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on 28 May 2013
Halo Jones is one of those marmite 2000AD characters that some love, and others can't see what all the fuss was about. Personally I have been a fan of the character right back since her first appearance in the prog and I have bought all the reprints and collections over the years.

I was quite excited about a new trade paperback version, especially with the promise of an introduction by Lauren Beukes. The front cover image is unusual but fits in with 2000AD/Rebellion's repackaging to try and deliver Halo Jones to a new 21st century audience.

Inside it is a bit of a disappointment. The Beukes intro is about half a page of text telling us that she loves the stories, which is not too surprising. I confess I was expecting a longer, more in-depth article.

The Alan Moore writing is still a joy especially when his future "hoop-speak" calms down a bit. Unfortunately as the previous reviewer pointed out the shrinking of the artwork to fit this format does Ian Gibson's detailed images no favours. And this is coupled with some printing problems (possibly because the original film plates of the artwork are no longer available) which plague Book 3 in particular. Some of the pages are particularly bleached out with loss of lots of crucial detail.

Shame really as this could have been an exciting book to give to new readers. I still bought it but will turn back to the original Progs when I want to look at the art.
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on 21 December 2013
First off, I should say that if I were just reviewing the quality of the story I'd be giving this five stars, as it's just brilliant.

However, the experience of reading this on my Kindle Fire is so very frustrating, and that's why it's dropped the marks.

The formatting is just shot to pieces. Double page splashes are cut in half. The panel zoom funcionality just doesn't work properly; it often only zooms in just a little bit, and in all cases the remainder of the page remains in the background, greyed out. If a panel is still too wide, tipping the Kindle to landscape is no help at all as the whole page rotates, and appears in a pillarboxed window, and the "zoomed" panel is even smaller than the unzoomed portrait image. And you can't do a pinch zoom on the full pages...

Whoever formatted this should take a look at the Kindle Comixology app; that gets the presentation of comics in a digital medium just perfect, and handles zooms, whole/double page spreads with style.

The formatting on this is just a complete mess. I'm glad I managed to pick this up when the price was greatly reduced in a sale; it's certainly not worth full whack, that's for sure.
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on 4 August 2016
I only ever read 2000AD Monthly, the compilation comic, not 2000AD itself. Consequently, I read Book 3 of Halo Jones sometime around 1991 when I was 17ish, but never caught the first two books.
The character and bleak war message of the story really struck me and I had fond memories of it.
So I was delighted to find this complete trilogy available, and surprised to see that it was written by Alan Moore - so many of my favourite 2000AD stories such as Future Shocks are by him, yet at the time I read them I wasn't really aware who he was.
Anyway, the script and images are fantastic. It was great to read the origins of Halo in the first two books, but I think it's the third book where the story shines.
I also loved the peek into Moore's scripts at the end of the compilation.
It's only a shame we never got to see more of Halo's adventures.
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VINE VOICEon 28 December 2013
There are some things that you read or watch as a teenager that never leave you and may even help to shape you as a person....This comic is, for me, one of those things....I read it week by week in 2000 AD and loved it.....Halo Jones is a great role model and adventurer..... she needs to keep moving as she leaves the world of the Hoop.....not an easy thing to do....This is her ballad....the ballad of her life and adventure......I would recommend this to anyone.....Its a great tale of a working class hero who follows her dreams.....things don't always go well for Halo but she keeps moving....picking herself up and dusting herself off.....she will teach you that life is hard....but it is also an adventure to be tasted and explored.....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...... and the Kindle version works well enough on the iPad.....so I won't have to wear out my print copy.....
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on 12 December 2015
I have the original Halo Jones books, bought when they were first published; and I bought this for my graphic novel-mad nephew. It's the most fantastic story, beautifully written and drawn. When it first came out in 2000AD comic back in the early 80s reception was very mixed: a lot of the young lads who read it back then didn't quite follow the point of a story where the main character was a girl (horror!), there weren't many guns (shock!), there was quite a lot of dialogue (nooooo!) and even some love story (yuck!) But it went down a storm with female readers, and with older readers, and a lot of the young boys ended up loving it too.
Personally I think it's the best 'comic' story out there (and I love Preacher, Camelot 3000, Groo, Elfquest, Gods in Chaos, Tintin - I have pretty catholic tastes). This edition is not as nice as the original books (it's somewhat smaller, and as the drawings are so exquisitely detailed you really want them as big as possible) but it's perfectly acceptable. The cover art on this book stinks, but what the heck, you can always put your own cover on.
If you haven't read Halo Jones yet then you ought to add it to your collection; and if you have read it but lost/never bought the original then get this edition, even with the lousy cover.
I wish Moore & Gibson would/could produce the rest of the story - but imagination will have to suffice. I just wish I still had my original Hoop Dweller t-shirt...
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on 24 January 2014
I bought this copy as a result of really enjoying it in my teens. I haven't finished it yet, but the main reason for this review is that I was almost put off buying it by some reviewers. The size and print quality are fine, and bigger than the complete Judge Dredd books I've been reading, but easier to read. The cover is a strange choice, but that doesn't detract from anything.
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on 19 July 2016
I can't remember reading (or even seeing) this in 2000AD but I would likely be focusing on the male characters.
Perhaps I read the first episodes of book1 and dismissed it as one of those quirky occasional stories.... it is difficult with the slang *and* a bit of a slowburner. I had recently got some Rogue Trooper volumes after watching the Story of 2000AD and that documentary spoke highly of it.
So... why not give it a go.
First, there's a lot of comments on print quality which I didn't notice. Book 3 *does* have a challenging text size but my reading glasses sorted that out.
BUT.... the story is sublime.
It's one of those genius tales where you don't realise where you're going or, more importantly, how far you've come, until you get there.
The artwork is right up there as well (which is what you'd expect from these artists).
I only regretted turning the last page as I realised there was no more to read.
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on 6 January 2014
The Kindle version of this book is illegible. The text is difficult to make out and the zoom facilities on the kindle for android app are not sufficient to make this readable. It's just not practical to read in this form.
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on 31 December 2013
If you don't know the Ballad of Halo Jones already then you are missing out. It is at least a 4 1/2 star book and you should get yourself a copy. However, this version does not work on the Kindle.

I knew the book well enough to give it a go but I am very disappointed with the experience. The kindle app on my android tablet is just not fit for purpose when it comes to graphic novels.
The only option is full screen reading; it is impossible to zoom in on particular panels. This means that generally it is very difficult to read and you miss out on some of the wonderful details and nuances that Moore and Gibson put in, the very things that make this such a classic.

I've mislaid my kindle device itself but have previously had the same problem with illustrations in text books so I don't expect it to be any better. I thought I would be able to enjoy it on my PC monitor but when I try, I get the message that this is "not compatible with this device"

To recap: do yourself a favour and buy the book; don't try the kindle version.
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on 16 May 2014
Alan Moore's seminal Sci Fi heroine, Halo Jones - a rich and detailed study of the space opera / adventure form. Required reading for everyone.
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