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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 December 2016
good book
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on 27 May 2014
Very slow read padded out to much kept waiting for the end but was surprised when I got to the finish
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on 2 September 2013
Another really good book by Chris Ewan. A little different to Safe House and the Good Thief series in that this story is told as a more conventional narration rather than in the first person like Chris's other books, but nevertheless a good structured novel.

So why 4 stars and not 5? Well for me, I found it a little difficult to find a connection with Trent, the main character in this novel, attempting to negotiate a hostage situation with the aim of finding his fiancee. Is he a moral hero, a good guy gone bad or action hero - I was never quite sure and found myself caring a little less for the character as the story progressed. The one character that did grow on me actually being dispensed with halfway through the story (no names!).

As always with these novels, the location is also key to the story and the author has evidently researched the South of France with some wonderful descriptions of local life and places.

A good read and a really good book, would recommend to anyone to download.
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Having loved "Safe House" I was very much looking forward to this novel from Mr Ewan and I was very excited to receive a copy from Netgalley - thank you kindly.

Daniel Trent works in the dangerous field of hostage negotiation...along with his fiancee Aimee. When Aimee goes missing herself, Trent has a good idea of who is responsible...but then his chief suspect is kidnapped and so begins a desperate search for answers. Can Trent save the kidnap victim and find Aimee?

Well what can I say...fast paced and amazingly addictive this novel rushes you headlong into Daniel Trent's world and what a world it is. Cleverly strung out, my desire to find out what happened to Aimee soon matched Trents own...and I breathlessy followed him through all the twists and turns of the story to the final resolution - and that resolution my reading friends was clever, unexpected and brilliant.

I adored Trent as a character. Single minded, hell bent on the destruction of anyone who gets in his way no matter the consequences made me add him to my list of "literary characters I'd certainly marry"...in fact perhaps a future blog piece can talk about all those guys - he'll be somewhere near the top. The rest of the characters played their part admirably - trust no-one would be my advice and even then you'll be surprised at what happens. My favourite character by far was...ok I'm not going to tell you. You tell me when you get a chance to read it and we'll compare notes! No spoilers here.

I adore a good page turner and this novel certainly falls into that category. There are rare restful moments - make the most of them because shortly you'll be on that rollercoaster again. Don't fall off! Enjoy. Happy Reading Folks!
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on 28 September 2013
A good twisty plot, but despite the obvious softer feelings of Daniel Trent for the loss of his fiancée, in the end I was disappointed in his characterisation. I just found it difficult to empathise with him, and for me that does matter. A shame because as others have said, there is a good story here.
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on 30 May 2016
This appears to be a boring book which seems to be going nowhere. I've got through 70% of it and suppose I'll get round to finishing it in the end.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 November 2013
A tense, slow-burning thriller from master storyteller Chris Ewan, a novel that glides around Marseilles and environs, gradually unfolding with menace and foreboding.

Fluent French speaker, Daniel Trent, strategically happens to be at the scene of a staged traffic accident in which wealthy tycoon Jérôme Moreau is kidnapped. He is a K & R (Kidnap and Ransom) specialist, a hostage negotiator who, in the chaos of steaming bonnets and battered metal announces to the two remaining passengers in Moreau's car (his wife and his bodyguard), that he is 'The guy you need now'; they buy into this and Trent inveigles himself into their daily routine, as he investigates the disappearance and kidnap. He guides them through the negotiation process, but his motives are not solely about bringing Moreau back to his family.... Can Trent stay true to himself, how far is he willing to go?

Running parallel to his quest to secure Moreau's release is his search for Aimée, his business partner and lover, who is carrying their child. One day, not so long ago, she suddenly disappeared without trace. How do the two unfolding storylines fit together? To find out, you must buy the book.

As we have come to expect of the author, he truly immerses the reader in the location, he can transport you to the sweltering countryside of southern France in just a few sentences. He escorts you around Marseilles like someone who is very familiar with the city, over to the Calanques, and from Notre-Dame de la Garde, past Cathédrale de la Major and on into the fragrant hills above the teaming city...'the high-rise office buildings and hotels to the west of the city...to the dark waters and industrial docks of Joliette, the eastern sky had splintered into pale pinks and misty yellows and warm copper tones..."
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on 6 October 2013
I started following Chris Ewan with "The Good Thief's..." and was a bit unsure, but pleasantly surprised with Safe House. I was fully expecting Dead Line to be a 'next in series' from one of the the previous. Once again, I was surprised. This is, no question, his best so far. To be fair, one or two of the twists were a bit telegraphed earlier in the book but on the whole it's a good, fast paced adventure with a corkscrew like plot. I really wasn't expecting the ending. Buy it. Read it. And you'll be waiting breathlessly for his next one.
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on 1 August 2013
This was a really good read. Better even than the previous Safe House. For anyone who knows the corner of France this is set in they will be transported back to the area. If they don't know they will quickly feel as if they do. Easily became involved and engrossed with the characters. Happy to recommend this book to other readers.
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on 21 January 2015
Action packed from the start, Chris Ewan provides an enthralling plot with plenty of twists and surprises.

Daniel Trent is on a mission. His pregnant fiancee is missing and he suspects who it may be. Wanting answers, he has what he thinks is the perfect plan - to abduct the man he thinks is responsible for Aimee's disappearnace, Jerome Moreau, and make him talk. Unfortunately another gang kidnaps the wealthy Jerome and Daniel has to find his enemy alive. In a race against the clock the reader is catapulted into a thriller.

Although, this was a very good read the one thing that prevented it from the being a 5 star was the poor characterization. This reviewer could not warm to any of the characters in this novel and it spoiled the enjoyment of an otherwise entertaining read.
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