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on 28 January 2016
Works as it should, first pc build, gone really well, fast delivery. Very pleased.

Note, perfect for lightroom and photo editing. This is very fast.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 June 2015
I've been using this APU for a while now, even though it is essentially a budget APU it is very capable at running some of the latest games, but you must fit a decent cooler as it can get hot. You will also need a mid to high end graphics card, but if you are not interested in gaming the integrated GPU (which is equivalent to an AMD HD 6870D) will do just fine.

Firstly, if cooled effectively this chip is very overcockable, however the cooler supplied with the GPU is rubbish, the heat sink isn't good enough and the fan is very noisy. I recommend that you invest in an all-in-one liquid cooler such as a Corsair H60 (which is available on Amazon for under £60), with this installed you can easily achieve a stable 4.7Ghz, which is a big increase over the stock 4.1Ghz.

To achieve high FPS on games such a Battlefield 4, you also need to invest in a good graphics card. Fitting a card such as AMD Sapphire Radeon R9 280X (Around £150) will get you around 60 FPS on Ultra settings.

So, if you are looking to build a capable gaming rig on a budget, the A10 6800K is a good place to start.
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on 11 July 2013
I bought this chip on release day (not from Amazon as it was unavailable then) and have used it in my very first home build PC and it's great! Before getting onto actual performance I think an APU in general is the best choice for a first build/small form, budget gaming build as it is a doddle to install with no faffing about installing a separate GPU and offers great value at every performance level.

Right, now onto performance... I have my A10 paired with 2133 MHz RAM (as should you all) to maximise bandwidth for the IGPU (on board graphics) which translates into a significant increase in frame rates when gaming. When gaming I am able to get ~25 fps on Bioshock Infinite at 1080p, medium settings with the odd setting on high. This is perfectly playable and a solid 40 fps average should be achievable with low settings. Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs and Arkham Asylum are a similar story (~30 fps with a few extra high settings compared to Bioshock Infinite). Don't be frightened by the word 'medium' - the pursuit of Ultra settings with solid 60 fps leads to stupidly over powered hardware and these games look awesome at the aforementioned settings. Crucially, it looks much better than Xbox 360 or PS3 games (which were only ever 720p anyway and lets face it, look absolutely fine). All in all, very impressed! *EDIT* I recently added a Corsair H60 liquid cooler to my PC and frame rates have shot up! I now get ~30fps in Bioshock Infinite and ~40-45fps in the other games mentioned! This does also reveal that the stock cooler isn't very good...

Plus, This is ignoring the fact that you can overclock the GPU from 844 MHz up to 1013 MHz which should improve things even further! That said, you will need better cooling as I ran the IGPU at 950 MHz and after a while the system either froze or came up with a BSOD (though this was not helped by the fact that I deliberately chose a slim, < 10 cm deep, micro ATX case - in a larger case, this may not have been an issue). Plus any gains may be reduced by the reliance on system memory bandwidth, but as I have established, the A10 can play recent games on medium(ish) settings at 1080p so I wouldn't worry.

Overall, this is a very good APU. If you are planning to use 1866 MHz RAM, however, buy the older (and slightly, EDIT: significantly, cheaper) A10-5800K as the difference is negligible in other regards and can probably be GPU OC'ed as well.

In summary, it's like spending ~£90 on an Intel CPU and a further ~£60-£70 on a graphics card - all for just over £100!

However, the new Kaveri A10-7850K is out now so if you want the most powerful APU, that's what you want. It uses a newer graphics architecture and outperforms the 6800K slightly in most games, significantly in a few - though with driver updates, the gap is likely to increase. Interestingly, the 7850K's CPU has improved "instructions per clock" but is actually clocked 10% slower than the 6800K so if you plan to use it as a pure CPU, performance will be almost exactly the same. The 7850K has future potential to better use its graphics to speed up the CPU where possible, due to new and improved shared memory technology, but you won't see much benefit beyond a few specific applications for a fair while.

NOTE: Please be aware that if you buy an MSI mainboard, it may not be out of box compatible with this APU! (or indeed any Richland APU) I bought an MSI board back in May and the stock BIOS was version 1.7 which is NOT Richland compatible - upshot is that I needed to buy a Trinity A4 just to get the damn thing working! If you buy one now, it MAY work out of box, but it may not... (mine was manufactured in Feb, BIOS update was in April so it could go either way now)

*Edit* Just read the "most helpful review from Amazon.com" and he has a lot of useful stuff to say that I didn't touch on... However, the new Kaveri APUs use FM2+ socket - Richland and Trinity work on FM2+, but not the other way around
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on 4 October 2013
Impressive engine for a new Linux Mint build.

Installed into an ASRock Extreme 4 mainboard with Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600MHz CL9 8GB DIMM and OCZ SSD.

On-board graphics easily meet the bill.
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on 3 January 2015
- because the stock cooler is far too noisy.

Performance wise, CPU power at normal clock speed, 19% increase over the A8-5500 this replaced. The graphics benchmarks reveal a measly 10% rise in performance, which I believe to be erroneous in its own way with 50% more shader cores operating at a higher frequency than with the comparison chip, the A8-5500.

With a reasonably quiet cooler in the box I would have given this 4 or 5, but a 3 - marked down because AMD is too tight to spend what might amount to an extra 50p to the manufacturer on the box contents bundling a more efficient and quieter cooler.
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on 1 October 2014
This is a great processor for the price, this can be used in low end processing computers or even low to even medium end gaming rigs, its a must for a good motherboard and 8gb of good (branded) ram for the processor to get the best from integrated graphics. I currently run this with a bad motherboard and 8gb of vengeance ram, however the motherboard only supports 1333, I also have an MSI 270x gaming edition, so... you can game on an APU, I max out BF3 on ultra constantly above 60fps, however Im sure any of the R9 series would be great with this chip set for gaming on at a budget cost.
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on 22 December 2013
It's a really good value APU. If you don't know, an APU is basically a CPU and GPU in one, and buying this will cost you less than building a similar rig from a discrete CPU and GPU.

I use this with 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 2133 MHz RAM. Ram frequency is important for gaming with an APU, as it will increase performance. This is not really the case when using a discrete CPU and GPU. With a discrete GPU, it has its own dedicated GDDR5 memory, which is fast. With an APU, the GPU shares its memory with the CPU, so the RAM acts as the graphics memory. This is why RAM speed matters when APU gaming.

Make sure you get a motherboard that supports the 2133MHz or better RAM that you should be pairing this with.

I can run COD Ghosts 1080p Medium around 30FPS, usually ranging from 27 - 34FPS. I can run Splinter Cell: Blacklist 720p Low at around 45FPS. When going to 1080p Low with Blacklist, the frame rate is around 25FPS, which is why I play 720p. Portal 2 runs very well, but I can't remember my settings. Lego Star Wars 3 1080p High runs around 60FPS.

Hopefully you will find these benchmarks useful. I've had this for a while and will be upgrading to one of the new Kaveri APUs in January, specifically the new A10-7850k, which will improve performance quite a bit over this. If you're looking to build a PC, consider waiting for the 7850k, which uses a DIFFERENT SOCKET (FM2 vs FM2+). The socket is important as your motherboard needs to have the correct socket for your CPU or APU.
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on 18 November 2013
My first build with AMD CPU, didn't realize the thing gets really hot. The supplied heatsink/fan worked fine when I had the motherboard alone in the case (54-56 C full load), but as soon as I put other things in the case, it was getting hotter, and after I closed the case, it was reaching 72 C. Admittedly, I used it in a mini ITX build, in a no gamer case.
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on 23 November 2014
My laptop had finally completely broken after fixing it 5+ times which finally gave me a reason to create my own desktop PC. With significantly less money than i had hoped I decided on a budget of £300 as i'm not into hardcore gaming and usually spend my free time on the web, with the odd bit of casual, light gaming.

This APU is much better than i thought it was going to be. I've been told countless times that to play any game on high - max settings it's required to spend over £500. For every game i have tried this has been a false claim. The games i had in mind upon purchase were LoL and TF2, easily handles them both at max. I then thought I'd see how far i could push it so i grabbed a copy of Fallout 3, my old favorite, and same story, easy 60FPS on max settings 1080p, (Other games that play on max settings and 1080p with a stable 50-60FPS include: Fallout NV, Borderlands 1, 2 and pre sequel, Assassins creed 1, 2, Brotherhood, Minecraft, theHunter, Far Cry 2, Mirror's Edge, Medal of Honor, Garry's Mod, and i'm sure there's plenty more, those are just a few i personally have tried. Crysis 2 gets 40 - 50 on max settings, too. All of these 'tests' were done with 8gb RAM running at 2100Mhz. I purchased a cooler instead of using the stock one that comes with the APU so not too sure on if the cooler has much to do with performance.

So to end, My causal PC has turned me into a gamer due to it's ability and that's all made possible due to this APU. If this APU has caught your attention and you're debating whether or not to by it for whatever reason then i suggest you do. I certainly don't regret my decision at all.
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on 21 November 2014
i can't fault this. I've got it in a media server that's streaming to multiple devices at once and that hasn't phased it!
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