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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2017
Five people experiment with a ouija board and don't follow the rules that they are advised will keep them safe. The result is all sorts of mayhem and the uncovering of a story none of them was aware of.

Firstly, you have to be prepared to watch a found footage film and like this type of thing. If you don't, don't bother. This film is shot in dark locations with lots of shake and is light on picture definition. But in the story department this film excels. We do get a half-decent introduction to the characters and the story is built logically with the accompanying building of tension. But although this is a story about spirits on-the-loose, it also cleverly provides the back story of the spirits, then draws it all together skillfully for an ending that you might not have predicted.

Some of the acting is good but one of the characters is very weak, however the strength of the story lets me forgive this.

And if you like to see the entities you do get to see them in the film (this isn't always the case in low budget supernatural horror). There are also a few scares thrown in which work reasonably well.
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on 30 April 2014
This is a hand held camera film about a group of people filming themselves "playing" with a Ouija board. Michael (Justin Armstrong) owns the board. He is joined by his friend Calvin, a player (Eric Window), Cal's latest girlfriend Shay (Belmarie Huynh) and Calvin's sister L'nette (Swisyzinna Moore). This is all being filmed by Brandon (Carson Underwood) for his web site, although it appears everyone owns a camera.

The board of course contacts spirits. Shay asks the board questions about Calvin and his other girlfriends and gets an answer only Michael, who has his finger on the pointer, would know. Meanwhile Brandon looks up the names of the people mentioned by the board.

The film is based on the idea that the Ouija board can act as a portal between the two worlds if you don't hang up, or in this case say "good-bye." According to my occult knowledge, that is not exactly true. However black mirrors if uncovered are supposed to supply a portal for spirits.

I liked the idea of the film, maybe because it is a common theme done so many times before. In this particular production, it was not done well. The dialouge was fairly bad. There was wasted footage of people playing around. Seeing a Ouija board pointer move is a let down after we have seen a pool crawler get out of the water. Yes, we do see ghosts and there is a flashback to their lives.

I don't recommend this film unless you are really really into the hand held filming.

Parental Guide: No F-bombs that I recall. Some adult talk. Brief male rear nudity (Eric Window). No sex.

US title "The Ouija Experiment."
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on 27 October 2013
The only truly horrifying part of this film is the acting which is dreadful in ever way. The actors are unbelievable in every sense, the plot is pointless, acting laughable and the special effects are highly amusing. Predictable outcome and just a shame the cast didn't die sooner. I will never get this time back!
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on 30 September 2014
supposed to be a true story.calvin,chaye,michael,brandon and the camera man.decide to play with the ouji board,not knowing the consequences.as they are hoping to talk and think its just fun,then for get to SAY GOODBYE,to stop evil getting through the doorway they opened.as one does and things start to go wrong.one couple leave followed shortly fter by the othercouple.after a couple of days they all come back to use the board.
they keep forgetting to SAY GOODBYE,to the spirits (ghosts) to any child thinking of playing this.as they don't say goodbye to the spirit on the board at the end of the séance (talk).they all get haunted in their own apartments,calvin I killed by the evil spirit,a child is heard laughing in all thei homes and a growling noise.and a childis seen playing too as the story unfolds.to children that play this game these boards are evil,only people with knowledge should be in charge as you use one as evil is ALWAYS waiting to get out.a god film,recommend...........warning;dont by from dvds r us as they make slanderouse remarks to you
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This 2011 supernatural horror [aka: The Ouija Experiment] sees four individuals brought together to use a Ouija board, while a fifth, Brandon tries to film it all. Not taking things seriously, the board soon reveals hidden things about the protagonists which causes tensions and confrontations which ultimately lead to mistakes being made, but exactly what is the danger of the Ouija and what is it’s secret?
Filmed through the lens of a hand held camera, this pretends to be based on a true story to gain effect [lose a *] and while this may not be the most original plot, the main problem is the film is made by people who ‘play’ with the supernatural to make a movie but have no ‘feel’ for the subject and make basic errors [lose a *], thus creating trite characters who all act like spoilt 10 year olds [lose a *]. As a result we simply don’t care about them which weakens the fear factor. The sequences focusing on the board thus fail to convince as the characters lack any connection to it and the plot soon devolves into a simple cheating love triangle exposé. It’s only halfway in that this really picks up but the juvenile antics and dialogue really let it down.
The single disc features only play and scene selection. Rated 15 this does have some good things going for it such as the ‘growling’ of the entity and a few ‘jumpy’ scenes, whilst much of the tension relies on the camera picking up sudden indistinct movements which works well in this genre [gain a*] where gore soaked mayhem would have been misplaced. Filmed on a very low budget [allegedly $1,200] it’s a good effort [gain a *] while the revelation toward the end is a clever twist but it’s let down by the obvious ending. Despite the many faults, this is entertaining and for a 15 rating is well worth a try.
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on 18 January 2014
If you like a poor script, bad acting and hand held camera work this film could be up your street. I struggled to stay awake.
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on 13 July 2014
To be fair, I thought this would be awful, but I was pleasently surprised with this film. I enjoy spooky supernatural stories involving evil spirits and occult phenomena, so the Ouiji board concept drew me in. The film is yet another 'Paranormal Activity' style job, but the hand held filming isn't much of a problem and almost adds to the creepiness, although it gets really unrealistic at times: who would still be filming when a ghost is chasing you?
The characters are a mixed bag; some are likeable but some are paper thin and bland. There is an actual story to what goes on, so I give it the three stars for actually trying to be coherent.
Overall, enjoyable and worth a watch.
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on 18 August 2013
I absolutely love horror but I think this self-filmed 'found footage' stuff should be in a category of it's own. There are exceptions where found footage style things are watchable but this isn't one of them. Awful and a complete waste of time.


Generally, the whole thing can be summarised as 'A bunch of annoying idiots play around with a Ouija board & break the 'rules'. They argue amongst themselves constantly, occasionally see blurry stuff jump out at them or hear voices and fail to use a brain cell between them. I mean, seriously; Who would close a door because they believe it will keep a ghost out or carry on filming with no emotion after finding a relative dead and posed in a bed? The ending has one of them looking down at his own dead body while recording & the 'ghosts' lead him into the bathroom so he can see the camera hovering on it's own. How scary lol.
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on 22 December 2014
I rarely write reviews on films as I think It is such a personal thing, we all like different things and what one person loves another might hate but good grief, I would have rather spent an hour and a half in a dentist waiting room reading old magazines. What complete and utter garbage. We've watched some turkeys in our time but this one wins hands down!!!!!
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on 20 March 2014
Not a bad movie for a horror collection, enjoyable and a good ending. Worth the price and I'm glad to add it to my collection.
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