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on 14 September 2013
i5, just a 4 core cpu, you'll be wanting an 8 core cpu with a Radeon GPU (preferably the next gen Radeon out in October that's a real DX11.2 Card)

Intel i5 is fine at the moment, although no better than the cheaper (faster) FX-8350 in single thread performance.

The next gen console games are ALL AMD 8 core and Radeon geared, o if you want to play those ported PC games next year in their full glory, then don't touch this pathetic 4 core CPU with a bare pole!

Go for the FX-8350 to be future proofed!

i5 is just a puffed up lame bag of wind, out-dated and will soon show it's age!
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on 4 September 2013
I bought this i5 (the best i5 you can buy) for my first PC build about a week ago. Having been using an aging i5 2400, which turbo boosted to 3.4 GHz (the stock clock of this i5), I was ready for the upgrade.

Installing into the motherboard was simple, but the stock fan's power wire did need rerouting so it didn't get caught on the blades while spinning. For general use, temperatures remain around 30 degrees celcius, but under load, I haven't seen them get too far above 50 degrees. Windows reports this processor as a 7.9 on the Windows Experience Index (a .5 increase over my old processor) which I am plenty happy with. I was very impressed with Intel's Turbo Boost technology; even before I'd installed my operating system, my BIOS reported it working at 3.8 GHz. Compared to my friend's AMD Phenom Black edition which he can only stably overclock to 3.72 GHz, I was very happy indeed. Power usage is also way better, only using 84 watts compared to 95 watts on my old processor.

How much further could I overclock it? Simple answer is that I haven't needed to! No matter what I've thrown at it, be it video games, photo editing or multitasking, this processor (working with my other components) can definitely handle it. It's hard to assess solely the processor without downloading testing applications etc... honestly I'm not too fussed so long as it runs speedily in my system, which I can safely say it does.

I'd totally recommend this processor to anyone looking for a reliable and powerful processor to put into their new PC. If you have the money, then you could shell out for an i7 if you wanted, but I believe most systems would benefit more from an SSD than an i7.
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on 5 August 2014
When I first ordered this I was pleased it came next day and after I had got all my other components I built my PC. However, The CPU was a dud. It did not work what so ever. The only problem was it took me a while to definitely know this after testing all my components and troubleshooting. I got a replacement from Amazon (Who have the best customer service of any, in my opinion). PC works perfect. Plays all games in their highest settings with more than playable FPS.

My Rig -

I5 4670k
R9 270x
G skill dual 8Gb Ram
Kingston 120gb ssd

Also runs AVID and Cyberlink Powercam well, however have not yet used them to their full.
Best CPU, better than any similar AMD. If you are considering getting a new processor and are not sure between Intel and AMD, trust me for the extra price it might not seem like much but it is definitely worth it.

I only wish I could have afforded the i7 haswell chip.
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on 23 December 2013
This is quite simply an absolutely incredible piece of silicon.

It's ridiculously powerful. I'm running it on an H81 motherboard with the stock intel doughnut cooler... What is this madness you ask- an unlocked processor for a non-overclocking motherboard?! Well, for some reason when I bought it from amazon this was only £155, making it a better value per unit performance than the other i5s even though I don't intend to overclock it. I don't see any need to overclock it, frankly. My sample scores 8214.6 on the PassMark CPU benchmarking software, relative to the average score for this processor of 7600 CPU marks. Talk about winning the silicon lottery! Runs rings around AMD processors in terms of power consumption- performance per watt is way above AMD, meaning you can get a lower-wattage PSU and save not only on PC cost but on power bills too.

My system consists of the i5-4670k, alongside a Crucial M4 128 GB SSD, 8 GB (2x 4) of 1600 MHz Patriot DDR3, MSI H81M-E33, MSI HD 7850 2GB OC and Windows 8.1, on a Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 450 W PSU. Boots into Windows stupidly fast and games are beautiful and rapid. Oh, and in my small Micro-ATX case (Sharkoon MA-M1000) with the stock cooler (and a non-modular PSU!) and only a 140mm front intake and 120mm rear exhaust, it idles at 25 C and peaks at 50 C under stress. Wat. Oh and it's all pretty much silent too.

Price fluctuates wildly for this on here- wait until it hits a low, and then pull the trigger. Definitely worth buying over the Ivy Bridge (3570k) if you are building a new PC. It's often cheaper (!!) and is just faster and better.
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on 31 December 2013
Great performance increase coming from a first gen i7 920 @ stock. I have noticed a significant increase in my minimum fps whilst gaming, but where this CPU really shines is the MMO scene. CPU intensive games like Guild Wars 2 and Rift play smoothly at maximum settings in most scenarios. I saw a much greater increase in performance in these games from my CPU upgrade rather than a recent graphics card upgrade (GTX 285 to GTX 660 Ti). So if you like playing MMO's, this is most definitely the best CPU to get.

Whilst it might be tempting to 'future proof' your PC with an i7 for its Hyper-threading technology, I would recommend saving the money and investing it elsewhere since hyper-threading doesn't show any real tangible gains in terms of gaming performance. Of course if you plan to use your PC for photo/video editing then an i7 is most definitely a worthy buy.

I also feel this CPU is a better buy than AMD's direct competitor the 8350. Whilst the 8350 may possess 8 cores, it cannot utilise them to the same extent as the i5 and is consequently slower than the i5 even in (the few) games which utilise all of its cores. In a way this can be contrasted with the smartphone fight between Apple and Samsung, whilst Samsung uses quad core chips in their phones, Apple's dual core chip is still faster (or around the same speed) due to it's superior efficiency.
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on 7 June 2014
This review is for people considering this CPU for their gaming PC.

The i5-4670k is an amazing piece of hardware. I've been trying to build a gaming PC to handle my favourite games, but it's taken me three attempts to get it right.

I decided to purchase this, along with the Gigabyte Z97X-SLI motherboard, and it's a great combo. My previous CPU was an AMD FX-8320, which was incapable of keeping BF4 running stable, and would constantly fluctuate between 22 and 45FPS - a very annoying experience. With this i5, I have managed to not only maintain a minimum frame rate above 60FPS, but I have also increased some of the settings, to the point where I am almost on full ultra.

I have achieved this with a Gigabyte HD7870 OC graphics card, which is the same GPU I used with the FX-8320.
My performance on PlanetSide 2 also increased significantly, and Watch Dogs, which would turn into a slideshow when driving, became completely playable.

Then I decided to overclock. I didn't change any voltages, and I am using a Noctua NH-D14 to keep my CPU temperatures under control. I went up to 4GHz before I started to have throttling problems due to high temperatures - but an i5-4670k at 4GHz is an absolute beast.

I can post benchmarks all day, but here's the bottom line: If you want to play high end games, like Battlefield 4, PlanetSide 2, Watch Dogs and Arma, and you want them to run well, consistently, you REQUIRE an Intel CPU.

I've had a couple of AMD CPUs now, and for the price, they aren't bad, but - none of them can compete with an i5 in gaming performance. If you want the smoothest gaming experience possible, get a good i5, such as this.

NOTES on i5 vs i7: Comparing this to the i7-4770k, if you are looking for gaming performance, the i7 will give you no advantage. Hyperthreading sometimes gives an extra 1FPS, and sometimes it gives you 1 less. Hyperthreading doesn't really work in games, and I can't recommend an i7 for gaming when this i5 will give you equal performance. If you are looking for more than gaming performance, then hyperthreading can help you out. In gaming, hyperthreading does nothing - and that is the only real difference between i5 and i7.

NOTES ON OVERCLOCKING: The 'k' at the end of the model number means that the CPU is 'unlocked'. This means it can be overclocked. So the i5-4670 cannot be overclocked, but the i5-4670k can. Considering the minimal price difference, go for this unlocked version in case you decide to overclock.

In summary - The best high end gaming CPU for the money = i5-4670k. No CPU will give you better gaming performance. You can buy an i7, but you will see no benefit in GAMING.
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on 17 February 2014
I've been building gaming pc's for myself for the last 10 years and have always bought from another retailer ( OverclockersUK ) and have always used gigabyte and AMD cpu's with either Nvidia or AMD graphics cards. For some reason unknown I didn't think of checking, until recently that is, to see if Amazon sold pc components. Turns out they do and in most cases Amazon are cheaper than OverclockersUK and with prime delivery invariably what I order is delivered next day unlike OcUK. Also, you can see lots of reviews and make an informed decision about what you are buying, so all round , Amazon is the place to buy from for me, brilliant customer service .

Sorry for the pre-waffle there. Ok, my 6 month old gigabyte mobo, AMD FX-8150 and NVidia gtx 780 titan coupled with 16gb of 1333mhz memory and a Samsung 840 pro ssd are not playing games smoothly, to the point where I just wanted to chuck the pc out of the bedroom window. Every game was suffering from some kind of stutter and this was driving me crazy. I had to make a decision, go down the console route, tried that but the kit was too expensive and so are the games, I'm talking ps4 and xboxone here by the way. Both were returned, thank you Amazon for great customer service regarding returns. I decided to build myself a new gaming rig but this time using Intel.

I did lots of research and read loads of reviews on cpu's, AMD vs Intel, Nvidia vs AMD, different kinds of motherboard and memory manufacturer and eventually I came up with the following spec to be fitted into my existing Coolermaster 690 case :

Intel Core i5 4670k cpu
MSI Z87 G43 gaming mobo
Geil 2133mhz 8gb ram
Cooler master hyper 212 evo cpu cooler

Already have the Samsung 840 pro SSD 256gb and Akasa venom 750w psu.

All the old kit came out of the case and the new installed with no problems. The above parts came to just under £300 with next day prime delivery. I am one happy bunny !

I didn't have to reinstall windows ( windows 7 ultimate 64 bit ) luckily, just entered the bios of the MSI Z87 and set the memory to 2133mhz ( for some reason it was showing at 1600mhz by default ), used OCGENIE to overclock the cpu, it did automatically in a second and overclocked it from the stock 3.40mhz to a very stable 4.0mhz. With the Cooler Master evo hyper 212 cpu air cooler configured as a push pull with two fans connected to the giant cooling fin temps are excellent, runs much cooler than my old AMD set up, idles at around 36 degs and after an hour of intense gaming goes up to around the 48 - 50 degs mark. I have a bitfenix fan controller connected and set to auto and the fans can hardly be heard even when playing BF4 on ultra.

Anyway, my point being and I apologise for taking so long to get to the point, buy this chip, it is phenominal, every single game I have installed on my SSD plays as smooth as silk, not a single stutter. I have Battlefield 4, COD Ghosts, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Tomb Raider 2013 and Batman Arkham Origins installed and they all play on ultra without a hitch. I also watch DVD's on my pc and these play as smooth as anything too. Using WinRAR to extract files and more than one at a time this chip handles it with no problems and quickly too. I don't have bad word to say about this and I think I can safely say I am a convert from the AMD stable.

One more thing, in windows WEI my set up with this cpu scored 7.8 out of 7.9, everything was 7.9 except the intel which scored 7.8 so all in all a very impressive little cpu.

BUY ONE you wont regret it !!
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on 13 March 2018
Great cpu for its time
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on 13 January 2018
Working as intended :3
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on 26 December 2017
Great product, many years of use
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