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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Special Edition|Change
Price:£8.01 - £74.99
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on 7 December 2013
Eh, it's not as good as Fahrenheit or Heavy rain. Much more emphasis is placed on the storyline and there's not a great deal of stuff to do or control. That being said, it's a variable story with branching paths and a lot of nifty features that make this a very entertaining purchase. Wouldn't bother with the special edition though. There's nothing that justifies the massive price mark up from the basic edition.
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on 17 October 2013
Whilst this is clearly a bit of a marmite game, I'd highly recommend it to those who liked Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit. The story is compelling and both Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe are outstanding. I also thought that Kadeem Hardison put in a great performance as Cole Freeman. The motion capture techniques used, brilliant acting and interesting storyline all combine to actually achieve something which doesn't happen much in games... it made me care for the characters. The only other game which has really achieved that in my opinion is The Last of Us (the relationship between Joel and Ellie). This is also a game which makes you think and not everything is black and white. I don't want to spoil it for others, so won't go into too much detail, but there is a section with a child soldier which really made me sit up and take notice and the game explores the morality and consequences of the player's actions. It makes you question what you are being told and whether it's the right thing to do. Furthermore, my ending (there are 12 possible endings, depending on choices made in the game) was bittersweet. It's rare for a video game to have such an impact on the player in my opinion.

The graphics are outstanding and are amongst the best on the current gen consoles. The soundtrack is also superb, not quite as good as The Last of Us, but not far off.

My only criticisms of the game would be that the slow-motion action scenes weren't as good as the system used in Heavy Rain and I think it does take an hour or two to properly get into the storyline. The latter isn't helped by the fact that the game is not in chronological order, jumping between different time periods and at first I found this annoying. However, the more time you invest in it, the more it makes sense and the more hooked you become. Actually looking back, whilst confusing and irritating at first, this quickly becomes a great device for keeping the player wondering what will happen next and in some cases, wondering what it was that caused the consequence you are playing through.

One thing I would say is that the demo doesn't really do the game justice and I'd recommend those on the fence to at least rent the game and invest a decent amount of time in it before deciding if it is for them or not.
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on 23 October 2013
if you're looking for a gaming experience with a new mindset in control etc. then this is not for you. The game is working on feelings/emotion and lies on the boundary between movie and game. The game itself is absolutely not difficult, but delivers the best graphics on the ps3 (according to me) and its very hard to stop playing because you want to know what will happen in the story. The story and characters is amazing.
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on 16 November 2013
As much as the reviews from the critics are mixed, I personally feel that Beyond: Two Souls is highly under-appreciated and is definitely worth your time, especially when games these days are mostly Call of Duty rip-offs!

It essentially revolves around Jodie who has a connection to a supernatural entity who she calls Aiden and the related events that occur at different points in her life.

For those of you who played Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls is more of the same from a gameplay perspective - a focus on pressing buttons to perform actions or a trigger certain outcome. You can still control Jodie and Aiden and move them about accordingly throughout the game in different chapters.

Graphically, it is incredible, probably the best looking title of this generation. Whilst critics argue that the gameplay mechanics are frustrating, they really are not as bad as they make it out. All it requires is a little practice and you will become comfortable and fine. They certainly have not put me off! The story is a little bit confusing and scattered yet however, both Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe deliver brilliant performances.

There are also some spectacular set-pieces in different parts of the game for example (SPOILER: go to next paragraph NOW if you do not want to find out!) the chapter titled 'The Experiment' near the start of the game. In this, Jodie when she is a little girl is asked to do certain things (such guessing cards in front of a woman in the room next door etc,). Yet when you make Aiden go mad by throwing things all over the place, the woman in the other room freaks out. It really is a tense scene when objects are thrown all over the place, yet well portrayed by the actors.

There are also different outcomes for different actions and decisions you make resulting in different endings. Combine this with all the trophies you can unlock, it is possible you will spend a decent amount of time with the game.

To conclude, it really depends on what 'floats your boat'. Beyond: Two Souls is a very good game despite its flaws. You will definitely enjoy it if you enjoyed Heavy Rain. The pros easily outweigh the cons. Do not let the mixed reviews deter you.


**For those who wish to get the Special Edition (if still available) it comes with an extra scene, avatars, dynamic theme and more.**
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on 30 November 2013
Whether you like the game or not depends on your view on what a game should be.
Beyond: Two Souls follows the pattern of Quantic Dream's previous efforts (Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit) in that a significant portion of the experience involves you being either passive or active only to the extent of choosing dialogue options. As I enjoy a strong narrative, I find this approach to gameplay a welcome change of pace from filling the air with lead or stealing cars.

This special edition is however not worth the extra expense. Sure, the tin case is a nice touch, but the extra content is lacking.
I was especially looking forward to getting my hands on the soundtrack as veteran composer Hans Zimmer was attached to the project.
Imagine my disappointment when I realised that the downloadable soundtrack contained a paltry four tracks for a total playtime of 20 minutes.
Compare that with my earlier pre-order of The Last Of Us when I got the "sights and sound pack" including a full soundtrack FOR FREE here on

With that in mind I'd recommend Beyond: Two Souls to just about anyone -- but do yourself a favour and get the regular edition.
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on 14 November 2013
I really enjoyed the experience Beyond provided to me.

The emotional connection I fostered throughout the game really ties to the player quite well. The ripping decisions you make have impact and really make you think twice if they were the right or wrong decision afterwards and you have concern over them. At least I did.

The deep emotional aspect displayed by each individual character, their grip with loss and overall all round emotional content is quite amazing.

During game I chose certain decisions with no idea of impact but still maintained my own individual justifications really made the whole game a game I was scripting in a certain sense.

I admit that most of the game is essentially on rails with the occasional decision to be made but the journey was breathtaking, the scenes gripping and emotional. Not to mention the suspense at certain times. A real emotional roller coaster.

Recommend as a game that must be played.
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on 18 August 2015
Me and a friend played this over 3 weekends and both enjoyed it.Ellen page and willem dafoe were great characters and storyline was intriging.
The graphics were good and gameplay was qte based with different choices to make.Steelbook looks nice aswell.Would recommend!
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2013
Problem with David Cage games are they always create split opinions with gamers and reviewers alike. Personally I really liked both Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain so as soon as the game was available to pre order I had it in my shopping cart. I was looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls even though I had heard very little about it which indicates how much I was buying on previous titles.
A week before the release when all magazine and independent reviews emerged the scores were completely split from scores such as 4 all the way to 9 out of 10 and this had me hovering my mouse pointer over the cancel pre order button however after much thought I decided to play the game and make my own mind up.

First off the game looks amazing and plays just like Heavy Rain I don't have many issues with this however the combat added using the right stick for diving and combat isn't always clear which way Jodie's body is moving which causes mistakes and this game is very giving meaning that making most mistakes wont effect the storyline or how everything ends up one bit.
Talking about the story it is all over the place, after every chapter you will move to a different part of Jodie's life and too much of this stops the gamer enjoying certain parts of the story as very combat and fast action paced parts can be cut dead only to be replaced with another area of Jodie's life which is slow paced and pretty boring. This to me was more of an issue then the story itself.
In my opinion the story has too many elements to it, I would have rather they stuck to one story rather than adding pointless chapters in which completely deviate from the overall story arc. It's like David Cage wanted to tell lots of different story's in one game, it worked more with Heavy Rain because you controlled different characters each with their own lives and problems but when you only see the whole story through one characters lives too much isn't always a good thing.

The other big issue I have is with the choices you can make. In Heavy Rain whatever choices you decided could make a huge impact to how the game played out, I have been through Beyond: Two Souls 4 times now and most of how the game ends are chosen in the last chapter apart from 2 routes you make through a single play through. The game boasts a lot of endings but don't let that fool you as they are mostly short endings that are patched together to make one ending. Too see all endings you can play the game through twice (from a certain point) to see all endings (you will have to play the last chapter a few times though).
I really wanted to like this game after how much I enjoyed Heavy Rain; I have nearly gotten 100% Trophies on this as well (don't even get me started about the Trophy that requires you to go through the game in Duo mode though!)

Controlling Aiden adds another feel to the game however it does get boring after a while and all his controls are pretty much the same and provide no challenge whatsoever!

Apart from the beautiful graphics, Defoe and Page's fantastic contributions and a handful of enjoyable levels this game can be boring a lot of the time, the story jumps time to much to allow you to build any sort of engagement to what's going on and a few levels which will have you scratching your head as to why they are even in the game and what do they really have to add to the story in the end anyway. They are there just to be there and that's why I am so disappointed!
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on 16 October 2013
I'll admit I didn't really get Quantic dreams last game 'Heavy Rain'. It was just ok for me, the biggest problem was the story just wasn't that captivating and ultimately I didn't care a great deal about the characters in it. So consequently I was dubious about picking up Beyond two souls which I had pre-ordered and cancelled twice before actually picking up. Luckily after abit of a slow start it really does become quite the engaging and emotional cinematic experience they advertise it to be. The acting is fantastic, easily some of the best acting in video gaming ever. The story although fragmented and fantastical at times actually works very well. The way the story jumps from the past to the future through out although initially confusing works very well and makes perfect sense once you get to the end, although I must admit it would have been a nice addition if they gave you the option to the play the game (without selecting individual chapters)in chronological order once completed. The controversial aspect of them game certainly from a critique point of view for this game has been to do with the 'gameplay' element. It is true in comparison to a standard third person action game your interactions are limited, however if you played Heavy Rain you will probably know what to expect. The addition of Aidan as the playable soul linked to Jodie however is interesting and offers some paranormal fun as you throw things round, possess and even kill people. For me the level of interaction is just right, ultimately in my eyes the reason you should pick up the game is for the story and the characters within it. Jodie (played by Ellen page) is undoubtedly the star (although credit to the supporting cast who are generally fantastic)and even if you find a particular chapter in the story abit of a drag (which I never did) she pulls you through it with such believability and sincerity that by the time you reach the epic conclusion you'll be an emotional wreck. I seriously recommend this game to anyone who has an interest in strong story telling and character development. Pick it up, play it through in as little sittings as possible and you will feel that you have been on the journey with Jodie. Amazing.
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on 26 October 2013
Beyond: Two Souls is the story of Jodie Holmes who since birth has been tied to Aiden, an entity that protects her and has his own will. The story is told as out-of-seqence flashbacks to Jodie's life growing up from a young girl, through her teenage years into womanhood, and her relationship with Nathan Dawkins, directory of a paranormal research institute. Ellen Page and Willem Defoe do an excellent job in bringing Jodie and Nathan to life, helping you understand what drives the characters and to consider which decision you would make under the circumstances.

The gameplay is mostly limited to dialog selection and controlling the characters movements during action sequences. You can control both Jodie and the entity Aiden, using the latter mostly to get you of otherwise impossible situations. Those familiar with Quantic Dream will draw comparisons with Heavy Rain, a choose you own adventure style murder mystery in which the direction of the story and the fate of the characters was entirely in your hands. This experience is more linear and akin to Last Action Hero, throwing you into a movie blockbuster in which your choices are more about what you think the characters would do under certain circumstances, to govern the path but not the outcome of individual scenes. This appears to have been a major critisicm of Beyond, especially coming after Heavy Rain and although I can see this argument, it really depends on how much effort on your part you want to immerse yourself into the story. Moreover this argument is not strictly true, since the choices you make during the game will influence the experience you (and the characters) will encounter and ultimately the choices that you will make in the final scene and by extension the outcome of the epilogue.

Overall it is less intense from a gameplay point of view than Heavy Rain because characters won't die as a result of your actions and there are far fewer time-factored choices to be made (hence only three stars for "fun"). But the story itself is more emotional and more profound in its conclusion (coincidentally Aiden and I had a shared experience which touched me from a personal perspective).

You might ask yourself after this event whether you just experienced a mo-capped 12 hour movie or participated in a video game. The line is blurred and I say don't restrict yourself to artistic norms and take this as the interactive experience that it is, and perhaps as a glimpse of how future entertainment might be consumed.
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