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on 5 January 2015
This is a very well made and designed laptop stand/cooling pad which is powered by USB port. It really could not be simpler to use- you simply connect via the supplier USB cable. The cooling stand can easily be adjusted into the perfect position for use and it is lightweight and can easily be carried with you.

The fans are very quiet when in use- equally as quiet as my laptop in built fan.

Overall this is a very well made and designed stand/cooling pad, which is lightweight and can easily be taken with you. It is easy to use and very quiet. Highly recommend.

*Received from supplier to review this has not influenced my opinion.
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on 1 March 2017
well built and good quality
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So. A laptop stand that has four angle settings and an inbuilt fan to keep your machine cool. Sounds okay. It's easy to set up. Just fit the metal bar into the slot you want, push in the two 'sliders' into the slot and slide them to the desired width to stop your laptop falling off. Attach the enclosed USB lead, press the little button and off you go. Simple enough, even an idiot could do it (I did). Unfortunately, that exhausts the compliments.

It's cheap plastic. The four foam pads on the tray part were either falling off or stuck on in a haphazard manner. The Lavolta logo sticker was also peeling off (maybe a nothing point to many but if it's there, it should be right). The two 'sliders' had sharp corners and one was missing its foam pad. If you don't have any right sided USB slots, you're in trouble unless you have a longer lead.

I guess it would keep your laptop cool when used over a long period and it is very quiet. It's just that the whole thing looks and feels catchpenny and nasty, but what else would you expect for this price? I can't see it lasting long, so it might be a false economy. Also, when folded down it doesn't lay flat. The fan had a nice blue light though.

This was sent to me by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 December 2014
This cheap £11 cooling pad is sensational value for money!
The big fan does an excellent job in churning out cold air for your laptop, whilst also remaining reasonably silent.

The fan is also illuminated in blue, which is something that can be seen as a pro and con - as some might prefer a non-illuminated stand.

What's amazing about this cheap stand is the fact that it can be adjusted, so that the laptop can be positioned in a way that it is facing you at an angle. Its construction in that respect is solid and really holds a laptop with ease.
Finally to close this review - the laptop stand's fans can actually be switched off, if you would want it to just sit there - which is great. This is useful as people might not want the fan to be on, but would like their laptop be be sitting on a open-grill surface, which allows any laptop to breath naturally easier.

Overall this stand is amazing value for money and is flawless top to bottom.
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VINE VOICEon 12 December 2014
Very good value for money if you cant afford a more expensive model. This is a cooling stand and not a pad. The fan is very quiet indeed. And its kept my laptop cool when ive been working on it in the office or while watching tv.
The plastic is very plastic if you get my meaning. But for the price what do you really expect.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 7 January 2015
I was kindly supplied this item free of charge to test and evaluate. In exchange, I agreed to provide an honest review detailing my thoughts. This is said review.

This product is being used with a 13" Macbook aluminium that fits on it perfectly. The Macbook is getting on in years and so struggles to cool itself down, even with the fan turned up to max, hence this acquisition. This stand seems to reduce temperature by around 10-20 degrees C, normally closer to the lower end of that estimate. The important thing is that the temperature then stays down there for a decent amount of time. Give it a couple hours of watching a film etc and the heat will slowly start to rise up again, but almost never to the stage it was initially.

I’ve owned numerous laptop cooling stands, and this is easily the quietest. It only has one fan, but does a great job.

The stand has four spongy pads stuck onto it, that the bottom of the laptop comes into contact with. These are adequate enough to stop the laptop from touching the metal/plastic.
There are five different angles that this stand can hold your laptop, ranging from almost completely flat, to 45 degrees. This is extremely sturdy, and I’ve had no issues with loss of angle, laptop sliding off or ability to stabilise stand.
To stop your laptop from sliding off, there are two plastic stoppers, again with spongy pads to protect the laptop. These stoppers can be easily removed, and can lock either close to each other, or further away. They do a great job of stopping the laptop from sliding off.
A USB cable is supplied to plug into the stand, and then into your laptop. On the right hand side of the stand are two USB ports for this reason. There is also an on/off switch, meaning you can leave the stand plugged into your laptop and only have it on when you need.
When on, there is a blue light that radiates out from the fan.

The things I’m not all that happy with are:
- The spongy pads feel a little tacky and come off fairly easily.
- The plastic stoppers impede your hands/arms when typing (and are quite sharp along the tops!)
- The USB cable supplied is only 52cm (20.5”) long. This is NOT long enough to reach around to the USB ports on a normal Macbook! A USB extender is required (and not supplied)
- When closing the laptop, the spongy pads on the plastic stoppers actually get in the way of the laptop lid. This can lead to the laptop lid actually forcibly peeling off the spongy pads. Rather annoying, and something that wouldn’t be difficult at all to rectify.

First and foremost, this product cools down my Macbook, which is the main reason anyone will be interested in it. The negatives are enough for it to lose one star in my opinion. If this stand cost any more however, it would be losing more stars.
With all of this said, and all of the seemingly negative points raised, let me be clear, I own numerous laptop stands, but this is the only one I’m currently using!


Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, after getting them to read the above.

✓ Cools down your laptop
✓ Fits laptops of almost any size
✓ Quiet fan that does the job
✓ Securely holds laptop in place
✓ Very reasonable price
✓ Very stable

✗ Spongy pads feel a little tacky and get in the way of closing laptop lid
✗ Plastic stoppers impede typing
✗ USB cable is too short for Macbooks

- Blue LED light cannot be turned off, this may be an issue for some

If you have any questions regarding this product, feel free to leave comments down below - I'm happy to help...
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on 1 October 2014
I bought this to replace a mid-range Belkin cooling pad as the fan had packed up after about 12 months.
In summary the Lavolta is a good mid-price unit.
Good points:
- wide diameter, quiet fan. Blue ambient light confirms when its running.
- simple in/out push switch activates the fan - or you can yank out the USB plug from your laptop or the pad
- two USB sockets included next to this switch, so you are compensated for tying up one of your laptop's USB sockets.
- six inch long double-ended USB cable provided
- four raked positions and one flat position for the pad
- four main supporting rubber pads are a good size and give good grip
- unit is a good width. My 11 inch laptop has a large margin around it.

Niggles:(hence 4 stars)
- USB sockets are on the right, which may not suit everyone
- in the fully flat position, the fan seems to labour a little as air flow is impeded
- Main Gripe: the front of the laptop is wedged in place by two horizontally adjustable/removeable rubberised, plastic
tabs. These do a good securing job even when the rake is at its most extreme. But, they prevent my
laptop lid from fully closing. This could be remedied by making the side of the supporting tabs which contacts the laptop
thinner at the top, thus supporting the base of the laptop but not catching the lid.
Obs, I can't yet comment on durability, but it is well-made of black plastic and is reasonably sturdy/presentable.
Ordered 28/9, arrived 1/10 using standard paid for delivery.
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#1 REVIEWER#1 HALL OF FAMEon 15 December 2014
This is a very good option for those looking for an adjustable laptop stand with a USB powered fan to cool their machine.

In the box you get the adjustable stand, a USB to USB cable, and two textured ‘feet’ you can insert into the bottom of the stand to prevent your laptop slipping if you have it a steep angle.

There were no instructions in the box I received but set up could literally not be simpler, put your laptop on the stand at the desired angle, then using the USB cable supplied plug one end into your laptop, the other into the right hand side of the stand, and the fan starts up instantly (with a small blue LED to show it is on). No drivers, no installation, instant cooling!

You can feel a very slight breeze from the fan which is good and the fan is not noisy at all which took me by surprise, you can hardly tell it is on and really have to listen carefully to pick up on the fan.

The stand itself is sturdy and measures 37cm by 26.5cm.

The base has 4 adjustable points so you can vary the angle, I prefer mine at a shallow angle as I use a keyboard in conjunction with my laptop, but if you prefer to have your laptop at more of an angle there are two soft grip feet you can insert into the base to prevent it slipping down.

One minor criticism of this stand is the positioning of the foam on the feet and base of the stand being stuck on at a slight angle, it doesn’t affect the operation of the stand but my mild OCD does wish they were perfectly straight and I can see they are not (you will see how overly critical I am being from the images I have uploaded).

One thing to note is the two USB points on this laptop stand are on the right hand side only, so if you only have USB points on the back or left of your laptop, you would need to get yourself a longer cable to make the connection.

But all in all this is an excellent stand for your laptop, whether you need your laptop cooling or not, it’s a great sturdy stand.

I was kindly provided a sample by the manufacturer to review; the opinions expressed here are entirely my own view of the product.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 28 January 2014
I am actually pleased with this product. I use my big MacBook Pro on it, I keep the stand at the office. The fan is silent! And will definitely keep the temperature of your computer down. And it has adjustable heights.

Ok so, why 3 stars?

Firstly it's super 'plastic' - first thing you'll notice outta the box. The attachable hook parts for your laptop to rest on are pretty clunky and don't even fit into the product perfectly, but they do the job. Secondly it doesn't fold up well at all. Anybody considering using this as a travel stand, I'd say forget it - it'll definitely break
ALSO Mac users - the usb cable output is on the right side of this product, so you may need to get a longer USBtoUSB cable than the one provided, to reach around to the left side of your laptop

Worth the money. But no good for transporting and a bit flimsy
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 11 December 2014
Until recently, my ancient laptop was overheating and I was standing it on two rolls of Sellotape and a shoebox. This stand, which I received this free of charge to review, is great. You set it to the incline you require and then you slot two little plastic shoes into the base to stop the laptop from slipping off the end. It's a nice sturdy stand for its price point and it has the added advantage of an integrated fan, although the base of my lap top is nicely airated on the stand alone, without switching the fan on. The fan is a pretty good fan actually. It glows with a blue light so you can see that you have it working. (Don't forget to switch it on with the button at the top of the port.) One thing I will mention - the lead on the USB connector for the fan is on the right but is not long enough to plug into the spare left-hand USB port on my laptop. Also, I can't shut my laptop lid down easily when it sits on the stand because the foam on the little plastic shoes at the base, stop it meeting the caseing. These are not big issues, though. I'm really pleased with this practical stand.
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