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on 30 September 2013
This wi-fi hotspot really does work well. It is compact, neat and very useful. I often keep in my pocket when travelling and just link up with my tablet when necessary. I have not experienced any problems so far and the range is also good.

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on 26 June 2013
Purchased this device because I was fed up paying for a landline which I never use in order to get broadband I charged it up inserted a sim (3) plugged into my laptop and connected to the internet in about 60 secs after driver installation. Have tried it in various locations including a notorious deadspot (HG3)and have got 4/5 bars. I have now cancelled my landline and broadband provider I am delighted with the performance so far.
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on 10 January 2014
Excellent, I was able to use the internet without any problems when I was travelling abroad last summer. A great piece of equipment.
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on 10 June 2014
I cannot write a good enough recommendation for this handy device. I am glad I spent hours of research before making the right choice.
A little bit of background: I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface to make life easy instead of chugging my old Acer laptop 'everywhere I go' and obviously the first big problem staring at me was to get convenient, mobile internet. I initially juggled between getting a dongle or a mifi but decided to go for the latter as they offered a wider range of choices. Going for an unlocked device was an easy decision and the Huawei devices stood out.
Now this device, first the size. It is as small as a Samsung Galaxy mini and weighs even less. It doesn't even have to stay in your pocket, it can be inside your handbag on the seat opposite you, in your suitcase on the rack above your head, or in your backpack and still deliver seamlessly.
Opening the back cover and inserting the SIM card is much easier than replacing the SIM in my Samsung S3 and setting it up to use on my mobiles, laptop and tablet was as simple as searching for the network and typing the network key [conveniently located on the back cover] and hey presto! Full green service. Oh, and yes, it worked on all four devices at the same time.
Its hard to find fault with this device. I too find the blinking green light sometimes a tad bit annoying but that can easily be put down to neurosis. Also it does last FOUR HOURS, nothing more, nothing less! With the surface however, that is a miniscule problem as there is a handy USB port with which I can charge the device using a standard USB cable. I bought this with the EE 4G 6GB SIM card and at 38 quid, this little piggy is going 'wheeee!' all the way home!!!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 9 December 2013
I recently became the rather proud custodian of a Galaxy Tab 3 (the cheapest one!) and was advised to get myself one of these gizmos to go with it. What I knew about this sort of technology at the time could all have been written, double-spaced and in capital letters, on a Lilliputian postage stamp. My eyes were like saucers in the computer shop: I think the salesman thought I was trying to hypnotise him or something.

Anyway, he did a wonderful job of matchmaking me with my Samsung and then an equally good job of turning that relationship into a very exciting threesome with this gadget. My tablet budget didn't run to buying something ridiculously expensive, but I did want the ability to surf the net in the middle of nowhere. He reckoned, for what I planned on using my prospective tablet for, it was much better to approach the issue of mobile internet from this direction - plus I would have the ability to run up to five Wi-Fi gadgets off this one device as well. He sounded convincing, if frighteningly over-enthusiastic, but he may as well have been telling me all that in Mandarin Chinese as far as me and my pathetically poor grasp of technological gobbledygook was concerned, so I just agreed with him and handed him my credit card. By that stage I simply wanted to go and have a lie down in a dark room somewhere.

I was initially rather sceptical about having the nous to set this mobile Wi-Fi up but, miraculously, it took me only about ten minutes to do. I know nothing whatsoever about the technical specifications of it but what I can tell you is it works brilliantly. I'm on the Three network; in the house, the signal makes mincemeat of the comparatively feeble effort made by my home Wi-Fi while, out and about, the signal has so far been consistently reliable.

The battery lasts for several hours and can be recharged via a computer connection or the mains, with plugs and leads for both included. The instructions are pretty extensive but not too intimidating, which is obviously ideal for the likes of me.

I am exceptionally pleased with this gadget: not least because it has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me to bring a little Siobhan Fahey into my life wherever I happen to be. I cannot emphasise enough what a very great pleasure that is! Any gizmo that can do that deserves five stars and the electronic equivalent of a knighthood if you ask me.
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on 16 October 2013
Worked straight away with my wifes "Orange" (EE) sim card.I had tried it first time with my Giffgaff sim and got nowhere. Once I knew there was no problem with the gadget I got on to the Giffgaff website and the FAQs led me to the solution. Because Giffgaff works on the O2 network the automatic response of the machine is to lead you in to O2 not Giffgaff - so you have to change some permissions on the web page which pops up when you plug the gadget in to your laptop. See the Giffgaff website for help with this. It does not take long and is a one off fix which means everything is now great. I also got no response from the machine when I plugged it in to my main PC which runs on Linux (Ubuntu) (my laptop uses XP) - just check that that wont be a problem if you run any linux devices.

Apart from my snags I think with any mainstream sim card it will work straight out the box. It is certainly an able replacement for my broadband connection(slightly slower as you'd expect). I'm off to Spain next week so I'll see how it goes when I buy a Spanish sim.

Update - Could not get the French networks to work with this but I'm having no problem in Spain and that is without buying a Spanish sim yet. i.e. GiffGaff is ok in Spain but struggles in France - don't know why. Obviously a Spanish sim will be much cheaper but I think I've proved the principle that it will work OK. Good gadget
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on 12 April 2014
I ordered this after using a Huawei HiLink dongle as a short-term measure. I was extremely pleased with the coverage of that one and the simplicity - it's very intuitive. So I decided to try this wireless version.

When this one arrived, I was delighted - it's lightweight, and unlike the wired dongle, it's easy to remove the back to insert the Sim card (actually easier than on my phone). It's not quite as intuitive - you have to access the web page in order to change the SSID, for example. Having said that, plug it in to the pc and the software downloads very quickly.

I've docked one star. This is because although coverage here is excellent, it's rather temperamental, and difficult to place where it will actually give out a signal. I was eventually able to connect to it wirelessly, but only after a lot of faffing. If I'm going to be using it alone, I'll have it plugged into the laptop; if I'm sharing it, I'll have to find where in the room it will give out the strongest signal and hope for the best. I've also docked the star because of the annoying flishyflashy green light when it's on standby.
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on 27 August 2014
Needed internet access urgently and purchased one of these from a catalogue shop . On switching on , all the green lights came on but within seconds the internet signal icon turned red . Laptop confirms "no signal" .Thought it was just reception in the local area and when travelling to different towns took it along . No signal anywhere . Took it into the 3 shop where you would expect good reception (as it had a 3 sim) , still nothing . Asked them if they would try one of their working sims in it and still nothing . Got a refund !
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on 26 October 2014
This is a difficult item for me personally to review firstly I live in a rural area so 3G was not available in most areas. So of course in these areas which is pretty much everywhere and it was no use to me at all. And then I found when I did have 3G like if I went to Manchester or somewhere like that it would work which is great but 3G was fine for me so I didn't really understand why you needed the Wi-Fi anyway. The only time I found this to be useful was when staying at hotels that had slow Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi that you had to pay for. I would literally only use this in a hotel that I would have to pay for Wi-Fi for however I would need to top up the Sim to use the Wi-Fi anyway. Overall it's a very cute item it looks really nice and it's simple to use but I found it pretty much useless I still don't know why I bought it. Basically it only works when you have 3G and personally I find 3G is quick enough and good enough for me so it was pointless again, for me. I could definitely see how it could be useful abroad however you do have to get abroad and find a Sim or top up the Sim with a travel package to cover your Wi-Fi.
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on 19 November 2014
Very disappointed. Ordered this after all the good reviews. However, it will only work whilst plugged in to a power source - which defeats the purpose of it being mobile. Battery doesn't charge after very first use. I'm guessing I've received a faulty one.
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