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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 8 September 2016
This review is for the XT2 Expert Shield. I have already reviewed the XT1 shield and found it to be excellent. After buying a new Fuji XT2 camera, the first thing I bought was an ExpertShield as I've had them on all my other cameras and they were excellent. Unfortunately, the XT2 shield is nowhere near as good as they used to be. I have never had a problem installing them before but the first one I received was full of bubbles and I managed to scratch the shield trying to remove them. I contacted Expert Shield and they sent me a new one straight away. This one was damaged (the back film was loose) and therefore I couldn't install it without bubbles. I contacted them again and again they sent another. Same problem again, I could not install it without bubbles. I followed the instructions to the letter. I can only suggest there was dust on it from the factory. Not only that but they are not clear, they are definitely "hazy". I contact them again and this time they asked me to return the product for a refund. I have since bought a pack of three protectors from Membrane for £2.95 and the first out of the packet installed with no problem and is perfectly clear. It could be that Expert Shield have had a bad batch but whilst their customer service is excellent, their (expensive) product certainly is not.
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on 24 January 2017
'Step 2' wouldn't come away from the film easily so I ended up accidentally pulling off the whole thing and had to replace, meaning bubbles. I did finally get the bubbles out to find that the whole thing is 1/2mm too small for the screen. The anti-glare surface is good and seems to reduce glare significantly but, at the price paid, I expected the right size at the very least.

Update: Camera virtually spotless but this already has scratches! I'll be looking at alternatives.
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on 13 April 2015
Any of the screen protectors are fiddly and require a little patience however, for me, that is far better than any possible damage to a screen on something quite expensive. I'm pretty sure I've used "Expert Shield" protectors on another device and been happy but either way the instruction on here are perfectly clear and with a little patience I have a great fit on my camera lcd screen. Mine is an X100T and, as other reviews have said, there is a very small gap around the edge. This is absolutely fine with me and I see the company has responded to previous reviews regarding it so I'm sure they will try and sort out any problems. I'm certainly happy with this protector and I'll update this review if anything occurs to me while I'm using the camera.

Now bought an x100F and having had no problems at all with the previous protector I bought another ogf these. They go on easily enough and do the job well - still 5 star for me.
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on 3 August 2016
Arrived and ensuring area was dust free just followed the usual procedure
Wipe surface clean let it dry, wipe again looking for any signs of dust etc.
Peel back label 1 place onto glass surface, this will immediately start to seal , I use the side of an SD card and once any of the few bubbles are out peal back 2 once more with my SD card and the job is done
Easy just take your time
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on 5 January 2017
Good fitment, easy to fit but really did give a fuzzy display to the image, which for reviewing on the back of a camera isn't ideal.
Ended up taking it off, the difference was night and day.
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on 27 June 2014
I haven't yet used this product on my X-T1 but have ordered it even before using the camera on the basis of my totally positive experience of using Expert Shield on my X-20. I've ordered with complete confidence knowing that (1) it will be straightforward to apply following the instructions given and (2) that it will be bubble-free. Obviously it's essential to clean and prepare the LCD screen first, removing every speck of dust, but once it's on it stays on with no bubbles and no edge peeling whatsoever because adhesion is so good. Once it's on the XT-1 I'll start using the camera, but not before I'm confident the screen won't be subject to one of those irritating sudden scratches which has you asking "Where on earth did that come from?" It's the only screen protector I've used which hasn't bubbled and has shown no signs of peeling at the edges in seven months of frequent use. I have noticed, though, that the newly-arrived protector for the XT-1 is quite shiny and reflective compared to the smaller one I had for the X-20. My preference would be for a matte finish so I'm wondering if there's a reason for this - but the product is excellent and the LCD is totally protected - which is the main thing.
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on 14 September 2017
Nice application, precise fit and good adhesion. I had no problems applying this to my camera and after application, you can hardly tell anything is on the screen. Image playback and live view quality is unaffected by having this screen protector on. I recommend this.
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on 4 May 2017
I have tried many cheaper protectors over the years but nothing comes close to Expert Shields products or their epic customer service. This was my first glass style and it goes on easy, no bubbles....job done. I actually was advised to fit in my bathroom with a little steam in the air to prevent and dust particles sticking to either the screen or the protector. It did the job!!!
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on 11 April 2017
Where to start? I had bubbles on the protector that wouldn't go, and the quality of the item itself wasn't appreciably better than a £2 job. It did fit the camera screen perfectly, but back to Amazon this has gone.
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on 19 September 2017
Excellent company to deal with - cannot help you enough! product very good but needed to replacement under the Lifetime Warranty and received a replacement within days plus another one "just in case". Would certainly recommend!
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