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on 24 July 2014
I love true, historical crime books, and this is a story I hadn't come across before so was looking forward to reading. It isn't the most page-turning of mysteries, but it certainly seemed worthwhile seeing through to the end - until I became so annoyed by the way it was written that I gave up.

This book suffers from the modern non-fiction curse of fabricated observations on almost every page, in almost every scene (or at least I can vouch for that up to the point where I left off!). It's becoming depressingly common and is done presumably in order to make it a more interesting read. But for many decades non-fiction has managed perfectly well on the well-written presentation of a factual story, so no one is going to persuade me that true stories can't be interesting without being tarted up with second rate fictional touches.

Why write that the detective scraped away the clay "with trembling fingers", when firstly it's pure invention, and secondly it probably isn't true of an experienced police officer? Was the landlord of the pub really "rubbing his hands with glee" after the a dead child's corpse was taken to his pub, just because it meant it might attract more customers? I doubt it, and the book is full of needless little invented touches like this.

If that sort of "wannabe novelist" style doesn't bother you then you'll probably enjoy the book, because it's clearly well researched. But if you're a purist like me and value your blood pressure, stay well clear!
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on 17 July 2013
This book is one of the most fascinating, detailed, Victorian true life crime stories I have ever read! I just could not put it down! The background and the description of the characters involved before the crime is revealed gets you hooked from the start. The author paints the Victorian streets and characters (even down to the victorian clothing and hairstyles) in words as if he had known them and been there at the time. I could actually feel and smell the fog and mist coming down and hear the clip clop of the horses pulling the carriages through the gas lit cobbled streets as he described the houses and surroundings in London and the villages in Kent. The sadness and heartbreak of poor little Georgie's mother finding out her little girl had been cruelly taken and murdered in such a horrible way was hard to imagine. I couldn't help at times though feeling some sympathy towards the suspect Esther Pays as she was dragged backwards and forwards to the damp, cold Clerkenwell prison as detectives were digging for more and more evidence and all the while the reader is swinging from guilty to not guilty as each bit of evidence is unveiled. The detailed court hearings both from the defense and prosecution would equal any present day true criminal case. Even the QC's and Judges involved have their background and characters described right down to Mr Justice Hawkins taking his little fox terrier Jack in to the court hearings with him. The police had no DNA etc those days so the detective work had to be thorough and exhaustive which it was in this case but also frustrating, full of twists and turns yet revealing in the end even with the battle going on between Scotland Yard and the Kent County Police. Amazingly detailed research has gone in to this book but the detail is never overwhelming and it is delivered in chronological order, truly fascinating and easy to follow. If you love atmospheric Victorian true crime you will not be disappointed and will love this book! This is the first book I have read by Colin Evans and can't wait to read more from him. The only criticism I have of the Kindle version is the occasional missed words or typing errors particularly in some of the verbal statements but this did not spoil the read at all.
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on 13 July 2013
This book is a cut above the usual telling of a murder and trial. The author has obviously thoroughly researched the case. The author lays out the facts in a concise way, but also enjoyable. I recommend this book highly.
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on 20 November 2013
Overall I quite enjoyed this book, the author did a good job with scene setting and the pace jogs along nicely, although it slows down a little in the final third.

Where I feel the author lets himself down is in ascribing the motive for Georgie's abduction to the main suspect's desire for a child of her own. The problem is that he doesn't present any evidence that she *had* this manic desire for a child. The reasoning seems to be along the lines of "She is a woman, therefore she must want a child" - which is simply an assumption of his part.

For me this lazy sterotyping left a rather bad taste in the mouth, which was unfortunate because up to this point I thought the crime had been soundly explained by the available evidence.
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on 9 November 2013
This true-life crime story tells of the murder of a little girl living in Victorian London. It seems quite clear from an early stage who is responsible, but proving it? The story is very well-researched, but the author's theory of what happened is no more likely than any other, and there is no new evidence. Nevertheless, a very good read, with an excellent feel for Victorian London and the Kent countryside at the time. The courtroom drama is very tense at the end. Recommended to all those who like Victorian true-life crime.
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on 25 November 2013
Being interested in Victorian London I thought this book would give an honest reflection of how people lived in the 19th century - and I got that; I also found an honest review of the case, to the extent that I concur with the Juries verdict (though many wouldn't).
Criticism - on reflection, I think there was some repetition of the facts, though that may have been needed to make a coherent whole. Did'nt spoil the book for me, though.
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on 17 May 2014
Well written and interesting to read about other issues in Victorian times as well as around Georgie Moore. My one criticism of the book for me was the court hearings as I lost the story of those giving evidence but others may find that bit fascinating. I prefer the story around the father and his mistresses and Victorian life and trying to imagine why Georgie was killed
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on 5 September 2013
I loved reading this book. It's well-written and packed with interesting bits of social history. I've read a lot of Victorian true-crime books on my kindle recently and this is one of the best. I just can't go back to reading fiction now when there are brilliant books like this around. It seems horrible to say that I enjoyed reading about the horrific murder of a poor little girl but her story deserves to be told and it's told in a very readable style. I would recommend it.
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on 3 July 2014
As a fan of true crime mystery this was right up my street! The only drawback was a bit too much courtroom dialogue. I would also have liked to have had a bit more background information on the main characters. I liked the possible senario at the end which certainly left you wondering.......
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on 21 October 2016
I like this here are some points

Was the scarf found in the river anything to do with the case or not

Did GM have a boa what happened to that

If EP got back to London the same night where was she hiding until the afternoon

Finally this should be a real book don't know why it isn't
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