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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 9 May 2013
I have been a fan of the books long before the TV series, and along with other readers have also felt the last couple of books weren't living up to expectation. I was hopeful though, that as the last book, it would end with a bang - a gritty, gripping page turner but sadly have been let down.

The plot felt rushed & erratic. It seemed watery at best & took second stage to the characters - allowing some that have been long gone (with story lines at the time that wrapped up their own parts in the series) to return with cameo appearences. It was clear that the book was heading in a certain direction from the start. While many would be happy at the return of many of the faces, it felt like a poor ending to a mediocre TV series with cameo's of famous characters rather than a compelling emotion ridden book.

Characters that we have been led to love have been left out almost entirely for reasons that do seem to not fit in with their previous nature.

Harris has stated that she has known the ending since almost the beginning, but if true then the series has been planned poorly. We readers have been swept up in the romance of Sookie/Eric & even her pasts relationships (Quinn/Bill/Alcide) would have held more credibility than the one that have been given. It does unfortunately seem that Harris has become very bored of the Sookie series & rather than be inventive with her plot & ending. She has not stood true to the characters that she has written & created, nor has she moved with the direction her series had taken, and when the ending which she anticipated so long ago no longer fit - she forced it upon us anyway.
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on 14 May 2013
Such an epic disappointment. Not that I expected much after the last couple of books, but I thought CH might bring out the big guns for the final book. Looks like she dragged out a water pistol.

*****SPOILER ALERT******

Yes, I'm an Eric fan and I would have liked to see them somehow have their HEA...But...I am reasonable enough to realise that that probably wasn't going to happen. First, let me say that I've read hundreds of these reviews. I truly wanted to see if the way I was feeling was just me or the general feeling amongst the fan base. What I've found and what really annoys me is the presumption by some of the 5 star fans (and they've actually mentioned it) that we're all bitching about Eric. NO, we're not. Again and again (ex)fans are saying the same thing...the gist of which is that while it's disappointing that Sookie didn't end up with Eric, we could have accepted it if there had been ANY logical build up to Sam. We're saying that the book was sloppily thrown together; that CH had an ending in mind at around book 2 and so-help-her she was ending it that way even if the story and characters had really found a voice of their own and diverged from that ending...she was going to finagle, forget continuity, change lore, anything to get her ending; that the premise/mystery was poorly thought out and that CH threw anyone that had ever been in the books into the mix to act as filler with no real need for them to be there (especially as she's supposedly letting us know all that in the coda out in October).

I'm incredibly disappointed that there was no real, mature and emotional "ending" for Eric and Sookie. OK, so they couldn't be let them have a mature discussion and have them realise that, say their goodbyes, voice their regrets...goddamn it...just a bloody hug would have been nice....but noooo, we have an emotionally immature reaction from Sookie (and a totally out of character threatening, sulky attitude from Eric) and a slamming door. Real mature *snort*. Oh yes, I can certainly see how Sookie has matured through the series, NOT! And no, I'm not saying Eric doesn't have his faults, and realistically Sookie probably needed a "man" who could live with her in the sun, father children etc, but I'd rather have seen her alone than settling for Sam. Because settle she did. Nice safe, boring Sam.

CH has made no bones about the fact that she's never understood the fans love of Eric. What I can't understand is that she created and wrote him as a heroic, but flawed, bad-boy character, with dazzling good looks, a ready smirk and grin, a sense of humour, a real presence, and a habit of taking bullets for Sookie. Yes, he hid things from Sookie but at least he always told her the truth. And lets not forget the "gracious plenty" and what he could do with it. What did she expect us to do? What's not to like? Sookie fell in love with him, why wouldn't we?

After the promise of the first 8/9 books, the progress Sookie made in accepting herself and making an effort to grow and learn, it was sad to see such a promising heroine close herself off to possibilities. To slide back into her mundane little existence and her mundane little job; to a relationship with someone who never gave her the credit due her intelligence, treated her like a child and generally took her a bit for granted. But in saying that, I never really liked Sookie all that much anyway. I never saw what ever Eric, Alcide, Quinn and Bill did. I found her childish, self-centred, whiney, ungrateful, self-righteous, hypocritical and sanctimonious. I could go on...and on. And I have to wonder about CH's ideas on rape. How could she have Sookie forgive, be friendly with and even kiss her rapist????? Bit of a slap in the face for victims everywhere. Just saying!

I only continued reading the series because of the developing relationship with Eric. He's the one who enticed me to keep reading the series. He's probably the greatest character she'll ever create and she destroyed him (and in my mind Sookie as well). So a big boo to Ms Harris for her treatment of him in the last book and for the piss-poor writing effort that she obviously didn't care about after book 8 or so. Never picking up another book of hers again. Wouldn't risk having another series of hers end in the same disappointment. Find your HEA in fanfic. There's some fantastic, well written stories out there.
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on 8 May 2013
Quite disappointed, the book could have been so much better.I know people were upset about the ending, but I was more upset about the actual was very weak and felt "jerky". I'm not jumping on the bandwagon about the ending,I'm just disappointed with the whole thing.
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on 10 May 2013
This book was a huge disappointment. I was a huge fan of SSN and felt really let down by what was done in the last book. Here is my feedback to the author:

Dear Ms. Harris,

First to say that I have never written a feedback to the author before but after reading SSN for years I felt that I had to share my thoughts with you and the rest of the readers. I apologize in advance if my writing is all over the place as English is my second language and I have to say that many posters explained very eloquently elsewhere their feelings after the final book - be it positive or negative. I will do my best. Also I wanted to say that I am sad to hear that you had personal and serious threats by some psychos - that must be terrible but thank God that these people are just a very tiny, tiny minority of sad cases. I will not talk about your style of writing, how you wrote this or that, errors, etc....I am not a writer and it's not my place to analyse - leave that to the professional reviewers. But what I will write about is what comes from my heart and what I felt as a devoted reader of this book series, so here it goes...*** SPOILERS***I am just so sad and gutted after I read it and I can safely say I have never been more disappointed in a book in my life so far. Before I go on I just want to stress that my huge disappoitment is not about HEA, or Sam, Sookie's choice to live her life in the sun, have kids and normal life - well I must confess I wanted something else at the end - fireworks of true love winning over any obstical , trip to some fantasy land where everything is possible, This is why I got into these kind of books after all (I used to be big into classics but not sure how I ended up in fantasy/paranormal stuff)- but as many said - it's your story and characters and I respect your decision in terms of Sookie's HEA -whatever that means...
I have been of course disappointed in many books...many times things happened in the end that I didn't like, my favorite couple didn't work out, characters died tragically - oh how much my heart bled for Anna K my favorite heroine of all times...but I was always able to close to book down and say, well 'cest la vie' it's not that....
My disappointment lays in a sinking feeling that you wanted to hurt and punish - for reasons I cannot understand at all - a group of your readers (and may I say quite a large group) who grew to love Eric's character...Why do that? Why write him in such a way in the last book...I kept wondering who was that man on the pages of my book...and please don't tell me I read all along what I wanted to way...I was wondering at some point what the heck I missed for some many years....I was almost beginning to question my own reading comprehensions skills...but then I figured I wasn't alone...many, many readers felt the same something was off and just not must be that the writer did something totally different this time.....I can think of 10 different ways that E/S could have parted forever without destroying everything they had... even a simple 'I wish you the best Sookie Stackhouse' would be enough for me....but it seems you wanted to crash his character so hard that Sookie cannot even think of him any more....and boy how she let go of him so fast, without any reflection or now for any reader who for so many years enjoyed Eric or Eric and Sookie together, everything is totally pointless. I cannot ever read my favorite parts and enjoy them any longer - not after what you gave us at the end... And this is what hurts me the most as a reader..You knew how many hearts you would break and you went ahead with it - and again keep in mind I am not talking about Eric and Sookie staying together - not that at all.... it is total destruction of Eric ....I thought it was really unnecessary, unconvincing and unbelievable....just to give a concrete example - why have Pam make that point to Sookie that Eric didn't organize all that protection for sentimental I supposed believe that about Eric a man (well vampire really) who truly loved Sookie and showed it throughout 12 books, whose core self we clearly saw in book4, who cried those bloody tears on her pillow feeling helpless at the thought she suffered in book 10 who was always there, who brought out the best in her and loved her for who she was, who was so thoughtful, fun, sexy uber lover ....who GOT her (in Sookie's own words, think it was book 3)...who noticed she changed her nail polish :)
You keep saying you don't understand why people even like him...but this is what I don't wrote him that way for so said that you wanted him to be appealing ...and my oh my - wasn't he just appealing ...and when TB got into the picture with Skars as Eric...oh dear...I can see why so many ladies lost their heads...but lets be honest he was far from a typical romantic hero - he had many flows and I saw them clearly - but this is why I loved him as thing is sure...Eric Northman from book 1-12 was HONEST no matter I am sorry but I cannot see how suddenly Eric planned to turn her against her will all along, how this 1000 old Viking cannot summon enough energy to fight for his independence he held so dear...never mind Sookie ....was he forced??? would he and sooke paid with their lives if he refused...don't know, you didn't write anything about that..and our dear heroine thinks he did indeed have a he chose what's best for him...why was this deal good for him personally is beyond me...he lost everything he held dear...and as far as I know Eric loved being a big fish in a small pond...or did I get that wrong as well??? ....Some power hungry and selfish Eric was not Eric I read about for so long...this guy appeared out of nowhere in the last least that's how I interpreted from what I read...
I am not sure if any of this will make sense ..but I hope it does bring across my point as to why I found this last book so disappointing and in a way hurtful. I thank you Ms Harris for creating this world which I really enjoyed for so many years and I am really sad that I am parting with this series in such a way. I don't intend to read Code - not interested to hear about this new Eric who will most likely thrive in Oklahoma and Sookie with bunch of puppies, no thank you....and also no thank to any of your future books since I feel that you purposely hurt part of you fandom beyond repair.
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on 12 May 2013
**Review contains spoilers**

Not sure where to start, except to say in over 30 years of reading I have never felt the need to warn other potential buyers just how completely horrible a book is. After 12 books of adventures with vampires, they are most notable by their limited page time in this terrible tale. Sookie is unlikable and most of the time, acts like she doesn't care about anything any more (maybe that is a mirror to how Charlaine Harris feels about this world she once lovingly created - let's face it she only wrote the last 3 books to make money and capitalize on the success of the TV show).

My biggest gripe is how the writer chose to end the character arc of Eric Northman. A character that for some inexplicable reason Ms Harris has decided she hates (but could have, if given the correct ending, become one of the greatest vampires of modern literature). She used him to sell 12 books and then shafted him and his fans, fans who have invested a lot of time and money in these books, and have become emotionally invested in his relationship with our heroine.Now Ms Harris is moaning about the back-lash from Eric fans. Really? Did she not see it coming? (I've seen interviews where she talked about the number of fans who want their books signing to Mrs Eric Northman) and now Ms Harris is surprised by the back-lash? I get it that he may not have been Ms Harris' original HEA, and she knew who that was going to be all along, so why did she use Eric so unscrupulously to sell truck loads of books? Why not the Southern Shifter Mysteries? Why did she even bother to write "Dead to the world" if apparently she already knew who the HEA was 2 books before that?

I absolutely believe that all the disgruntled fans have every reason to be angry and upset as we have all been completely used and played by a writer who has no empathy for her readers at all. She did not have to turn Eric's character as badly as she did or give him such an undignified ending (Just look at Bill - the ex-rapist who gets to stay and live next door).

I urge anyone who becomes emotionally involved with characters and relationships (and let's face it that is what good books are all about) not to buy anything Charlaine Harris writes in the future as there is a strong likelihood she will stomp all over everything you hold dear with character assassinations and inconsistent and lazy plotting. (Claude again? Really?) (Sookie's problem with reading Sam's thoughts suddenly not a problem after all? Really?).

"Dead Ever After"is a truly awful book.
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on 9 May 2013
Can't believe what a let down the final book was.
Was a huge fan of this series and couldnt wait for each new installment but save ur money it's not worth it !!
Its such a shame that Charlene Harris couldn't be bothered to end the last book of a series that made her who she is today as a writer.
the phrase " milking" comes to mind
So disappointed
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on 12 May 2013
This review contains spoilers
Let me start off by saying that I have NEVER a) felt so obliged to write a bad review or b) been so gutted with the ending of a book series (and I've unfortunately read Twilight).
Lets be honest, we all knew Sookie wouldn't end up with a vampire, regardless of who that vampire would have been as she never shuts up about how she loves the sun and tanning etc but Sam? Really? How many times has CH reiterated that Sookie felt no chemistry/no sexual feelings towards Sam? And now she expects us to believe that Sookie would just happily settle down with him because she couldn't HAVE Eric?
Which brings me to Eric. Yeah ok so they weren't going to live the rest of her natural life together and he wasn't going to turn her because she didn't want that, but what a lame cop out this book was. After loving each other 'so passionately' there was no fight, no effort, no anything on either of their parts. Sookie, who once risked her life to rescue Eric from an exploding building, didn't even shed a tear? Didn't even moan about it that much? Didn't even sulk? Ok then CH, sure, we believe that.
I have never been a Bill fan but I will say this. For his character to have fizzled out as quickly as he blew in was an insult, but for CH to just palm us off with a half sentence explanation of he might possibly have a relationship with Karin but who really gives a crap, is just plain old ridiculous. I didn't like him but come on, he should have been given a bit more of an end.
And just a future tip CH, bringing back various characters from past books and making them ALL want to kill Sookie at once is not going to make us ignore the fact that you clearly didn't give a damn about this last book, you wrote it to see out the end of your contract and make a bit of money. Its quite clear that you stopped caring about these books a while ago. I'm sure im not the only (ex)fan that is unhappy with this finale after seeing other reviews, and I will go as far as to say I would rather have seen Sookie killed off than end up with Sam. Its like she came full, crappy circle. Telepath waitress with boring life- telepath waitress with slightly more interesting life now that she has vampire boyfriend - telepath waitress breaks up with said boyfriend and a truck load of stuff happens - telepath waitress sleeps about a little bit - telepath waitress falls in love with different vampire - telepath waitress is forced to break up with vampire boyfriend and hardly seems to care - telepath waitress with boring life.
Oh and next time you write a vampire novel series, be sure that they have more than a combined 15 pages spent on them in the last book.
I never thought i would see the day where i thought the tv series/film is better than the books.
And just before i go, you got one star because i had to give something. This book shouldn't even get that.

Rushed and disappointing.
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on 7 May 2013
I sincerely suggest no one buy this book unless they want to be severely disappointed in the ending, which makes no sense and in no way ends the series in any satisfactory or logical way.

A group of half-drunk psycho ghost-writers would have done a better job of ending what had become a well-loved series but will now remain proof that greed does not in any way equal talent.

I mean, seriously, why else would Eric have been forced to endure what amounts to 200 years of enforced slavery for absolutely no good reason whatsoever?

Save your money. Try out the Black Dagger Brotherhood instead.
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on 12 May 2013
Many have summed it up quite eloquently before me. But I felt I needed to leave my little review. Years and years of falling in love with characters. At least £170 spent. Hours of my life. I've laughed so hard I've almost peed. I've cried so hard I felt my heart was breaking. I LOVE these people. I feel for them. They have become a huge part in my life. My whole family knows about these books and count down the days with me and then say bye bye whilst Mummy retreats into her bubble for a day or two.. So here it is - the last in the series. So much dread and anticipation. Dread as in that familiar feeling at the end of a series of books you have come to love - what am I going to do with my life once this is over?! ;) Anticipation because we will finally finally know what happens!!

Well that was the biggest let down of my life. It's like she got her husband to quickly finish off the series for her. Did the person who wrote this actually know the characters? I know some are die hard Eric fans.. I know Ms. Harris could say this has been coming all along. I know there have been references to this happening. We have been warned that in the end he would choose power over love. I can understand the decision he made and I think Ok that was believable. But the fact that we seem to have a totally different person in Eric.. Absolutely pathetic!! He did love Sookie. He would not just switch off his emotions like that!! There would be scenes where they had it out, there shouted, they had amazing break up sex.. It would be epic.. But there wasn't even a goodbye. Hmmmmm! What about Bill!?!? He's been waiting years for a bit of action but nope she just went over to Sams in her bikini and had boring bed sex. Wow. Sizzling!

That is not to mention the epic fail of the storyline itself. All the baddies get together and kidnap Sookie. Wow. Devil? Genius. Boring boring boring and unnecessary. The last book should have been about the love life of Sookie. There was absolutely no need to waste 3/4 of the last book having another who dun it mystery in there. Ugh!!!!!!!

Not to mention the whole Jason / Michelle / Terry / Tara all married and living happily ever after thing.


I think in a few years she will REALLY regret what she did and the least she can do is re-write it and publish it on her website for free!

I think there should be a disclaimer to anyone starting to read book one. "Please note although the first 9 books are amazing the series goes rotten and ends terribly. You WILL be disappointed".
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on 12 May 2013
I've never really felt compelled to write a review of a book before, believing everyone should form their own opinion but I'm so disappointed with this book I had to say something. It was as if I was reading a book that had no bearing on the previous stories in the series. The characters did not behave true to form, their interaction was all wrong. As I couldn't believe the way the story was panning out I kept expecting a big twist at the end which didn't come. I won't even get started on what a let down the ending was. I have thoroughly enjoyed the previous books in this series, eagerly anticipating each new one but this last book has tainted the whole series. I would have to seriously question whether I would read anything else by this author.
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