have transmitted up to now ( to be fair I've just got it so maybe it's something I'm doing) and the app which you have to have to work with card needs some work on it to make it perfect.
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on 18 February 2016
I bought this for my Canon DSLR and it's a godsend. I take a picture and it's almost instantly uploaded to my iPhone.
It's very easy to set up in the camera settings.
The only slight downside is when I registered it, it gave me the free cloud trial, which I didn't want so I had to cancel it. Also whenever I took a photo on my iPhone, it also uploaded it to the Eyefi cloud!
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on 2 May 2016
Have wanted to use my digital SRL for some time but always frustrating getting photos from the camera to a better method of sharing. Took the plunge into eyefi with this card and had a great start with all my holiday photos quickly available on my iPad with very little effort. There are times when the iPad links automatically links to another wifi signal and took a couple of attempts to pair again but generally ok.
My main problem was really with the app, I don't really wish to subscribe with another storage service and there seemed no simple way to get photos from the app directly to dropbox which was my sharing method of choice. I really love the transfer of photos to my iPad and that's the main reason to purchase the eyefi card, with improvement to the app I would say five stars.
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on 10 May 2017
I hate having to take the SD card out after an event to filter in Photoshop, and then forget to take it out and you cant take any pictures.
This connects easily up to your wifi network and all you need to do is install some software on your pc for it to sync and all the pictures download.
You can also do the same on your mobile device as there is an app.

Worth every penny...
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on 2 December 2016

Struggled to get the software installed on Windows 7 and then got a constant "EyeFiReceiver has stopped working" error message. Software is installed as Keenai Desktop Transfer and that's as far as I could get.

A complete waste of time and money, back it goes!
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