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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 June 2015
In nearly two and a half two years, not counting the original that came with the S4, I had gone through three official Samsung batteries and one that was supposed to be but I'm pretty sure was a counterfeit on close inspection and one double capacity one that came with a bigger back. The official ones lasted about 4 months or so before they started losing capacity and after 6 weren't exactly useless but I needed to always carry a battery pack or a spare with me if out for more than a few hours just to be safe. The suspected fake lasted about two months when it started going down hill to where it was practically dead after three. That 'official' Samsung was bought off here as were a couple of so called S2 official batteries I bought some time ago. The double sized one lasted about 8 weeks or so before it started losing capacity at a rapid rate of knots but I suspect that was likely just faulty and returned for a refund as I wasn't going to risk another. So all in all, not a good record.

So far these RAVs have been slightly better than brand new official Samsung batteries being 2800mAh (and marked as such) instead of the 2600 mAh of the Samsung ones (I just noticed that these are labelled as 2600mAh on here and the images are marked 2600mAh 9.88Wh but mine are marked 2800mAh 10.64Wh so I wonder if they have replaced the 2600 with the 2800 model and kept the same model number - RC B600BE or it's pot luck which you receive when ordering). Charging time from empty to full seems to reflect that extra 200mAh capacity with a full charge taking just under 10% longer than the official used to using the exact same Samsung 2A USB charger that came with the S4. Either way, I have no complaints as I do see the difference, slight as it might be.

Also, considering these are a quarter or less of the price of the official ones bought from Samsung to be safe**, if they only last the same 4 to 5 months or so before starting to lose capacity as the the official ones did I will be happy. However, I am now going into my fourth month and I am getting the same usage time out of them as I did at the beginning so fingers crossed :).

** I started buying direct from Samsung as the claimed 'official' Samsung ones I have bought from here in the past, both for this and the S2 model have been suspect to say the least, going by their short life, even when the price has been close to Samsung's own price. The one 'cheap' supposedly official one I bought from here was obviously a fake when I looked closely at it when it only lasted two months before usage time went down rapidly and after 3 months was as good as dead in that it held enough charge when 'fully charged' to last just a few tens of minutes in standby. However, in my experience, even official Samsung S4 batteries are pretty rubbish as are the official S2 batteries I have bought over the last few years for my old S2 used as an emergency backup to my S4. It is one of the reasons I will never buy a phone that doesn't have a user replaceable battery. Hence no S6 for me even though I love the looks and the specification.
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on 16 April 2014
Purchased this battery as my Samsung s4 was playing up due to a faulty Samsung battery. It kept switching on and off and wouldn't initialize. I've had this new battery a couple of days and my phone is back to running properly and the charge is lasting longer than the Samsung battery. Highly recommend.
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on 12 September 2013
The battery is a great alternative battery at a very reasonable price. It lasts as long or probably longer than the original battery & is manufactured to a high standard. It has no NFC which may be a problem for some but isn't a problem to myself.
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on 30 June 2016
Its too big but I eventually got it in my Samsung S4 buts its very difficult to get the back back on. It said on the packaging that it had NFC but said nothing about it on the battery. It has NOT got NFC so I immediately returned it for a refund as I use NFC tags and need it for my contactless banking app. A battery without NFC is no good to me at all! I have now bought an Anker and that has got the NFC aerial in the battery and it holds a good charge as well
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on 1 July 2014
I got this as it's claims to be 2800mAh and so I expected it to last a bit longer than the standard 2600mAh. Wrong!! If I take it off the charger fully charged at 5am it is flat by 3pm. 10 hours is not really acceptable. Get the Anker, you get a good 24 hours out of one of those.
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on 17 December 2014
I received this battery to test and evaluate in exchange with my fair and honest review.

This came with a secured packaging and it is in a white box and size of like a phone box and with padding to secure the battery.
The box has a logo of RAV power and easy to open.
The battery fits perfect on my Samsung S4 just like the original battery.
I normally charge my phone at the end of the day and this batter last longer compared to the original battery. So far so good and I love this new battery.
If you are looking for a replacement battery for Samsung S4 I would definitely recommend this battery. This is reliable and definitely affordable. I will buy it if I need to replace the other phone I have.


So far so good. No issues. At the end of the day I still have 40-50 percent on my battery. I would highly recommend it.
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on 17 August 2015
I purchased this battery as a potential solution to a hardware issue i was experiencing on my S4. Combined with this I'd had the phone and original battery for other 18months, so was aware the battery probably wasn't as good as when new. This RavPower battery was recommended and i must admit has been great.

Firstly I've noticed a 20-25% increase in battery life over what i was getting. Secondly and probably interlinked is the phone runs markedly cooler with heavy usage than before and my issue has also reduced.

Whether I'd have gotten the same results with a new stock battery I'll never know. But this was cheaper and has outperformed all my expectations.
Highly recommended
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on 14 April 2016
Vendor shipped the item very quickly and it arrived a day earlier than expected. When it arrived the battery had a 50% charge, so could be used straight away. Fitting and using this battery has proved that it was a failing battery that was causing all my phone problems. This battery doesn't run down as fast as the genuine Samsung battery when the phones on standby. Great price on a great product.
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on 20 January 2016
After becoming rather annoyed with the quality and appalling longevity of the S4 Samsung batteries I thought I'd try an alternative manufacturer before giving up on the S4 completely. Somewhere between a week and three months after buying a new Samsung battery I would be plagued with severe stability problems and random reboots (perhaps "reconditioned" or counterfeit or I'm REALLY unlucky).
I've been using the RavPower for about 2 weeks now, it's still early to make a true comparison but it's already outlived some of the "Genuine" Samsung batteries I've bought.

Good things:
This battery seems rock solid, build feels up to standard
seems to be holding it's charge better than some of the "genuine" Samsung batteries, completely cured the stability problems I've been experiencing,
price is competitive
it's a really good fit for the phone.

Nothing bad to say about this battery.
I have no interest in NFC, but if you do, I've read that there are "issues" when using this battery that you may want to check out first.
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on 4 June 2016
This battery was brilliant for three months: it lasted a really long time, easily a full day, and NFC worked great. But after just under over three months of use, the battery completely failed. I thought the phone had broken so I took it to Carphone Warehouse, but they found the battery was giving a "catastrophic failure" code. Not worth the risk, even if some have had success.
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